Someone claims to have cured on youtube

Hey guys,
Yesterday I was doing some research and came across this video on youtube:

It’s a video about a doctor explaining what PFS is, when I was done I scrolled down to take a look at the comments.
Someone there states that he had PFS and used to do this:

‘‘HCG 500iu daily x 21 days (post therapy blood test showed my test was fine so this dose and length was enough for me, adjust it accordingly
Nolvadex 20mg daily x 45 days (again, same as above)
Progesterone creme (22mg per dose) daily x 90 days’’

Now I am wondering if anyone used this ‘‘protocol’’ and/or partof it,and what the effects are.
Cause I heard before that HCG maybe could help but never heard of the other two.


Also this study:

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Intredasting… thanks for posting that up.

Ties in with something someone pondered a while back, that some PFS is just a major whack to the HPTA axis and shuffling it around again (here with HCG and Nolva, and whatever good prog cream will do ofc) might sort some cases.

On the face of it that’d make sense with some of the clomid recoveries and steroid cycle recoveries.

Always wanted to try a cycle sometime, so maybe in the new year I’ll get to it with HCG and poking the axis somewhat. Though I did read on not taking Nolva alongside HCG, but hey, if it cured someone…

Play with HTPA axis is a Russian Roulette. You may worse badly your situation.


This is very true.

Worse? Many people is almost death in life, so…nothing to lose.


I’m almost dead because TRIBULUS or ZINC.
@Demon is almost dead because VIT. D3
@tisho1012 is in a bad situation because VIT K2
Douglasmich is DEAD because Arimidex
Konflict is DEAD because K2.
Play with HTPA is extreme dangerous


Do nothing is extremely useful.

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What dosage of zinc were you using?

From what I’ve read there is also a difference in the brand of Tribulus.

Yes, we risk making things worse, but we also want to live normal lives and not let this stuff consume us forever. The reality is we’re all living half lives…

From everything I’ve read zinc at lower dosages around 10 to 20 mg is okay… but higher is detrimental to the production of DHT

I also could never figure out why I crash after taking a 2nd pill of zinc at 50MG as well… the first bill would give me solid wood for several days and if I were to take more I would regress. Now, I know 50 MG is too high a dosage.

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Konflict is not dead man. Demon keeps in touch with him. He told me that Konflict told him that he is stable now, not better, but not worse either, but he is alive.


Do fasting, do healthy way of living, why loading up with things you don’t even know how will affect you? What is the point of all that?

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Easy, try to get better without seeing your life going away.


…or what about, while trying to get better you get worse and the smallest chance you had to get better for real is already gone. Should consider that too mate.


Hey @Tomas, this is the second time in a few weeks in which you’ve irritably expressed your frustration that somebody has warned of the potential dangers of whatever the substance is being discussed. As I said in my reply to you regarding this

Whenever something is posted with purported benefits for PFS patients that is, conversely, potentially harmful for PFS patients, responsible posters will point this out and allow those who seek to experiment with this or that substance to make an informed choice.

Users are welcome to report their experiences with whatever they are experimenting with and other users are also free to post that they have had a bad experience with it or somebody they know has. Your post is only likely to spark arguments with those who warn about the dangers of DIY therapies, the same type of jutting around in the dark type approach which was recently advised against by Professor Melcangi:

“It is important not to give in to the temptation of trusting some forum that offers DIY recipes. You risk doing further damage”

If you really want to do something extremely useful, please fill out the patient survey which the administrators of this website have poured so much of their time and effort into. The collective data gleaned from the survey will be used to further scientific understanding of our disease. You can access your personal survey when logged in via the bar graph icon at the top right of the page when browsing on a desktop or laptop computer.


I am not irritable, on the contrary, are people like you who has been irritated by my words. But if you see, I only want you to understand that you have no the only truth here on this matter.
I just say that many people here is in very bad condition and do nothing is of course an option, but it has not to be the only one.
Always that somebody says something has worked for him, mNy people says the contrary. So we will never find a solution.
I do think that we have been radically shutted down by a chemical pill, and we can also get better with the same coin.
I talk from my experience, because i am quite recovered, and i would say i was even at 95% (objective), and I took some stuff who you would say “forbiden”. Luckilly I didn’t heard you by that time…
I understant that it has no to be the same for all the people, becuse every body here is different, but also you have to accept the same.
Respect. Best regards.

By the way, i started the survey but there are some question that are not asking the right question or the right answer, in my opinion.
So the conclusions won’t be objective and I do not want to participate in something that is missing or mixing different things.
I already explained my opinion on this so until this is solved, I do prefer not to participate.
If you can respect it and live with that, perfect. If not, maybe you are not a very democratic person…

This has come up a few times.

Even if you don’t feel the questions and answers match perfectly it is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better for you to fill out the survey as best you can.

Even if some of the questions don’t work out for you, the majority of the results will still contribute helpfully.

I cannot stress enough that we need the survey to be filled out by everyone affected here. I cannot explain to you how important it is at the moment but if you have any respect for the hours that are put into the work that’s done here - and believe me it is not insignificant, you will fill out the survey.

It’s not a matter for opinion or discussion, we need everyone to fill it out.

Please just fill out the survey the best you can.


You have to consider that, many people here are in very bad condition because they were doing something. Also if something was working for someone, it is irresponsible from his side to suggest that to everyone as many of us have different sides and blood work too. You can see around the forum, there are people with high T, low T, high E2, low E2, high DHT, low DHT and other different variations of their hormones, ofcourse there will always be one herb that helps to certain group of people and harms another group of people, there is no a single pattern for this to follow.

I can’t seem to find this post @pokertje is it still in one of the comments?

I opened all the comments and searched for HCG but couldn’t find anything.


@tisho1012 I agree, everyone needs to tread carefully.

For some of us doing nothing is better an option than not doing anything. I wish we could live forever as well, but time doesn’t wait for anyone. I would love to live a normal life again. Since dealing with this all my friends have been married and carried on with their lives, while I’m still dealing with these crazy issues.

I would only suggest if anyone wants to try anything start with small dosages, research as much as you can first and keep a journal as well as do blood test. Add one supplement at a time.

I’ve also had bad reactions to supplements I’ve tried, I remember I was shaking and my heart was beating fast for an entire day after a single tablet of Yohimbe… so we all need to be careful.

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