Supplementing Vitamin D

and its vitamin d3.

this &^%$ drug depletes your vitamind3 reserve and then starts a chain reaction to alot of other complications.

i have not proved that this treatment will work on those that have been exposed to fin 4 too long but it will definately work for those that have been lucky enough to get off it after a few months.

i have noticed that a few people inc mew have touched on this subject before but i strongly suggest that you now review it because it deserves more respect.

If u believe that this is the cure,then im assuming you used this treatment to cure yourself.If this is the case,what were your side effects,and how much d3 did u use?

That’s quite a stretch saying you found the cure to this. There’s more involved then just Vit. D.

I’m currently taking 5000 IU a day of Vitamin D for the last 3 weeks since i’m deficient(my Vit D is 26 on a 20-100 scale).

I’m still not better sexually, but we shall see. I think others things are a factor here, including adrenal fatigue. If your body can’t rest and is burning out, and you are always tired, there is something going on that’s not good.

I’ve been taking 5000 IU a day of Vitamin D3 for many months and have felt no improvement at all in my symptoms. I think the vitamin D deficiency is a symptom, but not something that is at the root of the problem.

i do feel better urinary flow tho with vitamin D. Taking it won’t hurt.

Interesting interview. You guys can supposedly double and triple your dose with no problems at all. When I had mine tested it was fine, but this was in Oct. after a very nice summer on the beach. As annon said, supplementing wont hurt, but it is NOT the cure to our problems. I also noticed that the subject of the post was changed. Good. It was totally misleading.

Where are you guys getting your D from?

That’s because I changed it on behalf of the poster, as it was misleading.

I watched the you tube interview, very interesting.

I’m thinking of buying some vitamin D, do any of you know if it can help with fatigue?

This guy claims he more than doubled his T level using 10,000 of Vitamin D a day…not scientific but who knows… … other.html

I’ve already ordered and am going to take exactly that amount daily (10,000 iu)

We’ll see what happens.

I personally have been using vitamin D only recently and have been feeling very good as of late. I also find that if I take 3000 IU my erections are almost normal 15 min later.

Not to mention:


It also increases serontonin in the brain as well.
I’m not going to say this is a cure, but over the last week it’s been helping me almost feel like normal for the first time in over 4 years (better sex drive, not tired after eating in the morning, no foggy brain). I’m trying not to get too excited though. The real test will be blood tests to see if my secondary hypogonadism has improved at all.

This is ignoring the numerous other health benefits of vitamin d, which isn’t a vitamin at all and has receptors sites all over the body.

That’s really interesting. I received my shipment today and will start my Vit D3 supplementation tomorrow. The more I look, the more good stories I hear about it. I’ve also had experiences during the summer where I would get huge bursts of libido after surfing for hours out in the sun. I don’t wear toxic sunscreens so I definitely get the max effect while exposed.

Please post your results when you get them. I’m sure there are others that will be intersted in this thread. D3 is dirt cheap, especially in the summer time when it’s free.

I am just concerned that high amount of Vit D may cause kidney stones.
Please correct me if I am wrong.


There are some side effects from mega-doses of Vitamin D. Here is a link and a quote:

Here is a recent study that shows a positive correlation between high Vitamin D levels and high levels of T and low levels of SHBG:

This study shows “crosstalk” between Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) and Androgen Receptors (AR) in the presence of DHT and Vitamin D in cancer cells. I thought it was interesting since somehow when we messed with DHT we also screwed up our Vitamin D, and this shows a link at least at the receptor level.

yes,high amounts of vitamin d can cause kidney stones

i have used up to 6000 vit. d and it doesnt correction erectile dysfunction.

That’s a silly thing to say, it just didn’t help you. It helped me, and it still is.
There are vitamin D receptors in the penis and testes, unfortunately we don’t know what they do right now. But we do know vitamin D increases testosterone which helps erections, so we know it helps. This is ignoring is other health benefits ranging from cancer, to being required by your immune system. Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s a hormone, and more and more research is coming out showing how important it is. I think it should be a staple in any health regime.

As for it not working for you, a deficiency can take months to correct, as it’s fat soluble. Also when taking vitamin d, you should take it with fats, ideally fish oil or olive oil to help absorption.

It didn’t magically start helping me, I’ve been taking it for a couple months now. I really can’t recommend it enough.


" To confirm the fact that Vitamin affects male impotence, a study was conducted. In this study 200 men suffering with the erectile dysfunction participated. These men were then asked to have a sunbath for about 10 minutes everyday in the morning sun. The same cycle was continued for 3 months. Then these men were asked to perform sexually acts with their partners. Nearly 53% of the men were able to get the proper erections during the sexual activity and were able to hold the erections for the sufficient amount of time during the sexual intercourse."

Can’t find the study yet, from here

** Also I’ve realized the mental side of things wasn’t much improved by the vitamin d alone, but something else, but I want to make sure it helps for sure before I make a thread about it.