Sorry to all, I blamed the wrong one!

Sorry to you Ryan Russo! :pensive: I blamed the wrong one! You speaking out clearly about pfs, pssd and pas. About Finasteride, SSRI’S, the poor 16 year old boys castrated from Accutane in clear and strong words.

Sorry to all commentors! :pensive: The video I criticized is deleted. He’s a fighter against the toxic medicine :pill: :muscle:.




Even more disgusting is your battery. Charge your damn phone.


:skull: :skull:

Hopefully at some point in the future this situation becomes well-known and well-understood enough for these kind of videos to become easier to get taken down.

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I don’t think he meant to attack you and was just trying to lighten the mood, but I can understand you perceived it in a different way.

I’m with you and I’m sure we’re all weary of people distorting the narrative on this disease.
But I think it’s important to remember that some random people on YT, no matter how popular, will never have more weight in this than published medical studies or patient testimonies and all the things this community has been working together on.

With time, it may become possible to flag and take down videos like this with a few clicks, if that is even worth bothering with. Until that time there’s very little you can do about it apart from having lengthy discussions with people in a comment section or trying to send them an informative message, efforts that will probably fall on deaf ears and drain you more than it is likely to have effect. Unless YT starts enforcing a way more advanced content filtering policy, there’s just very little that’s stopping any random person to upload videos like this.

It’s just not worth patients’ emotional/time investment to get worked up about every social media persona that says something wrong about our situation. Please remember that your own well-being comes first, and that videos like this will continue to pop up and happen. There’s very little practical use in creating topics like this, because it will only lead to some flame war with someone who doesn’t deserve the attention and might in fact be helped with said attention.

Let them bark, we’ll be vindicated in the end. Don’t give them the power to frustrate you, because it’s not worth more than a dismissive sigh or chuckle and a single click to a more entertaining video.


It’s a joke…


Thank you for your kind words.

2012 already was media awareness but Dr. Santman and Kevin Mullay stood alone in front of Merck headquarters.

All the pfs victims traveled criss-cross the USA to recieve the holy grail from the hormone priests.

No one supported Dr. Santman an these poor people lost there on rainy days.

Mercks finasteride could be out of the market 2012 already.

Me and you all never heard of this shit in our lifes.

That makes me so angry!


Really thought world goes down!

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It is estimated that these misleading information will occupy the mainstream of public opinion until we die. I only hope that we can get treatment, just like there is rain outside the window and the road is rotten, but we still have to drive forward


False information video is from the net. Maybe this guy has some ethics in his character. And others follow not to make money with the desperation of two severe affected patients communities.


dude, check his channel again. He posted 2 days and he has all of the PFS symptoms. Shit. He got it from lions mane he says but probably had already experimented with finasteride or ssri.

Man he got everything hes done like the rest of us. Shrunken penis same as me. He was hypersexual.

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If there would be any benefit from chanals like this any truth on the abstruse thales why any dick still shrunken?!

He took out all PSSD cure video
He now has all the symptoms

Can these people just get it into their heads that there isn’t a treatment for this disease yet. Good god


see last video

If you are a so severe case like me with greybrown swollen cycles around your eyes, meanwhile totally unable for the basic things without homecare and tumbling around in the dark like a geriatric patient, you cannot endure all this “I cured myself with” stuff, pfs is a hoax and anonymous roboter voice recoveries anymore. If the guy is realy suffering, I would never attack him!


Your pfs is more important than mine. Ehhh I don’t like people like that. what is it for? Just because someone doesn’t have all of your symptoms doesn’t mean they don’t have pfs? The guy has a lot of subscribers, good thing he’s making a video. Nowhere did he say he had a miracle cure for pfs. Do you watch the videos you upload here?? Is this some kind of hate?

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I’m sorry we’re so divided. We should unite. At the same time, raise awareness (I think this movie does that after all), invest in research, and try to improve myself (infrared sauna helps me a lot and I was and am an extreme case). Still, I don’t hate people. I don’t know why you hate this man

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@ILikeTrains97 You know the video was upload by @BeatingAllOdds not by me. My comment was connected to the video screenshot on the top. This video is not more avaliable. And it was a pssd pfs fix cure.

Paddy, me and some others know you from other chats. It ends all the time with moderators, struggle and endless discussions.