Survey: What other drugs and supplements were you on during Finasteride/Accutane/etc?

Drugs can cause adverse effects when they compete with enzymes to be cleared out of the body. For example, taking clopidogrel while taking omeprazole can result in an ineffective regiment of clopidogrel due to the fact they both are being metabolized actively by the enzyme CYP2C19. Similarly, I wonder if we took two drugs at the same time that resulted in toxicity due to enzymatic competition.

I was on creatine, DMAE, marijuana, adderrall, piracetam, multivitamins, fish oil, ZMA, “Alpha brain”, horny goat weed.

I didn’t take all of these supplements daily, but they were in an out of my body around the time of my sickness.

Great idea to see if their was any commonalities
I was on
Testosterone enthanate weekly injection
Nandralone weekly injection
Dianabol 50mg a day daily for 6 week cycles
Cannabis 3 nights plus a week pain relief
High doses of ibuprofen
Whey protein powder 2 shakes daily
Creatine 5 grams daily
Pro hormone body spray liquid
Liv 50 daily
Milk thistle daily
Minox twice daily
Finasteride 1.25mg daily
Viagra due to impotence caused by finasteride

That’s everything that springs to mind
I Don’t use any of these drugs anymore except for ibuprofen daily and still using viagra as i have never recovered from the issues that started as soon as i used finasteride.

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Ding ding ding.

You should report this to your doctor too, if you’re talking about finasteride.


Thankyou Greek
I’ve reported everything to him as im being as open honest and as precise as possible to try to get some sort of answers and possible resolution.

Thanks again for the shout :+1:


Looks like no one else used any other drugs then ?
Surely more people took steroids or something even cannabis?
In this day and age its the Norm…

Ritalin, Propecia - seems like I’ve always had low dopamine and Propecia just slammed it.

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Thankyou for your honesty mate
It’s important that people are honest as it is possible that it a drug interaction that starts the whole process off.
Cheers mate

@baz44uk Other users just haven’t responded to this. I highly doubt every other user was only taking Fin/Accutane/etc.

When I took accutane for the last time I was 20 years old and I didn’t take anything else besides well, alcohol and infrequently marijuana. Marijuana was never my thing, it made my anxious. After accutane, the anxiety is even worse if I smoke marijuana.

Before accutane I had my fair share of drugs, in my teenage years I took lsd and amphetamines. But the problems didn’t appear until years later as I took accutane when I was already clean from all those live fast die young years.

Edit: I forgot I took corticoids during the begining of my first 2 accutane treatments, but I think I didn’t take them in the last, the one that gave me my worst side effects.

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When I first started getting the symptoms I have now from Accutane I started taking zinc. I had combined the two for about a week or so before I ultimately stopped taking Accutane all together.

I’m here from accutane too, fuck that stuff

so far, creatine, zinc, and pot have been found more than once in people who have crashed.

Prescription meds at the time included doxazosin, metoprolol, losartan, atorvastatin, and AndroGel (testosterone). I still take all these.

Supplements were magnesium, potassium, zinc, niacin, d2, and a vitamin. Also, a daily whey protein shake. I no longer take any of these except the shake.