Royal Jelly - A tonic to correct your hormone pattern??


As I have mentioned 2 months back at the old forum that I’m almost 80% recovered on daily 25-50mg intake of Zinc + forthnightly accupuncture treatment, I would also like to share with everyone here my experience with Royal Jelly.

Since I started taking Zinc, my ED symptoms are gone. I have constant good libido but the one thing that I don’t like about zinc is I always have a burning discomfort around my testicles whenever I ejaculate.

About 3 weeks ago, I started taking 1000mg softgel of Royal Jelly everyday. Some friends suggested to me that Royal Jelly is a all-natural product and I thought this could be a good alternative to zinc. The effects from taking Royal Jelly were good. I felt a huge booster to my energy levels but there were also some unpleasant symptoms such as muscle aches and a itchy/oily hair scalp (followed by Hair dropping). The muscle aches went away after few days but the itchy hair scalp persisted.

I suspect that Royal Jelly has the ability of correcting hormone pattern. It could have brought my hormones level back to pre-propecia/proscar period when I had serious hairloss problem. Noticing this symptom, I decided to take Royal Jelly only once in 3-4 days and continue with zinc intake every other days to have a balance. So far so good. Let me know your progress if you decide to give Royal Jelly a try.


Starting my third supplement cycle

Mew, you should put this in the success stories section… no?



Personally I’m not convinced Royal Jelly is a “cure” per say. … H/bee.html

Since we haven’t had an update from Sky in awhile it is unknown what his status is since he posted the above. Not sure if he has blood tests either.

Based on what he wrote, it could be that Zinc helped, or that his body was destined to naturally recover regardless. From what I recall on the old Yahoo group, I don’t believe Sky took propecia for very long… I’ll have to check on that.

Anyway there’s lots of stuff out there that is purported to work and have beneficial health effects, the trick is making sure its not snake oil… anyway glad Sky found something that worked for him, regardless.



Hi. I’m a fellow traveler from the ejaculatory anhedonia web site. Royal Jelly is a hot topic for us right now, and there are a number of things that make it interesting.

A guy says he was cured of a 10 year bout of ejaculatory anhedonia with fresh frozen royal jelly. He thinks his problems started with SSRIs and finasteride.

Besides the cure, which is next to unheard of for us, the interesting highlites are a study showing it compensates for age related decline in pituitary function, and effects on epigenetic methylation.

Some comments I put into that thread:

Study showing effect on pituitary - full text available through links at pubmed
Study that confirms increased LH, T, and decreased Prolactin.

And the longevity of the Queen Bee is interesting too. I recommend anyone interested go to the royal jelly article on wikipedia.



There is the thread stating that he has been cured by royal jelly. I just bought some swanson royal jelly for £8.



Haha awesome thread.

I love this stuff (new ideas)!!

I’m game for trying it too. Even if it helps a little in conjunction with my diet, exercise etc, i’ll be happy.

Could you pm me where you got that stuff mate? Im from UK too as you know.



Mew, what is with you and quackwatch?

It’s just another random site. It’s not even a very good site at that.



I’m not sure about royal jelly… I wanted to give bee pollen a try after noticing it has consistently been a part of JN’s regimen, but then, after some research, it appears that bee pollen could be a fairly potent 5-AR inhibitor… (do a “bee pollen DHT” google search) . Cernitin, a patented rye pollen extract, is sold as a prostate “helper” and has been proven to shrink the prostate even better and faster than saw palmetto. Its is beleived that the reason for this is because it shares the same 5-ar 2 inhibiting properties, plus displays antinflammatories properties that SP doesnt have. Royal jelly could possibly share the same properties?
Intersting discussion

But remember, ZINC is also a 5 AR2 inhibitor… Reishi is also a potent 5 AR2 inhibitor. So are Alpha Linoleic Acid, EPA and DHA!!! Green tea EGCG also repress androgen receptor activity… So many of the stuff that are good for overall health are 5 AR2 inhibitors!!! (do a google search)



Here is a link to the study on Royal Jelly and changes in methylation status:

I took 2 tbsp per day of a royal jelly/honey mixture for about a month without noticing any difference except for a bit of a sugar rush after taking it.
Might have been too short of a duration, might not have been a high enough dose, might be because were not bees, probably won’t cure any of us, but what else has?



I think you need to be careful about what you buy. I bought a big tub of honey/royal jelly from gnc thinking it was the pure royal jelly and later realized that it was so diluted with honey that it was pretty much worthless. The stuff you want is the pure royal jelly that isn’t mixed with anything else. It will be a lot more expensive but, assuming it works, a lot more potent as well



The “cured guy” insisted that it had to be fresh frozen royal jelly. Something about some protein degrading. Bogus? Maybe.

But the fact remains, if you want to do a controlled experiment on this, you should get as close to what he used as you can, and not assume something is “close enough”. Getting fresh frozen seems ludicrously expensive for a bee product, but incomparably cheap considering the cost of other things we’ve tried, and the cost of our problem.

It worked for one guy. Actually, just looking back at the thread, it appears to be working for another as well, although I don’t know how severe his issues were. A few others will be buying it, including me, so you’ll get a few more anecdotes shortly enough. And looks like a few others here will give it a try too. I buy bee pollen anyway, so in the end it won’t go to waste even if it doesn’t work for me.

You guys are bigger, more established, and have more developed research. I hope the pros among you look into this, because between methylation and pituitary dysfunction, there are real reasons to think royal jelly is at least a decent probe into some of our issues.



I am not taking the frozen stuff but three days in I have had at least half a dozen moments that I never dreamed would be possible. It seems like the more you take the better you feel. I’m taking 1000 mg softgels of the stuff. I’ll continue to give updates on how I’m doing

There is definitely something to this



Post up a link of the stuff you bought…

I have found some freeze dried stuff that sounds potent but I think I will finish this swanson stuff I bought first even though it’s full of soy!

Anyone in the US might want to buy from here:

Completely pure and frozen!

My skin looks incredible even from just two days of this, either this or the diet I am on.



Couldn’t find the “fresh” stuff in my area (yet), but I found 500mg softgels made by Natural Factors.

No major effect yet but it’s only been a day. Will report back.

Not sure if This Stuff is the real deal.

(ps anyone in Canada find the fresh stuff?)



The results suggest that oral treatment with RJ could be used to treat colitis:

This study demonstrated that honeybee products, particularly propolis and pollen, can help to control some fluconazole-resistant fungal strains:

RJ may be effective as an immunomodulatory agent in Graves’ disease. (this is where you have too many thryoid anti bodies attacking your thyroid… something i may have actually)

also read about how it lowers the estrogen receptors ability and the release of estrogen, and it could be used to prevent prostate cancer.

read something about this being similar to mothers milk, but for bees, which is why it has so many interesting properties.

i also read a study noting two seperate japanese people who had allergic reactions to it, so be wary if you notice you feeling strange.

i read about another bee product called propalis which is a potent inflammatory.

anyone know any national chains that would carry the frozen stuff? i just called whole foods, no luck. will search tomorrow.



Thanks Bryce. You may have also seen this study on the antibacterial power of honey/royal jelly.

Antibiotics of the hive

Got this off another site. (Claims unverified)



Guys, what brand you using? shouldn’t freeze dried be AS good?

This NOW supplement looks good for the money, very high potency.



I also found the NOW Royal Jelly (liquid form). Just fyi, it’s “royal jelly in a honey base” so it’s not 100% pure. It cost me $22. Doesnt taste very sweet (like usual honey).



i bought some royal jelly online. getting it shipped on monday with 2 day shipping. i should have it by next wednesday. i bought it off and the guy put his number there and i talked to him today on the phone.

he was telling about how he thinks royal jelly is so good because it has nutrients in a form that the body can actually use because it’s from nature (or something along those lines). he was saying that he thinks the body rejects man made type supplements most of the time because the body doesnt recognize it and it has all of what it needs. he was actually a chemist and was telling me a lot about it, and he told me he takes it everyday.

another interesting thing to note is that there is no royal jelly made in the united states, 95% of the world supply is made in china… so people outside the united states, it’s not made here either.

another thing i have noticed in research is that royal jelly can contain large amounts of pollen. i would advise people who have serious allergies in spring time to take serious caution taking this, maybe even do the pill form of it because i think they process it and take it out, not sure… do your research. i just know that this stuff is pure from the bee hive so all these allergens are in there.



Hey visionquest99, it’s been several days now, any updates on how Royal Jelly is working for you? Keep a journal going!