So there is a cure for AR overexpression?!


Conclusion: Loss of Purα binding from a novel transcriptional RC of AR is linked to AR mRNA and protein overexpression in HRPC and LNCaP cells with AI growth. HDACI’s that restore Purα and decrease AR mRNA levels reverse the resistance to antiandrogens. These combinations may translate into a new strategy for hormonal manipulation of AI PC.” (A. C. Ferrari, L. G. Wang, E. M. Johnson, Y. Kinoshita, J. S. Babb, M. T. Buckley, L. F. Liebes, J. Melamed, X. Liu, X. Liu, L. OssowskiAndrogen receptor (AR) overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy that restores Purα to a transcriptional repressor complex (RC) of AR deregulated in hormone refractory prostate cancer (HRPC) So there is a cure for ARs? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


if this would work this forum wouldnt exist. There is no cure or fix at the moment for our issue.


Nobody seems to have tried. We inform you?


There was some discussion of PUR-a loss leading to AR overexpression and treatment options mentioned in this thread: Restoring androgen sensitivity with epigenetic modulators

I actually tried the sulfurophane product NYScientist recommended and swear it only gave me a mild headache during the month of taking it. Reading the subtext in his posts, he may have been shilling.

There has also been mention of PFS patients using valproic acid and sodium butyrate as HDAC inhibitors, but not sure if any of them went through with the treatment.

The study you posted was performed with cultured cells, so the level of HDAC inhibition required to restore PUR-a expression could be deadly toxic to a living person.

If there was a cure for overexpressed AR, it would almost certainly be used in the context of prostate cancer treatment today. This may be a potential therapeutic target once more narrow-ranged treatments are available and if PUR-a is confirmed to be involved in PFS.


I wonder if AR overexpression happens in all patients, or only the ones with high androgen blood values… if someone has low testo low dht can you rule AR overexpression out?


What are your blood tests?


mid to low testo very low e2 above range prolactin above range lh and below range dht


I wish I knew what my blood tests shown my GP didn’t tell me to be honest I’m not sure he even understood them himself he flashed them up on the screen said yes their fine then told me to take 5mg of viagra a day for a couple of weeks and see if things get better.
It’s all one big riddle this lot is seems like alot of people have their own so called answers and treatments if I was to try all of these protocols i would be a right junky or dead by now
We need some real medical help in this situation.
It’s all so frustrating ive tried all sorts and im still stuck with no answers


I believe that you are entitled to see your medical records, although they probably won’t tell you anything conclusive.


Yes I think I’m going to ask for a copy of my medical records to help try to piece things together as I have had several complications on this road.
I started having serious back pain when I was around 16 years old this progressed for years with numerous visits to the doctors several Xrays only to be told its nothing to worry about just take ibuprofen this left me taking hi doses of ibuprofen every day for years and years even now I’m still taking upto 20 a day some days and that’s with injecting humira biweekly. They eventually found what the problem was 20 years later but along that road i tried self medicating with anabolic steroids and pct drugs clomid and preg this all created a hair loss problem hence finasteride came into the mix.
And cannabis use for years to help relieve pain at night to aid sleep.
finasteride really screwed me up sexually which then brought me to use viagra which i still have to use to this day.
To top it all off I got colitis too now due to inflammation with ankylosing spondylitis.
It’s all been a mess and all comes down to not being diagnosed correctly in the first place leading onto self medication.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to self medicate don’t play with your body it can make matters worse.


Here is a more detailed study:

“Purα is therefore a key repressor of AR transcription and its loss from the transcriptional repressor complex is a determinant of AR overexpression”

“we have shown that therapeutic restoration of Purα repressor function with agents that relieve epigenetic silencing can reduce AR transcription”

“Treatment of AI cells with the same dose of SAHA (7 μmol/L) increased Purα and strongly reduced the AR mRNA and protein levels”

SAHA is an HDAC inhibitor, also called Vorinostat.

So if Puralpha is epigenetically lowered in PFS, this could be responsible for keeping AR overexpressed. And it might be reversed by vorinostat. But it could also reduce AR too much. Lots of speculation here of course.


Hm, this is interesting … maybe the 23andme project will reveal something

This article talks about needing to control AR expression for prostate cancer bc over expression leads to resisting hormone therapy … hm


“Low-dose LBH589 restores Puralpha binding to ARS and down-regulates AR transcription. Biologically, LBH589 reverses the resistance of AI-cells to bicalutamide and to apoptosis. The combination may restore the hormonal response of castration-resistant PC patients.”



It’s dangerous anyway.


LBH589 (Panobinostat)