Soy discussion (Varility Paradox topic)

Hey guys, unfortunately solvepfs is now defunct, but on that site I had a long running thread about the usage of soy to downregulate androgen receptors (In case anyone is wondering, I am “ihatefin88” from Anyways, I have discovered through research and also lots of experimentation that soy consistently and effectively downregulates the amount of androgen receptors. The effect is “permanent” btw in the sense that it persists even after you stop taking soy, however you can still upregulate your androgen receptors again by using creatine, lifting weights, tribulus, etc. Thats the good news, the bad news is that I have discovered that downregulating your androgen receptors is not sufficient to cure PFS, there is some other factor at work as well which I am currently trying to figure out (I suspect it has to do with the gaba receptors), that being said soy definitely helped me improve permanently and I recommend everybody to try consuming tofu or soy flour (I prefer soy flour) to see their reaction to it.


I follow a forum where a guy swears 150g of tofu helps him amazingly … did you have sexual sides? Did this improve them ?

yes, eating soy flour definitely helped improve my sexual sides. Just curious, what forum are you referring to?

After how long do you think? Tofu counts right? What about the other treatment? And it’s just one guys story he updates want me to send you it ?

Soy has been known, I think, to crash some people.

I’d suggest doing a little reading.

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Eating soy ???
What sexual issues did you have that soy helped if you don’t mind me asking .
Ive seen heard and tried a million things but never soy.
soy to my knowledge is just protein not sure how it Could help whats the theory to this ?

Thanks in advance

the effects will be very quick, like within a day or so. You will know very quickly whether or not soy works for you, that being said the effect will be more pronounced if you take soy flour which is more potent as opposed to tofu, but tofu will still work though.

The optimal dose for soy really depends on how sensitive you are to it. With soy flour I would recommend that you start out by taking one teaspoon of it just to see how you’ll react to it, as for tofu you can safely eat a big chunk of it and see how you react. Personally when I use soy flour I take one heaping tablespoon, but I have had good results even taking two or three tablespoons as well. Honestly, megadosing on soy is something which I have experimented with before but I havent done extensive experiments so I cant really recommend that. I have however done extensive experiments with one heaping tablespoon of soy flour and it definitely works well for me (typically I combine soy with other things as well, currently I am combining soy flour with kudzu and quercetin).

I think that soy downregulating androgen receptors is absolutely how it works, after doing extensive experimentation with different types of anti-androgens I can conclusively say that soy is qualitatively different than all other types of anti-androgens, and this is due to the fact that soy primarily lowers androgen receptors instead of lowering androgens itself (which it does as well by lowering DHT). None of the other well known anti-androgens do this (IE fin, saw palmetto, zinc). Additionally I have recently learned that soy isoflavones are gabaa receptor antagonists (which is potentially a good thing for PFS guys), therefore this is another mechanism through which soy has positive benefits.

Yes please, send me the guys story


just regular impotence, weak erections, inability to maintain an erection, floppy erections, shrunken penis, etc. Taking soy significantly improved all of these with the exception of shrunken penis, however soy did help slightly improve my size though

Soy is not just protein, it also contains lots of soy isoflavones. It is the soy isoflavones which downregulate the androgen receptors

Thankyou for the info
Back to Guinea pigging i go.
I will give this a go seems such a long shot but who knows , i have nothing to lose.

What are your symptoms Baz?

But I got PFS from soy protein isolate! So be careful guys.

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please share what happened to you, Im very curious to hear your story

Took it May 2013. After starting I woke up one night incredible horny. But then slowly over the next 2 weeks I lost my libido completely.

I meant like, what happened in detail?

-what did you take? Soy protein isolate, is that like soy protein powder for working out?
-how much did you take?
-how long did you take it for?
-were there any potential factors that might have contributed to this?

Sorry for all the questions, im just trying to figure out exactly what happened to you. This is very interesting to me since my experience with soy has been relatively safe, but maybe its not that way for everyone.

This is just my uneducated guess, but I feel like for those that crash from soy products, it could be due to soy causing some kind of estrogen dominance. The reason I say this is because soy is actually a natural SERM of sorts, so its possible that it might have affected estrogen receptors in a negative way or overly potentiated them etc etc

I came across this soy study, but am not currently in the mindset to interpret it. Perhaps it can add some value to this conversation:

Hi Greek
My symptoms persistent sexual issues and short term memory i.e can never remember peoples names etc…
I will pm you rather than write everything here

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I share the same issue, especially with remembering people’s names. Every other detail about them is clear and vivid, but the names are often completely absent.

Honestly, that study says the soy reduced only the expression of AR, if we even slightly think it’s AR overexptession (hasn’t this been proven kinda) then I don’t see why this doesn’t make sense

I find it more disturbing that a site like solve after all the years and all the talk of studies and the money we donated would just up and close like this out of the blue with no explanation…

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Ok, I would suggest that things could get significantly worse then. I only say that as you said you had nothing to lose, I know you’re miserable but it is not the case that you have nothing to lose.