Testosterone levels of 100 year old man

Hey everyone got my testosterone results through and it’s critically low at 6nmol reference is 8 to 23ml. Any advice?

Saturated fat intake as well as overall fat intake improves testosterone levels. What’s your diet like?

Honestly, my diet is terrible. Do you recommend a carnivore type diet?

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A carnivore diet seems to be the optimal diet. I’ve only been doing it for a week, and only 80% carnivore. PSSD has improved slightly, but the biggest change I’ve noticed is that it’s much easier to fall sleep. The disadvantages are that it’s an expensive diet and it arguably has a negative impact on the environment.


Thanks for tips I appreciate it. Will give it a go and see if I see any improvements, really don’t want to take TRT.

My endo, that know PFS and cooperate with Melcangi in the research, put me on low dose TRT. 1/3 of standard dose.

I guess only thing to do is to discuss this situation with your doctor man. Also, hormone levels can fluctate, you may have slightly normal levels the next day. (I don’t have any proof)

And yes, im doing carnivore diet for a week and i am improving! I want to keep everything secret until a great recovery occurs, but all i can say if your diet is terrible, thats the problem! I will be away from this forum for some time, so lastly: First you have to reverse the diet in order to put your body in a healing state. 0 Carbs, 0 sugar, thats the trick.

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Thanks Cooper I’ll definitely give it a go I don’t want to be pumping exogenous amounts of testosterone into my system for the rest of my life although I may have to as my bone and joints are disintegrating.

Did you improve on any symptoms or feel any effects majority of people here don’t feel anything

I didn’t take it. I have to wait untill reach the money. I can’t work anymore. My derealization is too high that I can’t drive anymore

I want to warn here for going carnivore. Keto and carnivore both make my and other people i speak in the PSSD whatsappgroups anhedonia significantly worse. Though I think for people with PFS this is different. Keto lowers glutamate and for people with PSSD this can really fuck your anhedonia even more up. So if you have PFS and are obsessive, this can be a good try out imo. Did them for half a year. Very good for obsessiv thoughts, not for anhedonia. Going more low/moderate carb for me was the way to go. Btw I do agree about not avoiding meat, I eat a lot of that. Fruits, meat and some tubers too.


I believe my main problems are T related as well.

I have some books and courses on improving T levels, I need to upload them.

If you’re interested PM me.

But please share anything you learn from it with the group.

So you just eat meat and veggies?

At one point my test came back at 99 (350-900).

No vegetables, only fruit. Although now I will try and cut out fruit as well. To get enough calories I also drink heavy cream.

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How did you address this?

If/when you take it let us know the effects of low dose T on your symptoms.

Its been so long ago I dont remember… HCG maybe and overall healthier lifestyle.

What are they at now @moonman1 ?

Typically hover around 500-600. I’ve had it as high as 1,200 but I was on Test at the time.