Skin elasticity

Ive noticed my skin has become very elastic over the past cpuple years and now i have strech marks even tho im really skinny here are some pics of what i mean Uploading: 20181119_005455.jpg… ![20181119_010604|327x500]20181119_010042|281x500

My ass (or lack there of) is so flabby and droopy but I’ll spare you having to witness that. Dont knkw why these stretch marks are appearing im a pretty scrawny dude! Any tips as to why this is happening ? One of the pics is just kf my torso which looks healthy i guess but the skin on my belly is really flabby and theres fat underneath i cant get rid of even if its not much. When i bend over its all rolls even tho i dont feel i should have any . skin feels age 50 and im 33!!

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sorry for the risque pics but i its really freaking me out. i just noticed bad ones on my inner thigh near my groin. big purple gouges that i have never seen before. i think my skin is breaking down. :frowning:

fuck i feel weird i showed my face. EXPOSED bahh i need to sleep

Thanks a lot @hippydoof for posting about your experience with this particular side effect. I also suffer from stretchy skin which I originally documented here: Photographic Evidence - Wrinkled Skin & Fat Loss As well as my face I also have stretchy skin elsewhere on my body as well, although this was through finasteride rather than accutane.

If you have any concerns about revealing your face you can edit your posts if you like.

Despite your understandable concerns, as @Devolution says, you look fine when your skin is at rest. I appreciate however that this ain’t right.

my wang does feel like there is some loose skin but its not that noticeable. no where near as much as my arms or belly. i feel like i need to gain some weight to fill out maybe it wont be as stretchy . i used to weigh 200 pounds now im 137. weird thing is the strecth marks/loose skin didnt show up until the past year and a half or so

thank you aswell for sharing.

as a side note im going to quit smoking im sure that is not helping my skin at all. even tho my face is in fairly good shape im sure it effects the rest of the body aswell. im still only 33 i dont want to look like a puddle by the time im 40

WTF I have also too :confused::confused::confused:

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Dude @hippydoof I have this exact thing… This is exactly what my skin is like. How long did you take Finasteride for??

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I ve got the same issue with my skin now. Loose and rubbery. I wonder if this problem goes away

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I’ve got it too

I wonder if this goes away or will get worse?

Gets worse. We have mutated collagen fibrils. I tested and have defective “flower like” collagen which is inline with ehlers danlos syndrome

Its rare as hell but i suspect we all have it from these horrible drugs. It would explain why i am 35 yo and skinny but my skin is like that of a 70 year olds. My skin should be tight around my body but it is loose and strecthy eveywhere. I first noticed it 3 years ago and now it is much much worse. The only possible help i see is that maybe my estrogen is dangerously low but i doubt its the culprit (see atatched photo)

That’s too bad((

does anyone else have this? Stretchy, thin skin where it’s like the texture of your body is gone?

Yes global, face has dropped like a loose mask, global across the body. Muscles have been further decimated. Like a 90 year old woman Its only getting worse. I believe lypidsatrophy is the problem to a degree. @hippydoof also has this too

Yeah I do, some parts of my body seems more affected than others.