Summer 2019 fundraising drive for a cure

GET HYPE BOYS. We’re in a tough spot. It’s up to us to “market” this disease, fund money for studies, and prove we’re not crazy. The situation sucks, but I refuse to accept my circumstances and I will fight.

I just threw down $100 towards the Foundation so that they can use my money for research, outreach, etc. I’m a broke graduate student with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt, but I’m still donating because I believe that money and research can get us the biggest results.

I’m proposing a summer fundraising drive, where we set a goal amount to fundraise. Perhaps the mods can help me create a reasonable monetary goal to raise. Until then, whose down to match my (tax deductible) donation?!

Share the Foundation with your friends, family, work, etc. Hype it on public forums and anywhere you can. If you’re wealthy and reading this, help us out. Let’s fight on, boys.


My member-driven fundraising goal is $2000 from here until the end of August. I hope we can shatter this goal, but I’m also not sure how many will participate. All it takes is 20 donations of $100, or any other combination. When you’re done donating, comment on this thread with your donation amount (no matter how big or small, anything is appreciated) and the new current amount raised. Something like this below.

No matter what the outcomes of Baylor Study are, I think we can all agree that the battle is not over yet. There is still lots to publish, learn, and market. Let’s make some noise and cure ourselves. I’m only on this earth once, and I intend on living it the best way possible. Let’s make it happen for ourselves, boys. This is one way you can make a difference.

I donated $100
$100 currently raised


Great idea😀i’ve just donated $50

Current amount raised $150


I want to donate, as I think everyone should - this is the least we can do. It will probably have a much better return on investment than going to doctors and paying for supplements.

However, my understanding is that the PFS Foundation is currently fundraising to fund Melcagni’s future studies. As far as I know, his latest (supposedly) PFS-related study, not funded by the foundation, involves studying the gut microflora…

How can funding such a scientist ever be justified?!

This is a very serious issue which is preventing me from contributing. I want to contribute though. Would there be a way to structure fundraising so that an option is created for funds to accrue into an account dedicated to non-Melcagni’s research projects? Alternatively, can I donate towards PropeciaHelp’s maintenance?

Melcangi has 10x what these others done…They have proved nothing…

I won’t donate to the foundation until I see the result of Baylor study. After all these years none of the funded studies have brought us even a step closer to a treatment.


The Baylor study is an embarrassment and Khera should be ashamed. Would people be willing to donate for a few individuals to go get zulresso treatment? If we can fund a few people to get it at least we’ll know if that works. If we start a new research study now, when will we hear the results, 5 years? 10 years?

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@Sibelio you’d have to ask @awor if your specific dollars can go into maintenance. I have no power in that aspect. Idk how we could fund money into other studies outside of the Foundation. I guess that would be up to you and whoever else to fund that money. But I don’t think that’s a good option. We must stay united financially and as a unit.

@vanquish I respect your opinion and you don’t have to donate anything. But previous studies HAVE shown us a ton! For example, the facts that we have lowered neurosteroids, unregulated AR, quantified depression, ED scores. They may not be cures, but they are the foundational facts to our condition.

If we wait for Baylor to come out for us to donate and make moves, well thats just gonna make us move even slower. We need to prepare for the next battle, before finishing this one up, right? Because no matter what Baylor comes out with, I personally don’t think that will be the end of the race. Do you?

@dgreene I personally am a huge proponent of the allopregnanolone medications and treatment. Maybe that’s all that PFS is, a lack of neurosteroids. Maybe we’ve already uncovered the mechanism. But, I don’t know how much money the Foundation has and if donating that much to one trial would be a good plan on a risk-benefit scale. We could lose all of our money. It’s like the episode of South Park where they fundraise a good amount of money for the city, and they decide to gamble it all at the casino to try to completely secure it.

I’ve emailed the Foundation asking them if we could participate in free, or cost-reduced medical trials. Maybe the company that makes allopreg meds would be willing to run trials on us. That way, if we’re good responders, they just received another market for their drug. It’s a win-win. Let’s wait and see if we can receive free or cost reduced treatments in the name of a study or trial run for our condition.

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Hey guys we’re officially 1/3 of the way done with summer and we’re off to a modest start in this summer fundraiser ($150/$2000). These are my personal reasons for starting this fundraiser:

  1. This website requires maintenance and work. Since I use it, I feel like I should contribute.

  2. I’ve spent lots of money on doctors, supplements, and random stuff. None have really helped me feel much more better in the long run. Time has, but not the stuff I’ve spent money on. Therefore, I feel better donating to this cause than wasting my money at the vitamin shop.

  3. Research. I don’t think this disease is some magical little entity, but rather it’s one with a pathophysiology that I believe can be discovered. I want to discover the pathophysiology and therefore get closer to a treatment for us. Funding studies will help get us there quicker than waiting for grants and researchers to come by on them.

  4. My donation is tax deductible!

  5. With my money, maybe we can market this entire website and condition more. Marketing takes money. But marketing means attention, and maybe attention will be a faster road to the cure.

I hope my reasons resonate with you guys and made you more likely to donate. I’m not asking for all your bank and savings. Anything can go a long ways here. I myself am a poor grad student with faith in the Foundation and research. So if you can donate, please comment with the amount you raised, and what our current fundraiser balance is at! I would pay any amount to get my libido, erections, energy, and old way of life back.

current amount: $150

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How can we donate?


That is the link to donate. It takes some digging around to find that donate button, and it should be noted on the homepage in a bigger and more obvious way. That way, anyone visiting the homepage of Can see we are accepting donations and may be more likely to donate.

Just my two cents on the website layout, @awor. Sorry if I sound like a critic, but I think making the “donations” headline of the website more centered and obvious would be a good thing.


Just donated 50USD to the foundation.

Been doing this whenever I’ve had the financial means to do so.


You’re the man @Capello , we’re 1/10 of the way there!

Currently raised: 200/2000

Whom site is this? Where we are exactly donating and for what? Never hears this foundatuon. Im little confused.

Hey @cooper !

The PFS Foundation is the official non profit of the post finasteride syndrome.

Read above to see what their goals, plans, and board of directors are. I made this fundraising drive to raise money for the Foundation so that they may use our money for marketing, research, website maintenance, and whatever else we need. It takes money to make money, so I’m trying to help out as much as I can.

Phil Roberts of the Foundation told me to keep on raising money and making noise for the Foundation. It’s 2019 and more and more people know about PFS thanks to the internet and all of our efforts and the Foundation’s efforts. The studies coming out are getting less and less ignorable. I’m doing this to keep the hype alive in hopes that my libido, fatigue, and all my other symptoms get addressed and fixed one day.

The goal is to raise $2000 between members this summer, and so far, we are one tenth of the way there!

If 642 members set up a “Netflix donation” of $12.99 recurring every month, that would be $100,000 a year coming in.

Honestly, I find it quite neauseating that many complain about the study quality and time to release yet never donated anything and probably have no intention of donating in the future. What awor, axo, and the foundation have sacrificed and done based on limited resources is heroic.

A free rider mentality is one thing, but freeriding and complaining is a whole other level IMO.

I’ve personally donated $500 btw


Fuck it, just donated $50.

Someone do me a haiku! Unless you’re busy curing PFS, if so do that instead. :+1:


You got me going and I gotta put my money where my mouth is. $100 in the bucket. $600 total so far for me. C’mon guys, keep it rolling…


I just donated 100 USD. I could be donating more if my doubts and concerns were addressed or alleviated.


Just donated $50. Gonna get my doctor dad to throw in again. haha