Soy Experimenting

So i bought the soy flour to give a try to lower my AR expression. After just one table spone and one hour i got my syptoms 18 month back to day i crashed. It slowly coming back to base line but it is really interesting, if you know something cause you such a strong and quick deterioration you might achive improvment with the opposite effect.

So now i will be searching some natural AR upregulators and astrogen aromtase inhibators and give a low dose try. Im trying to stay natural as possible because the effect seems to be reversble with natural substances.

Any advices will be welcomed.

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Side effects are not reversible with natural stuff. I’ve learned this lesson.

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Can you elaborate? @Sawproblemo

Just my general experience with saw p and pumpkin seeds. I though natural would be fine, but that mistake caused me a great deal of suffering.


Soy experiments have gone like this in the past:

“I feel better with soy!”

“Soy can cause you problems, it has led to people worsening their condition in the past”

“How can it be a problem, I feel so much better.”

Some time passes.

“I have crashed and now my symptoms are worse”

Sorry it’s happened to you, but this isn’t unheard of and experimenting to go the other way could well end up with the same result. Caution may well be the best policy


How much soy are we talking about here?

I eat tofu every now and then. Appears to have no effect on my symptoms.

Pass. Caution could be the best policy.

I think every food impacts hormones in some way. I’m assuming moderation is key. Just don’t go overboard?


In 2018 I are an entire plate of tofu and 4-5 hrs later started rubbing one off when I was driving and also woke up with morning wood. When I read that it’s risky to eat that stuff I never tried the experiment again however.

In general, my opinion is that trying to eat your way out of this isn’t going to be very successful. We have endless examples of people who have tried to do just that with limited to zero success. It’s my opinion that those who claim diet has dramatically improved their fortunes without any further drawbacks were doing things that either had no effect or it had a mild effect, but they recovered naturally. Recently, I read someone say that vitamin C and enjoying being in the sun was part of their plan to get better. This categorically is not the cure for pfs. If that guy comes back and says he’s all better, you can assume that some will then megadose vitamin c and vitamin D. In the past, one guy who megadosed vitamin D dramatically worsened his condition and I presume is now dead.

We know that some people have had terrible results with Soy. We don’t know if there is a safe amount and if so, where the safe limit is, or if it varies from person to person.
As such, I don’t think I can say moderation is key. It’s a substance which could be very damaging to us.

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Without trying to do nothing i will stay at the same spot that ive been for the last 18 months, severe P.E that i just cant afford to happen, E.D that can only be temporary resolved by dangerous pills, and of course the top of the crown, penile shrinkage, i got to expriement because other way the syndrom will take away my best years, i believe that every case is different, and i will not sit and wait until “time will cure me” just a reminder, some people suffering for decates.

I can say that for me, the strong reaction to soy is positive for my mind set, because everything that impact my symptoms has some logic behind it, we tend to forget it.
With enough knowledge i will be able to manage my personal case. Hormonal imbalance is personal.

I wish i could be optimistic enough about the cure, but i truly not believe that in the next 5 years we will see one…

So nothing left than trying cure myself.

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Well, you got the advice you asked for.

sorry for being a little bit aggressive, but I was trying to justify worsening in my symptoms and you got in my way.

but seriously im pretty curious, you are not a fresh new sufferer of pfs, you even older than i am, how can you just sit without doing nothing? except from the bigger cause of funding and raise awareness, there is also finding ways to manage the syndrom, if no suppliments and no special diets, what else do we got?

Man you sure you have these effects from a bit of soy??? Because in my opinion this is placebo effect. I have eaten a lot of soy with no difference. If I would give you soy without you knowing it you probably would feel no difference

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soy flour is very concetrated, if you will eat one tablespone of it you might see effect.

I must admit I still use some things that others in the forum would probably avoid - like pumpkin seed oil , I drink a green tea daily for the health benefits and have occasional soy products too.

I agree caution is the best policy but at the same time I think taking these things in moderation is ok depending on the person and how their bodies react.

There was a list of foods to avoid written on this board, and they literally listed almost every food. It was ridiculous and sounded like a troll post.
Personally, I haven’t noticed much difference when it comes to different types of food. I think the problem comes when people take certain things far above the RDA.


I agree totally about the RDA - I think you’re spot on with that !
Yeah I think I saw that list …to be honest if you were following that list you would not be very healthy at all lol

Link please?

Just tried searching for it again but I can’t find it now . It cropped up on the main page thread about a month ago so I saw it again . When I locate it I’ll tag you in there

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