So 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor block estrogen?

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if you look at our symptoms, and you read on testosterone users forums, you can clearly see that they complain of similar symptoms to us , after using and aromatase inhibitor…

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Yes, I must say that your case is absurd because you did not take any type of drug or supplement…

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I believe its either dht/e2 deficiency. Or a problem with the receptors, causing Androgen resistance…

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Well sometimes we feel better on estrogenic foods (libido enhanced) like soya, beer, I dont know…

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Like I said, I visited many bodybuilding forums, and they all said that e2 -> t ratios can cause numb genitals. Low e2 can also cause low sensitivity. I have 0 sensitivity in my genitals its quite disturbing.

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For me the only time I recovered my sensitivy to prePFS levels (it was very weird) was during a water fast ( 4 day on to it). The sensitivity was so good that I ejaculated just with that. This PFS makes us more “crazy” about the causes when we relieve a symptom like that for a moment.


Did you take an AI prior to having these symptoms ?

I have read about guys having these problems from taking an AI alone…

Also it’s well known that for certain PFS people (you could even call it “certain PFS” cases) that inhibiting estrogen while already having PFS can make you worse sometimes even much worse

In fact, guys who get PFS or a syndrome very similar to PFS from taking Saw Palmetto generally get worse from inhibiting estrogen. This is a pattern I have learned over the last nine years as a nine year Saw Palmetto PFS victim. I got worse when I took an AI in my early PFS days and this was despite taking the AI when I was also taking Clomid with total and free testosterone over the labs reference range

The other thing you should know is that one of the kids who took his life got PFS and than took an AI and got much worse. So yes there is something to this …

Not trying to freak you out. I’m just telling you what I know. So don’t take an AI, don’t take TRT. Up your T a little with some tongkat Ali and see how you feel. If that does not work try super R Andro a DHT prohormone that has proved to be pretty safe and good to us PFS people.

If that does not work I would consider fasting and herb cycling to keep your hormones at a reasonable level while not dumping hormones into your body.

Your chances of recovery are good as long as you did not take Saw p. The odds are in your favor

That’s the best advice I can give

Have you taking Saw P?

Have you taking an AI?

I am not on any hormones. I never took trt, or ai. I never took fin/propecia/accutane/ssri. I suspect this was caused by starvation diet, or some kind of toxicity on the construction site. Maybe a combination of both.

I have seen 4 endo’s, 4 urologists, and 3 neurologists and nobody has a clue really.

One of the endo’s said that its not my t hes worried about its my low shbg. Come back with new bloods in a month and I will get treatment he said. I came back with almost identical bloods and he recommended a sex therapist.

My final visit to the urologist, he said I dont know what else to do with you. I have on final idea, you can try Prostamol Uno. I googled it and saw it contains serenoa repens (saw palmetto) so i refused to take this drug…

What ever you do don’t take Saw P. The doctor who told you to take Saw P has no idea what he’s doing. I made this grave mistake. I got PFS from Saw P and did not know. Later while still not knowing I had PFS or what PFS was I took Saw P again following a doctor’s advice who did not know what was wrong with me . I got much much worse. It almost killed me.

You are smart for not doing it

Why is the other doc concerned about low SHBG? The higher the SHBG the more free testosterone it binds up. Are you sure he’s not concerned about high SHBG?

Seeing that you know what Saw P is it’s safe to say you did not take it accidentally . My first time I took Saw P accidentally in a “testosterone booster” from GNC. That’s why I asked you

You are much smarter than I was when I was your age

If a bunch of youngsters start coming over here complaining about these PFS like symptoms despite not taking Fin we are going to have a conspiracy theory on our hands…

Do you know what the doctors “reasoning” was for advising you to take Saw P?

The scary thing is I’m only 90 percent j/k about that concern

It is no conspiracy theory. Its like saying someone is going to the doctor with a missing leg. You are saying it can only be cut off with an axe or a machete. But when I come with a missing leg because of a chainsaw you say it is not possible and I am different from you.

I have no doubt that Finasteride fucked you up. I am trying to figure out what the drug does. It obviously does something else. Look I have been reading tirelessly on forums and have learned alot about hormones.

  1. Testosterone is not the only thing important for sex drive.
  2. Estrogen is not a “female” hormone only. High levels of estrogen will make your high t useless. It will make you emotional and give you bitch tits. Low estrogen is also very bad (I have low estrogen) You can read about these symptoms on bodybuilders forums.

My point is that doctors although they like to pretend they know everything THEY SIMPLY DON’T. My primary care doctor in Canada said he never understood why they test estradiol in young healthy males!! Are you kidding me!!! It tells me that you will not get help from these people and you are better off asking some fucking dumbass who abuses steroids what could be your problem…

I hate to break it to you guys , but some of you only use this website to try to figure out wtf is going on. I have read on other forums about people complaining of this shit, some used steroids, some nothing at all. Some took an AI, raised there e2 and felt better. There is countless possibilities. Some think its low SHBG. Like my endo said SHBG you dont want to high of , but it is a carrier of the hormones so I guess low is bad too?

Androgen Receptor Density anyone? Maybe for some reason the receptors aren’t as dense as they used to be for whatever reason?

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Creatine and diet have given you PFS.

dude relax… stop being so hostile and direct. PFS stands for POST FINSATERIDE SYNDROME. I did not take fucking finasteride. So what does finasteride do? What does Accutane do? What do the other drugs do? They do not all do the same thing.

Im sure it is just a hormonal imbalance. It somehow fucks up your estrogen metabolization not dht I believe…

Hostile? You’re joking, right? I tried to help you and understand what you have. It is better to clear up once and for all that no hormonal imbalance, no one, causes what you have and not even a diet, even more so if your Testosterone is in the range. Diets do not modify receptors or hormonal genes. As I showed you, and I am the only one who brought you scientific papers, the creatine you took works on the 5HT receptor and many people have had sexual problems of all kinds. Your diet has definitely worsened your condition. I also never took Finasteride, but I have PFS and also very strict from Rutina. If you think you have a hormonal squibble, integrate the hormones you need. But you should ask yourself why none of the endocrinologists you saw helped you. I gave you my opinion on what you have. This does not make me hostile, rather I tried to solve your dilemmas. In any case, do as you wish. I also told you to come to Italy with my doctor Daniele Santi. He would diagnose you, being one of the world’s leading experts in endocrinology. Good luck.

What I mean is if we get more cases like you we will have to wonder if they are putting fin or some similar drug in the water. Imagine if all of a sudden the same thing happens to others? The symptoms and they were never prescribed it. Like some population control thing. It was a j/k for the most part but scary thought.

Did you doctor tell you why he is concerned about low SHBG? Like the mechanism of why low SHBG would be bad?

Did your doctor tell you why he was recommending Saw P?

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I add, that the only things that raise the SHBG is the flavonoid Resveratrol.

Obviously I advise against it.
One user, Matt, is dead.

Thyroid hormones and Insulin also raise SHBG.

I advise against everyone.

I guess for prostate pain. But it is good not to take it.

I am not interested in if it was caused by finasteride/propecia or for looking at the sun for longer than 5 seconds. I want to know what the fuck happened. Finasteride and propecia inhibit 5ar right? Well what does accutane and the other drugs do? Why don’t all propecia/finasteride users get this syndrome???

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I believe we have a genetic predisposition for this. What has happened is that at least a part of your androgen signalling pathways have been epigenetically silenced.

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