Starting my third supplement cycle


Hello to everyone, im going to start my second supplement cycle next week. The first one was successful a little bit, in case of my libido. I didn’t get any improvements on my orgasm intensity and ejaculation volume. So i will give it an another shot with more types of supplements. Weirdly, for like a week i started to experience flaccid hourglass penis… Also my morning woods seems to be decreased. I don’t know why these extra problems occur right now, maybe the excessive tea tree oil that i use for my acne… Some people claim that it has an anti-androgenic effects… anyways. The list of supplements that im going to use:

  • Vitamin D= 5000iu a day.
  • Zinc= 650 mg a day.
  • Royal Jelly= 4 spoons of natural bee honey mixture.
  • L-carnitine= 1 gram a day.
  • Creatine= 5gram a day. (powder)
  • L-Arginine= 5 gram a day. (powder)
  • Tribulus Terrestris= 1 gram a day.
  • Vitamin B complex= 2 pills a day.
  • Folic Acid= 800iu a day.
  • Ginko Biloba= 1 gram a day.

Alright, i will update here to share my results with all of you, this cycle also includes full abstinence from masturbation, sexual things and a good amount of pelvic floor and herniated disc Yoga.
Lastly, im open to recommendations about these supplements. You can add a supplement that has worked for you. Cheers!



Enjoy following your posts, which supplements best helped your libido ?



Im not really sure, i used zinc, vit D, Creatine and Royal Jelly before. Because of i took all of it at the same time; i can’t say which had the real affect on me. Also, thanks :slight_smile:

(I didn’t have serious libido issues ever though)



i’ve also read that it has anti androgenic effects. how much are you using?



My face is filled with acne right now, i use 2-3 times a day with nice amounts of it. I will try to cut it for a while.



Any warnings about the supplements?



I’ve heard mixed things about zinc, and also heard you may want to add magnesium with the vitamin D.

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Anyone wants to try this protocol with me for at least 2.5 weeks? Im going to start soon.



Improvements: I’ve got good news. In the last two days, i started to get morning erections. I had them in the last 4 years. But they were not regular and often. Somehow, supplements seems to work a little, its been a while for me to get morning erections. Also, no noticable changes on anything apart from this.



Guys! I started to get spontaneous erections! In my university today, without any sexual stimuli. It feels like the older penile stretches when your penis gets filled with blood. (idk how to describe.) This protocol definitely improves something down there!

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Is your protocol exactly like you said in original post ?



Yeah, i take 2 spoons of Royal Jelly tho. And also i didn’t take 5000iu vitamin D right now. I will build up the dosage slowly. For now, i take 3000iu of vit D.



I quit using Zinc because of the contradictory info i read about it. They say it is a 5AR inhibitor but also a test. booster. What i want is having an increased DHT. So im cutting off zinc and use the other ones. Let’s see how it goes.



What does the Royal jelly do for you? Haven’t really heard that mentioned here before.


DHEA up regulates neural AR activity

75 search results in total. Sadly from my long time here more than a few bells rang in my head at the mention of this.



(Yep saw this after I wrote that…) Looks like there’s something to it, although there are a few posts that mention it giving them a crash. It looks like you need to find the pure stuff, as there’s a lot of diluted junk out there in Vitamin stores. Anyone have a good brand that sells the real deal?



Guys, i didn’t get any benefits from this protocol. In fact, it made me worse generally. I stopped like 3 weeks ago. Now im going to try another protocol:

  • Tribestan (Balkan Tribulus)
  • Maca Powder
    I am going to combine these two with a 2 weeks of cycle. Should i combine it? Or use them separately? Some bottles are not finished from my first protocol. Maybe i combine it with creatine too?
    What happens if i combine a DHT enhancer and a T enhancer (tribestan and maca?) At the same time? Will it work better?


Alright dear friends, this is my last natural attempt to recovery, i hope i respond well to this androgen increasing protocol. I jump to Nolvadex monotheraphy if this fails. I hope not. I post the improvements when i start to use it.

Im going to use:

  • Tribestan (first 1 pill, for a week, then slowly up to 5* pills a day.)
  • Maca Powder ( Few Tablespoons a day)
  • DHEA 25mg (First one pill a day…*)

My goals:

  • Increasing semen volume.
  • Increasing the orgasm quality (maybe it will correct itself if i heal my semen volume? Any thoughts on this?)
  • Increasing the morning woods and overall libido.

Any advice would be nice.



Guys, this is my last bump. Should i take Tribestan alone or can i combine it with DHEA and Maca? Also my DHEA was above the healthy range in my bloodwork. It was like 600. Maybe i shouldn’t try out DHEA? I have the pills tho… Im gonna start the cycle in few days.



Last update… My Tribestan cycle is finished. Zero improvements has been seen. Took 5 pills and weaned off one by one, today i swallowed my last two pills. Im so desperate, don’t know what to do now. We can close this thread.

PS: Didn’t took the DHEA. Those dhea pills still stays there. I don’t want to use them, it seems my body responds badly to anything i’ve tried.