Sonic's raw food/juice/fasting


last labs. Ferritin and sodium are in the range now, but all the other values are still low or high.
Does anybody else here have high cholesterol due to finasteride?


I post it here cause i guess that someone else already talked about this, so…
for those who say that we should avoid 5ari’s foods.
indeed i feel bad on certain foods, but in this list there is also space for patatoes and grains and cheese, which are not 5ari.
i made an extensive search and looks like everything is potentially a 5ari food. some foods are more 5 ari than others like pumpkin seeds or reishi mushrooms, ok, but the list i made contains all the fatty acids and all the phitosterols (which are in every plant).

  • aloe vera
  • cashews
  • all the fatty acids
  • avocado
  • watermelon
  • all the oils
  • banana peel (and someone says banana itself)
  • curcumin
  • carrots
  • everything that contains carotenoids: salmon, mangoes, apricocs, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, turnip, pumpkin, winter squash, dark leafy greens, egg yolk, broccoli, peach, tangerine, lettuce)
  • cocoa butter
  • white mushrooms
  • shea butter
  • almonds
  • nuts in general
  • black pepper
  • soy
  • seeds

foods rinch in lycopene such as:

  • tomatoes
  • papaya
  • red kale
  • peppers
  • asparagus
  • grape
  • grapefruit

and also:

  • cinnamon, oysters, tuna, berries.

i forgot something for sure.
this story is making me me very paranoic over foods and that’s no good. neither for me nor for us.
If you avoid 5ari foods, i suppose you eat pro-dht foods, which are all the processed foods, pastries, margarine based foods, butter, red meat. is this your diet? like… really?
so, tell me what the hell do you eat or what are you going to eat now.


Update n.109
On sunday i had a 24h fast, not intentionally. I did not feel good and i stayed in bed all day.
After the fast my penis was bigger, like it never was in my memory. Now is as big as it used to be before it got little but not as big as it was after the fast. now i wonder if propecia made my penis little over time, slowly. I forgot to mention it before, but the size decreased lately.
I’m gonna talk about this with my doctor and i’ll ask him if i can do it once a week.

also, i have low serum zinc.

tinnitus: 0
tinnitus button: 3
suicidal ideation: 0
depression: 0
anxiety: 6
social phobia: 5
insomnia: 4
memory loss: 3
stumbling over words: fixed
slurring of speech: fixed
laziness/lack of motivation: 6
loss of personality: 9
cod: ?
disconnection feeling: 8
poor stress tolerance: 9

stiffness of the left leg: 4
tremors: 0
groin: fixed
poop: fixed
lipoatrophy: 10
wrinkles: 10 (proceeds)
graying hairs: 10
dry skin: 10
vitiligo-like patches: 10
fatigue: 2
joint pain: 0
poop pellets: 4
flu-like symptoms: fixed

premature ajaculation: 10
penile shrinkage: 3


from drugbank: The metabolism of Finasteride can be increased when combined with Calcitriol.
Calcitriol is the active form of the vit d3 and directly goes to the vit d3 receptor. and is an inducer of the cyp3a4, @Damon


Ciao Sonic, si confermo!


about vit d, this migh be useful (but nothing new, cd nuts said it all).


It might be better to make new topics rather than put everything you find out here.


I’m taking cold showers. I find it very beneficial on my mood and energy.


this thread is a sort of diary, i put in it all my efforts. maybe i should change it’s name in “pfs sonic racing”


added intermittent fasting to my regimen. once per week.
noticed that while fasting i feel calmer. and hungry, of course.


And this might be one of the reasons why fasting is beneficial.
from wikipedia “…Indeed, in fatheaded minnows, unfed female fish were shown to have increased PXR and CYP3A4 expression, and displayed a more pronounced response to xenobiotic factors after exposure after several days of starvation.[31]

finasteride might inhibit it’s own metabolism in the liver.
some food completely inhibit the same enzyme, like grapefruit.

and milk thistle is a cyp3a4 inhibitor. this might be the reason why @awor crashed.


Wonder why many of us have premature ejaculation issues while having low sensivity at the same time? There is also many reports of hard to “end” the sex process. If one has low sensivity how he could come quickly? Or maybe people who have only low sensivity problem have trouble to finish the sex?
Also what is the root cause of the “premature ejaculation” i think i have this too but only in masturbation most of the time, sometimes it happens on sex tho.


I don’t understand this either… PE and low sensitivity seem like they would be opposite of each other… (I don’t have the PE issue)


@Go_Faster_Sonic … just checking in on how your sleep is progressing. You had mentioned before that once you changed your diet around you noticed your brain connecting with sleep. What exactly did that diet entail… and how long did you follow it in order to see improvements in sleep. Insomnia is my worst side and i feel like its getting worse. Mirtazapine is hardly working at all anymore. I’m not sure what else to try. Switching sleep meds seems scary. I would switch to Trazodone if I thought it might work.


@Shellnyce, this, but no herbal tea. nuts must be raw.
dinner: no grains, no cheese, no heavy starches, no processed foods, no sugar. i just eat meat, fish, eggs, chicken.

i’ve almost stopped trazodone. now i take 3 drops per night. before i started this regimen i used to take 30-25 drops per night.


So it sounds like diet as well as time have helped you recover your sleep. I have this theory… that I’m scared to even utter… but its that the younger guys tend to get their sleep restored. Guys in their 20s eventually get sleep back … but guys in there 30s and 40s have a much harder time getting their sleep back.


I’ll be 43 in May… so this really concerns me… :frowning:


is your hypothesis sustained by proofs? i’m 36 and my sleep started coming back right after i switched to this raw regimen. fear doesn’t help us.


No real proof but a couple cases of guys who were in their 50s who have havent gotten their sleep back after several years. But I’m actually really encourage to hear your closer in age to me than I thought. I have been really focusing on meditation. I have been eating a version of your diet for some months. I suspect its going to take diet and time to get sleep to return. I really have this feeling that meditation is overlooked. I had a neurologist explain something to me called the “Relaxation Response”… its the oppostie of the fight or flight response and their has been some research and proof of this response. I am working on improving my technique in getting into the relaxation response because I think the brain is a very powerful thing and if we focus on it and its potential… we can get the results we seek. BTW… were you taking any aminos or branch chain aminos… I know you said you were basically just taking vitamin D. I cant tell you how encouraging it is to hear that your nearly done with taking drugs to sleep.


would you please explain your diet?
my diet was just a first step. Now i’m doing intermittent fasting and i’m supposed to go 100% raw.
Maybe i’ll stop vitamin d too.
the problem is only secondarly in our brains, but it’s primarly in our guts and livers. We have to push that poison out, and putting other stuff in our system is counterproductive.