So 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor block estrogen?

read this, this guy is exactly me for all those doubting…

"Anyways, when I moved to university, over the first two weeks, I had a crazy rush of hypogonadal symptoms. Watery semen, diminished ejaculate, VERY numb penis, no spontaneous/morning/nocturnal erections, musky smelling sweat, a complete void of emotion, extreme fatigue, cant put on any muscle despite a solid routine/diet. And I was only 18! Most of these symptoms have gone away except for the sexual ones and the muscle-building one.

At any rate, my symptoms are HIGHLY similar to the people on propeciahelp - but the odd part is … I’ve never taken propecia or any 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. It’s just so odd that the symptoms are so similar. I have some labs for AdiolG (a metabolite of the 5 alpha reductase II enzyme) that should be out in a week or so.

I had DHT tested (range being 16-79), and my result was 39. Which isn’t incredibly high but it should be functional.

There has to be some androgen resistance as my labs are really normal and I don’t know what else can explain the symptoms i’m having."

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Pretty sure he took some form of anti androgen at some point of this life. I mean there are literally countless substances/supplements that can cause PFS. Even calorie restriction can cause it. Anything that lowers androgens. If you have a genetic predisposition to PFS I would be surprised if you didn’t get PFS at some point in your life. Just one wrong vitamin or mineral and your screwed. It’s ridiculous but that’s the reality.

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We understand

But at the end of the day looking as closely as possible at what if anything you were taking prior to getting the symptoms is important. That’s why we are interested.

You stated several times what you were not taking.

But based on your responses you have not really made it as clear If you were taking anything. In other words stop telling us what you did not take and simply answer the question

Were you taking ANYTHING?

We are trying to help

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Surely he took something like all of us.

He listed what he took. I don’t see why you have to keep asking.
As I have already said, creatine and diet given him the PFS.

Yea I agree Saw p is never a good thing for anyone to take.

I’m curious to know why joe’s doc told him
To take it as a possible way to treat his symptoms.

For me my doc put it in my head that all my symptoms were in result of having a
Larger than normal prostate gland. So I took his advice and took the Saw P while already having PFS from taking Saw P and not knowing it.

That’s why I’m assuming there is a reason his doc told him to take it? And I’m also assuming that his doc did not tell him to take Saw P to correct an unknown condition in which he’s clearly not responding to hormones.

Not busting chops. Just trying to get the facts


Ok if it’s established that all he was taking was protein and creatine prior to developing PFS and or another hormonally issue then I apologize. I read the thread and did really see that this was established

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Sorry man that you had to go through this

Listening to your story is compelling and sounds very similar to what most of us have gone through

I hope it’s not PFS or anything of the like. If it’s not I think you will recover. If it is recovery is still possible especially if it’s a mild case

To answer your question about PFS/PTSD/PSSD/CFS it’s been speculated that they all share a similar mechanism. In my opinion I think they all share similar mechanisms in regard that they involve up regulated or down regulated receptors and under expressed enzyme activity. However I also think each condition involves it’s own issues with their own receptors and that each condition has different cases.

This is theory based on my nine years of experience. Not fact

I was told to try the saw palmetto , becuase he could never find anything and my doctor kept sending me back to him every 3-4 months. After about 3 or 4 visits he asked me what my biggest complaints are. I said pain in my right testicle, pain in my right groin, and pain in my right seminal vesicle. My penis, and scrotum and even testicles can feel cold too. The skin is numb like rubber and I always feel like I have urine trapped in my urethra. I have not had a normal erection in 3 years now.

His response?

I have an idea. Lets try Prostamol Uno (saw palmetto)

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The only symptom I do not share with you guys is the shrunken penis… However I am sure that my testicles have decreased in size, as well as the scrotum is also like 1/3 of what it used to be. It’s always tight and high…

It’s interesting because docs always said my prostate was normal and even came back in volume at 10.76 cm cubed or w.e… I remember somebody telling me that that is below normal. Now on my less check it says my prostate is enlarged so I don’t know wtf to think anymore…

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He says he has this condition from three years…

I also had severe restless leg syndrome. It lasted 1 year but it completely resolved itself. I also claimed to my doctors that I had some discharge come out of my nipples at work. I was swearing alot and it was a stressful day at work…

Only happened 2-3 times never again. Can it be a dopamine problem? Dopamine-restless leg syndrome-erectile dysfunction are all linked together.
Something made me lose that weight rapidly. I never had the focus or drive to get that ripped/lean. I was never overweight, in fact I was already around 12% body fat and in amazing shape…I don’t know if it was a loss of appetite? At 5’9 getting below 160 lbs was like impossible to me before. Somehow I dropped down to like 138 lbs when all these symptoms came. I mentioned before I am going to see a hematologist, as alot of my blood test results are out of range like GGT, ALT, BILLIRUBIN, URIC ACID, SHBG, DHEA-s, CREATININ, CHOLESTEROL, DHT, E2

Also I don’t think I will be on this site much longer. It makes me miserable, and there’s a lot of bad energy on here…

Not alot of people on here BELIEVE in a recovery.
Just as doctors dont BELIEVE in your/our symptoms.

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Ohh ok well That deff explains why he was telling you to try Saw P. He thought you had symptoms of enlarged prostate


Why are you excluding the antifungal?

Same thing with me I had docs touching the prostate telling me it felt larger than the norm even after having PFS.

I took researching this to the extreme and had the most high tech MRI of the prostate in a research hospital in Washington, DC. It came back normal size

My end conclusion:

Go by what the MRI, cat scan, ultrasound says

The docs are looking for answers and already have a bias before feeling the prostate gland. It’s hard for them to judge size of a gland with their thumb that they are only feeling one side of

Yes he made that clear after my post about my opinion on his recovery which obviously changes my opinion

But let’s still not forget it sounds like more recently he started having hormones checked and serious about trying to treat it sounds like . So there is still hope he does not have PFS. He may still be a simple case and responder to basic things

I also feel that the main issue is genital numbness. It is my main complaint. If I had sensitivity like before surely I would have decent libido. Dr. Crisler said low dht can cause genital numbness. So I guess I should at least try that before claiming I have some kind of PFS or something…Anyways I will be looking around on other sites, to try to find some kind of cures. Good luck to you all, and may god be with you all through these difficult times.

If you decide to stick around ignore the bad energy. Most use the site to simply complain. Some use it as a source of information for the best over all chance at recovery.

If it makes you miserable best thing to do is take a break come back ignore the haters

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I need to add one more thing. So I was on the diet from June 2016-December 2017. However around Jan/Feb 2018 I decided to eat like an animal , and gain a bunch of weight back, eating eggs, milk ,meat, bread , etc… I gained weight back but I got fat in places like never before. I got a moon face, buffalo hump, and love handles and back of back fat as well as chest. My fat depositions has since improved alot but it was really strange…

Im a simple man, I always used to be freaked out by people claiming all kinds of invisible illnesses, like depression, bi polar. I feel I have low testosterone but my testosterone is normal/high. Testosterone has 2 metabolites. DHT and e2. So it is possible that many low t symptoms are actually low dht/ low e2 symptoms.

You too man. If you decide to post here again please let us know how increasing the DHT goes

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