testicular pains


^ extremely misguided and ill informed view.

The current system in America isn’t capitalism nor anything close to resembling capitalism.
It’s crony capitalism bordering on fascism now.

If America was actually capitalist there would not be billions paid in lobbying (bribing) by corporation to government officials every year to make rules & regulations that suit their needs and I’d very much suspect agencies like the FDA not to ban certain profitable but extremely dangerous drug.


Dude, I’m an American (unfortunately) and a military veteran. I think capitalism, was never meant to protect the individual, from being harmed by profit, because profit and capital was and is of utmost central importance. Always has been. Yes, crony capitalism, is akin to modern day capitalism(see above), but in the end, it is meant to serve those at the top tier, and not those consuming bottom, or the bottom tier.

If you want to chat mate sometime on skype, or as to how wonderful “pure capitalism” is versus crony, i’m more than willing to oblige. Like it or not, you and I were poisoned, as a result of a heartless and greedy system, bent on profit first, people last. Look at the great depression in America or the Reagan era, which gutted pensions and reduced modern day labor in the US, to servitude with no healthcare, low wages and no job security. Both era’s are widely considered as free capitalist era or pure capitalist era time frames.

Regardless, in the end, our condition should unite us as brothers, and not divide us into petty squabbles such as this.
Always down for a chat. PM me if your down friend. Peace and health to us all.


Subject: testicular pains

Having a BSc and MSc in economics I have a fair bit of knowledge in the field. I’ve ran the gauntlet of socialist Keynesian economics being rammed down by throat lecturers that benefit from statism.

Being a libertarian/anarcho capitalist free market economics was something I was very passionate about before I was mentally raped.

I won’t go into a big post about it but the Great Depression was pretty much a normal part of the business cycle turned into a 12 year disaster caused by poor policy by the fed which reduced the money supply by a 1/3. Nothing to do with private business.
The Reagan era? Reagan inherited the biggest economics mess since the Great Depression and managed to turn things around by employing Austrian economic principles. After 1982 saw the strongest bull market on Wall st since the 1920s all by keeping the state from interfering in the free market.
Enforcing wage rises increases unemployment, the price of goods and reduces output. Great if you get a pay rise but it comes at the expense at every person that can no longer get a job.
Making it harder for people to get fired stops more productive potential employees getting jobs and puts businesses off hiring new people. It’s almost impossible to get fired in the public sector these days no matter how unproductive you are.

In a growing free market businesses voluntarily offer pay rises to compete with other businesses to attract the most productive employees. The businesses benefit, the employees benefit, the consumers benefit and even the tax man as well.

If you look into history no other system can hold a candle to free market capitalism to get people out of poverty. Fact.

If you’re interested read Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman. One of the best books on economics I’ve ever read.

Yes we got fucked but it’s not because of capitalism. Every system in the world runs on greed but capitalism benefits everyone. Take a look at communist Russian or Cuba if you think the state can protect you.

It’s actually nice to talk about this stuff again. Reminds me of a time when I had interests.


It is the monetary system that makes the problems by forcing every business to grow, if an organism in nature doesn’t stop growing, we call it cancer.

The thing is that the system itself doesn’t reward you for taking care of people, it only rewards more sales, less costs, higher prices, less competition. Everything what is done to manage a business does serve these goals. If you think it through you come to the conclusion that if people knew what certain companies are doing to them, they would boycott them which would lead to less sales. But most people don’t have these information and are being fooled by marketing and propaganda (which does exist in every media, even in regulated by public law media).

Btw Russia is very far away from communism, but the state is more totalitarian and the freedom of speech is not guaranteed. There is no real communism in the world anymore, China is just like Russia but even more totalitarian.


Fasting glucose : 90. ( 70-100 mg/dl)
LH:5,61. (1.7-8.0 mIU/ml)
Total testesterone: 7,59. (2,84-8.0 ng/ml)
Free testo: 31.2. ( 8,69-54,7 pg/ml)
Estradiol: 25,56. ( 7,63-42.6 pg/ml)
FSH: 3,41. ( 1,5-12.4 mIU/ml)
Prolactin: 11,9. ( 4,04-15,2 ng/ml)

What do you think, i guess im SUPER HEALTHY.


FUCK ALL MOTHERS OF MERCKS EMPLOYEE AND EMPLOYERS! Enough is enough! All day im struggling this brain fog, emotional bluntness, brainbfog, slow motion half blindness grainy vision, extrem tinnitus and worst im trying to pretend like normal to my family and friends. I wish your whole family even your grandchildren burn hell kenneth frazier. Im not a crying baby, i struggled a lot of pain in past but this is a TORTURE!


this slow motion vision even worsening overtime i can not handle anymroe.


Face? Fucked.
Skin? Fucked
Hair? Fucked
Eyes? Fucked
Ears? Fucked
Mentality? Fucked
Intelligence? Fucked
Penis? Fucked
Testises? Fucked
Hopes? Future? Job? Happyness? Fucked.
Because of 4 pills.


Don’t let yourself get too deep into a downward spiral. Get active, dig deep to find motivation. Take on new challenges, start working out. Dwelling on the bad things won’t help you improve.

I know a guy who had kidney failure and has racked up something like 80 surgeries in four years. If he can stay positive, so can you. Good luck.


Still struggling so bad, hurting tiny penis, shrunk face, aids like body, nauesa, tremors, fatique, tinnitus, brain fog , fucked vision. Count me as a new suicide victim soon.


And my hairline was nw 2 6 moths ago. Now its almost nw 3, son of a bitch motherfuckers.


I can relate to how you feel. Please don’t do anything to yourself. I know how difficult life can be with PFS. Please get to one of the studies! At least it will be on record that you had PFS. If you don’t then you die as just another lunatic. This is one of the many things that keeps me pushing forward. I am not crazy. That can’t be my legacy.


Diagnose wont satisfy me without cure.


I totally understand how you feel. If it doesn’t save you, maybe it will save someone else. I look at all the little boys and think how tragic it would be if they were tricked into taking this shit like we where. I have a son and I couldn’t bare the thought of this happening to him. I also am suffering through this for them. We must work together to make this change or more and more people will loose their life to this. Please don’t give up. Make your way to one of the research studies. At least when meet your maker you can say you did your best to prevent this from happening to more people.


I dont know which part of my body destroyrd but it had been my everything…


hello depressed guy. Pls provide photographic evidence of your face changes. My brother and me have experienced a similar rapid deteroration of our faces.

Post in this thread, so we can have photographic evidence when people doubt us: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9303.


The above post is typical for Germans: Always sceptical of capitalism because they dont understand it.


I have extremely loud tinnitus, i see everythings so dark and colors faded, also light sensivity is unbearable. My eyes cant proccesing visual informormations to my brain (finally i found wtf is that it called palinopsia due to some shitty brain damage or something) I have literally zero emotions, brain fog is so sharp and thick. My dick looks like a zombie dick, pale and so many black veins, %100 numb and i cant feel even orgasm. Anus is still bleeding. Also i lost my whole face, destroyed cheek and jaws, melted collagens. I have muscle twitches and pains. When im about the falling asleep for 1 second my ears become completwly deaf and my body parts suddenly moves which i cant control it. Hypnic jerk shit maybe. Whatever. Im completely loneless, my family preferred to not believe me and left me alone. Pfs thought me we all humans are a bunch of sand grain in a desert. Small as shit, lonely as fuck. Probably i will struggle with 99999 symptoms until my pitiful lifes end.
Its neither a suicide note nor a negativity shit which i want to demoralize you, its my shitty state. Im sure youre all better than me and will recover at some point to feel life again.
Fuck your money love merck. Fuck your ugly shit face kenneth.
I wont enter propeciahelp again.
Godspeed all of you.


Does anyone know if depressedguy is still alive?


There are so many guys who asked me here or social media if im ok or not… unfortunately since i left forum my health didnt improve. Only brain fog has gone but flat emotions and other mental problems, sexual problems, vision probs etc still im trying to deal with them. Lets make this clear, quiting forum doesnt mean you killed yourself or cured yourself. I just wanted to focus other things instead of thinking everyday pfs and looking for some miracle on forum… im just trying to live my life “normal”. Thanks all guys who support me at my worst moments and curious about me but i left forum trying to live as best as i can, you can delete my account…