St. John’s Wort (Positive Experience)

I haven’t got it yet but presume it must be.

The thing I’m unsure about is how this all works with receptors as people say our dopamine receptors may be downregulated and SJW is just blocking them taking up dopamine?

Does this mean it will either work initially or risk further sensitivity/down regulation if it’s stopped…I don’t know the answer to this but will try it as I feel I have more to gain than lose on that side of things

Separately I tried tyrosine which is meant to increase dopamine and felt no difference at all

Just to update here, the Hypericin improved some sexual sensations for me but it gave me quite a lot of night-time wakeups. So I stopped.

As posted elsewhere I’ve used other things recently that have helped sleep a lot but they make no difference on the libido side.

I’ve found some conflicting research about Hypericin vs Hyperforin so may try the latter.

I think if you don’t have sleep issues this is probably going to be better for you than it is for me. It could also help if you have brain fog but no sleep issues as I think this did raise my noneepinephrine (as this causes wakefulness) and a deficit of that apparently causes brain fog (which I haven’t had to date).

Anyone got any updates???

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I guess I have to make my own updates, just bought the supplemnt and I’m gonna take it for a week. I WILL keep you updated.

I gave an update above your post

Yeah but you’re not the only one that has tried it. A lot of people try things and don’t share their experience. Which is a big shame in my opinion.

I had a colitis flare up that I needed to handle and just started it about 12 hours ago. I took 2 1000mg pills at the same time so it was a total 2000mg at the same time

Maybe I should space it out…not sure that was smart

Anyway here is what happened

First few hours really vivid dream, nocturnal erections and all kinds of goodness

I felt almost normal

Then I woke up and honestly I’m feeling quite a bit of side effects. Still have dry mouth, head feels kind of weird. I have had a hard time working up an appetite for anything. So it’s kind of rough coming down from this thing.

Maybe the rough side effects go away in time or maybe I’m just taking this thing wrong and should space out the doses. I’ll keep at it and hopefully I’ll see the benefits without the “hit by a train” side effects afterwards

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You cut off there? Which brand btw?

I just edited my post. Not sure where I was going there. I am taking a brand called “deal”

I don’t think the brand is the issue. I think that I took 2000 mg at once and that might be too much. My question for the people taking it successfully is how many mg are you taking per day? I want to stay with it and give it a chance but the side effects were absolutely brutal for me

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Took it today and space out the doses

The instructions say to take two so I’m trying to take two

This is my second day and the side effects don’t seem anywhere near as bad as yesterday’s

Maybe my body is getting used to it or maybe spacing things out helped

Hey guys I’m done with this SJW
It’s upsetting my stomach and the initial libido bump has tapered off

This SJW just isn’t for me

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Fair enough, can you confirm which brand just for my ref?

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If someone need, i can provide ZE117 Remotiv EWOPHARMA Hipericin extract, low in Hyperforin, can ship it worldwide. Way cheaper then on eBay or anywhere on the internet. PM me if you need. I’m not doing it for profit, just want to help if someone need it.

Deal Supplement St John’s Wort 1000mg /Serving, 120 Capsules, Non-GMO, Made in USA (120 Capsules)

This was the brand I tried

Just a word of caution to those who may be taking Wellbutrin and considering St. John’s Wort. It’s listed on the Wellbutrin warnings, and shouldn’t be taken with it.

There was a thread about JSW. There were recommendations that it’s preferable to try standardized hypericin extract (hyperforin removed) - Remotiv® – Ze 117. You may search and find the thread, there were some suggestions that we have to avoid serotonin reuptake inhibition of Hyperforin, and benefit just of dopamine, norepinephrine and glutamate modulation of hypericin.

P.S. oh i’m sorry, this was the thread :smiley:

I did that research but have found Hypericin simply gave me too many night times awakenings. I am taking hyperforin and it’s either having no impact or some modest impact to the good, not sure yet.

As I later posted more research found conflicting views ie that in fact Hyperforin is better at blocking norepinephrine than Hypericin.

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