Strong penile fibrosis and aptopsis of smooth muscles

Hey guys, I am in a hurry, but just wanted u to ask for help :

21 yo, quit fin over 2 years ago, cannot get an errection even not with caverject, sildenafil, tadalafil, pt-141…

Doppler-Echo while carject injection - pretty strong penile fibrosis, and aptopsis of smooth muscles, one of the strongest he hase ever seen, and never in such a young age, normally his patients with this are over 60 and have some underlying disease.

Therapy : 50mg sildenafil daily and vacuum pump ED 20 mins, and local DHT. effect almost not existant.

Hopefully you guys can give me some advice.


I am sorry for you I am afraid that I could have this issue too … I can’t understand how merck can still sell this shit… I’ve read that you got it when you were 17 . I would sue the doctor who give that to you at such a young age

for how long have you been now on this treatment you mentioned ?

I am sorry to hear about your issue. Please will you consider taking part in the Baylor study? Please apply to the study. If you need funding information, please refer to my signature.

Yeah, I am quite desperate. Have been doing this treatment since May.

Unfortunately I am not located in the US, and don’t have the money to fly there, which will cost at least 800 euros.

I am currently even struggling to afford all the medicine I need ( hmg,hcg, testosteorne , sildenafil) etc.

It is horrible that you are having to go through that.

One thing I can suggest is that the funding will be covered. Funding for people to take part has been kindly arranged. If you email they will discuss the details with you.

can you please at least convince your doctor to get in touch with the foundation . not only to discuss a possible treatment also to back up the evidence that this pill is responsible for your condition . and to make awareness in germany . can someone get in touch to tell the foundation to make an awareness campaign in germany … I’ve already heard from the UK and France and of course Italy but never anything about it in Germany

theres a reason for that

Which reason ?

Propecia is an american invented drug not unlike many people think a german. The only german part is the name of the distributor “Merck” so I don’t get your point.

Any update?

Is the penis sensation alive?

This case just scares the shit out of me.

Does anyone keep in touch with this krx?

Any cure for this fibrosis. I’m doing shockwaves, but still no improvements.

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Are you sure the machine they are using is an effective one?

As far as I know there’s only one that they say really works that normal ppl like us can get their hands on

Others are for research or clinical expiration

I forget the name
Diluth SD 1 I believe the name is

Look it up on YouTube

Many clinics use BS machines that sound like they work but actually don’t

If living in the USA I would take a look at “the Phoenix” shockwave machine.

It’s kind of pricy at like $800, but it looks very good. Also a one time cost.

Sadly they only sell it in the USA and it’s not possible to import to Europe due to voltage differences. Otherwise I’d buy one.

They are all used I’m clinical trials. Duolith SD1, Urogold100, Omnispec ED100, Piezowave, Renova Direx

Review of the Current Status of Low Intensity Extracorporeal
Shockwave Therapy (Li-ESWT) in Erectile Dysfunction (ED),
Peyronie’s Disease (PD), and Sexual Rehabilitation After Radical
Prostatectomy With Special Focus on Technical Aspects of the
Different Marketed ESWT Devices Including Personal Experiences in

Goldstein uses Urogold100. In clinical trial itvis called orthogold100, the difference is the probe, but it is the same machine. Electromagnetic and Electrohydrolic are effective in repairing tissue and new blood vessels

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And you’ve had No Improvements at all?
May I ask how many times you’ve gonna for sessions?

I think we spoke about this before but please refresh my memory it’s been a while

It is my 3rd. I’m doing 8 sessions

I still have to wait. I have improved very slowly, , but not what expected . I now respond to trimix on my left side. The last erection with trimix 6iu last 1 hour 30min. My doppler from last year says the NY erection lasted only 3min after 10iu of trimix. If I breakdown the scar tissue, I’ll get much better erections