SIRT2 inhibition reverses anhedonia in the VGLUT1+/− depression model

These results confirm that SIRT2 inhibition is able to reverse anhedonia in different animal models and highlight the need to further investigate the role of SIRT2 inhibitors as new antidepressant agents.

sorry i cant click on that link

what is it?

It says Hyperforin (SJW) inhibits SIRT2 but also SIRT1…I think sirt1 we like but reservatrol apparently promotes it so I may try sjw and reservatrol combined

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didnt some people take reservatrol and SJW and get worse?

I’ve seen one post on that, just looking at it as there’s not much background. I’ll try Hyperforin on its own first and I guess if I get worse I need reservatrol, if I don’t, I don’t.

someone also tried hyperforin and got worse

had nonexistent libido and insomnia

Yeah I saw that. But others have had positive effects. And he said he recovered after a few days. I tried hypericin (other sjw) and it made me wake up more in the night, stopped and it went away. I know it’s a risk given pfs hasn’t gone hence we’re here but I was pondering taking it anyway and your article is fairly clear.

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someone recovered from PFS using hyperforin?

keep in mind the article is in animal models

and its not from pfs

honestly id just wait

I think people have seen benefits here and there (with PFS andor PSSD) will find the links tomorrow


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