St. John’s Wort (Positive Experience)

Hi guys, I just wanted to start this thread because St. John’s Wort is possibly the best supplement I have taken for my symptoms. It’s affects are night and day. I tried this supplement after reading someone with PSSD fully recovered from using it, read that story here.

St. Johns Wort comes standardized for the active ingredient Hyperforin or for Hypericin.

I have had no success with the supplement standardized for Hyperforin but huge success with Hypericin. Here is the brand I am using, St. Johns Wort by NOW. I am taking it 3x times a day.

This supplement has alleviated most of my brain fog, has improved my sleep quality and energy levels and reversed my numb penis! My erection quality, sensitivity and orgasm quality has been about 8/10 the past 3 weeks! Mental libido is still low, but is also improving. I think its working for me because of its affects on dopamine.

Prior to this my erection quality, sensitivity and orgasm quality was probably a 3/10. I have tried going off it for a couple days or using the hyperforin version and I am right back to having a numb penis, poor orgasm quality and erection quality.

This has given me hope, that this all can be reversed. I am going to keep taking this supplement and will report progress.

Has anyone else used St. Johns Wort? What was the brand, duration of use, and dosage? What has been your experience?


I’m happy you are seeing results… I think this is the first I’ve heard of using SJW for PFS. How long have you had PFS and what caused it? Good Luck!

Hi @ll_amp_Prosper,

I have had PFS for 7 months now and it was caused by propecia.

Glad to see you doing much better!

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I was going to use it next…Although i find it little bit more risky than using inositol (Plz.see my post where i warn about it)…This herb is actually like SSRIs but it does effect many other neurotransmitters…Did your penile numbness completely resolved?How long till you noticed any effect?did you check your testosteron levels recently?..Im only asking becuz as everybody else, i cant put my hand on what is wrong with us…Is it just the brain and its neurotransmitters…Is it the androgen receptor?Im really going crazy…
Edit: I dont want you to be scared or something, but i have just read, that this herb (as everything else on this planet) might inhibit 5a-Reductase…

Hi, yes I saw your post about that. I tried inositol too after reading about it helping someone with PSSD, also was a huge mistake for me. I experienced pretty severe side effects for a couple days which thankfully resolved after 1-2 weeks.

I tried experimenting with SJW shortly after this and have experienced no negatives. I would say as of right now the numbness has completely resolved, it is also not in a shrunken state either. I would say I noticed consistent benefits after 3 days of use.

I think for me it seems to be mainly neurotransmitter related, and maybe secondly hormonal. I am guessing the root of the problem is dysfunction across neurotransmitters, receptors and hormones. I am hoping that balancing one of these areas can bring the whole system back into homeostasis.

I know that it is a 5ARI but thanks for the warning. Although I do think my 5AR activity has been lowered, I don’t think that is MY main problem area. MILD 5AR inhibitors and inducers found mainly in food and herbs don’t seem to affect me greatly one way or another, and in this case I feel the positive affects from the SJW seem to outweigh any negatives from any mild 5AR inhibition it may have.

If you are responding very poorly to even 5ARI foods, I would not recommend this herb. It seems people with this condition have a different degree of sensitivity or fragility of bodily homeostasis. Only you can be the judge of how fragile your body is to ANY changes at the moment.

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I guess i will be waiting a couple of weeks before trying something else…I really dont think, that im too sensitive to foods or herbs or anything (At least, until i tried inositol)…I have diminished skin sensitivity not just in the genital area but in my whole body (This symptom seems to be rarely found with pfs, but regularly in PSSD)…Thats why i started looking for solutions on pssd forums…
I know, it sounds lame, but i will be checking with you a couple of weeks later, to see how you are doing…I will base my decision on that…Till then, i really really hope, that you will recover, and bring hope to thousands of other guys like me :)…

I ordered the same brand you suggested and will start it soon. I’m the same way in that mild 5arI doesn’t affect me much and I have also noticed benefits from tinkering with neurotransmitters. I find it most promising that you said sleep and orgasm quality has improved which is my two most severe symptoms.

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Does anyone know if it’s safe to take SJW alongside a benzodiazepine such as clonazepam? I’m currently trying to wean off the clonazepam but I take 0.25 mg daily still. From google it seems they interact but that SJW decreases the effect of benzos so I’m somewhat sure there won’t be a problem


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I remember when I tried taking SJW many years before I got PFS I completely lost my libido and had awful insomnia. This resolved when I stopped taking it.

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SJW is most likely a 5AR inhibitor, so PFS folks might want to be careful.

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@Iso_fin_doubledamage bro be careful, make sure it’s not a 5ar inhibitor

5ar inhibitors is not always the death sentence. It’s not a rule at all. Just saying that experience varies. And some people recover with the help of meds that are 5ar inhibitors.


But cataract association is really concerning.

yep. thats dangerous.

So how are you doing now man?Are you still using the Herb?Do you feel that, the connection between Penis and Brain is restored?..Im very excited about your feedback :)?

No huge improvements since last time, it still seems to be providing positive benefits so I am still taking, maybe something will change.

Maybe I am not having improvements because I have been under heavy stress recently as I am currently moving out of my place and back in with family and they live 14 hours away.

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Thank you very much!

Funnily enough been doing the very same for about as long. Yes it’s been magic for the mental sides.

I’m trying to replicate exactly Beetlebum’s (less than consistent) dosages as he cycled it, but I’m not sure it’s helping sexually.

I stopped for about a week too, just got back on. In that week mental sides did keep on improving, but sleep went to crap. Was also trying out licorice root alongside it, so still finding my feet. No sexual improvements but mentally loads better and it stuck. :slight_smile: