Stem cells as a therapy

since stem cell therapy is becoming a hot topic over here I thought about this article. … iency.html

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Nice find. Very interesting. I have phone consults with Jacobs and Shippen coming up. I want to ask them about this.

I would take what they have to say with a grain of salt considering its a very unprofessional looking website, content has no author and is poorly written, and the site is basically a commercial front for selling their services. In fact, the site is designed and written in the typical style to boost search engine rankings.

Anyway, please differentiate from valid medical sources vs commercial companies posting what is essentially long-winded ad copy, to sell their services. I would bet Dr. Jacobs would take one look at this site and consider it a SPAM blog right away.

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I just got off the phone with Dr. Jacobs and I asked him about this. He basically said he didnt really understand how it would work. That Fin changes so much that how do you know what you want to replace.

The one thing about all the stem cell therapy places- none of them will submit their cases for peer review. Kinda tells you something.

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sent info to a turkey stem cell clinic. is anyone familiar with any of these 2 therapies

Sounds dodgy mate, you’d be better off biding your time and checking on here for studies etc.
Stem cell is in its infancy and yet to really be approved in the treatment of illness, or shown to reliably help anything. My mate spent twenty grand on it for MS, and it didn’t do anything. That’s supposed to be one of the main things it can treat, and they don’t even claim to have a cure for ED, libido or any of our problems.There are a few places springing up looking to avail people of their cash which don’t seem to be properly regulated.

I’ll be looking into this next week. Stay tuned…

do you want to give some more detail?

the you youtube says it is fraud, you know that.

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this is better one.

Human umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy has positive effects on erectile dysfunction and diabetes mellitus. Stem cells and unknown humoral factors of human umbilical cord blood stem cells mediate mechanism may contribute to these positive effects

No offence but that study is too important fo this thread


Interesting, but this has NOTHING to do with the kind of stem cell therapy I am looking into. If the stem cells come from other people, of course it’s not going to work. This technology is different, they take my own fat cells and use them for creating the stem cells. I weigh next to nothing but have a lot of flab and muscle wastage so I should be a good candidate.

something like this:

Is reuters a credible enough source for you?

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where do you live?
I think you will not find any stem cell help here in N.America or UK. you should go to India, They are experimenting with embryonic stem cell which are more powerful. I did not know what is going on in India until I watched the video.

Joetz, I’m only pointing out that there are stem cell clinics operating now that will just take your money and leave you sick. It’s a very hyped-up technology. The video you linked only discusses future uses for therapy. Nice video though.

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This is a clinic in California that does stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and peyronies disease. I’d be hesitant about going to India or somewhere like that.

This is a thread from a peyronies forum of a guy who’s actually been there and has had positive results. He’s saving up at the moment to go back for a follow up treatment.,1001.0.html

Hoping this keeps moving forward. The studies from Wake Forest Mariobros posted looked promising for the “future”. If we were able to figure out the main issue I wonder how much natural recovery we’d get. I’ve had penile pain for two years.

Good luck, Joetz. Will be looking forward to your update and hope it works out.

The future is here now! I just spoke to someone on the phone who had the exact procedure described in this video done:

Every step he told me on the phone was exactly how it was described in the video and results were amazing. I’m going to get a consultation soon and investigate further.


Did you have severe shrinkage? Do you think maybe it would be wiser to try this after the next round of experiments? Maybe there will be some sort of treatment for the root cause then treat our shrunken genitles? Not being sarcastic… just wondering.