Sprinting Hurts My Balls


When I first got PFS, I tried to increase my DHT through normal means instead of taking drugs, and I read that doing heavy sprinting increases DHT. I tried it and my balls, the right testicle mainly that shrunk more than the left, started to hurt after 2 long sprints.

Now two years later I forgot all about this until recently I tried to play a sport that involves a lot of sprinting. After finishing the game the same thing happened, the right part of my balls hurt and it lasted until the next day. I can jog fine without any pain but if I sprint it hurts.

I don’t know the cause or if it’s dangerous. I’m thinking since sprinting does increase DHT then my smaller testicles can’t handle all the DHT anymore. I’m not gonna sprint anymore cause I don’t know what damage it could cause down the road. Just documenting this side effect.


Do you have a tight scrotum? Mines been tight since PFS came on and it worsens with physical exercise. Do you think that physical exercise could be causing compression of your testicles and thus pain?


No it’s not tight.

I don’t know if it could be compression, maybe that’s part of it.


Singular testicle pain is a common symptom reported with PFS, I personally have this in my left and it also aches when I run or even walk too much. I recently had an appointment with a doctor listed on the PFS Foundation’s website who performed a general testicle examination on me; he didn’t find anything abnormal but when he felt around my left vas deferens it hurt like hell and continued to ache for 24 hours after. I then went for an ultrasound on my testicles but they didn’t find anything abnormal apart from a solo calcium crystal in the left but was told that’s common and unrelated.

If you are looking to negate the pain I have found that 1000mg of pumpkin seed oil gets rid of it almost every time however keep in mind that some members here also find it to exacerbate other symptoms.


Pumpkin seed oil is a 5ari and mentioned a lot in health blogs for treating hair loss, so I could imagine it causing trouble for many people here.


Have you checked out this thread yet on probiotics? Specifically about one strain of L. Reuteri.

Someone is reporting recovery of some of the symptoms you have from taking this probiotic once a day for a few months. It is pricey. Though probiotics aren’t without its risks either. Google l. reuteri + reddit for more anecdotes.