Short Term Use - Major Side Effects - Recovering?

Hi Guys,

I started taking propecia last week. Noticed after the first day of usage testicular pain and lack of blood flow to that area. I am 21 years of age and was proscribed propecia for premature MPB.

After my second day of usage I was completely impotent and could barely get up with Viagra no stimulation was working.

I have started taking zinc and getting a comparrison in blood results in the next few days. The thought of being impotent for life is very scary though i’m staying postive and seeing gradual improvements. Those going through the same situation i highly recommend meditation as it will relax stress which will induce more damage in your recovery process.

I know there are many sufferes and people seeking advice to cure this drug. Here I was worried about loosing my hair, no strained of hair is worth your man hood, massive regrets taking this drug. Anyone thinking of taking this drug please please please do your research and consults your doctor if it’s appropriate for you or you could suffer serious consequences.

I’ll keep everyone informed on what i’ve done to reverse and possibly improve the onset of short - term use of this drug.


You had a prescription for Viagra on your second day of propecia consumption at the age of 21? Please elaborate.

Well the DR suggested I try it for the lack of function this has caused to me. I’m starting to get really concerned up to Day 4 without it, and not much improvement :frowning: Mentally feeling pretty unstable. Every DR has the same answer “Give it a week”.

I took propecia for two days and had instant side effects ed, impotent, deperession.

I’ve been off for 4 days. Getting really scared :frowning:

What is happening?

Most likely you’ll recover just fine. Those of us here with long term sides are very rare. Take good care of your body, limit masturbation, avoid alcohol and other pharmas/drugs indefinately in my opinion.

I don’t want to be a parrot. But i’m really concerned that i had side effects so quick.

I’d suggest abstaining from visiting this site for a month (minimum) and seeing how things unfold. I suspect your side effects will lift, though no one can say for sure. The endocrinologist I saw said the two youngish patients he saw side effects resolved by themselves. I used this poison for more than 10 years, so I have no expectations of ever recovering, i’m assuming this is it… but honestly I think you’ll be OK. Try and calm yourself and don’t read this site for a month.

Thanks really appreciate your support.

I wish I knew this three years ago that just not visiting this site you can cure this curse.

We really do not entirely understand the exact mechanism by which we “crash” and what makes this persistent in some of us. We do know from anchedotal reports that excessive masturbation, drinking, and drug use have caused some here to crash. Again, most who get sides recover just fine but if I were in your shoes I’d abstain from all those things I mentioned.

Sorry to hear this mate - I only took 2 also and have had all the side effects.

It’s good that your doctors are recogising you have had a reaction to Propecia (many don’t recognise it at all). It is a total nightmare and I know what you’re going through, it’s extremely challenging but you will get through it.

Plus I’m sure you will soon improve. I have information from healthcare professionals that a large proportion of people do make significant recoveries.

In the meantime push through it as best you can and keep busy (as hard as it is when you feel terrible). You may find sport helps as a focus and with symptoms.

Investigations are continuing by the medicine regulatory bodies in the US and UK (FDA and MHRA) with regards Propecia side effects and research, I believe, is being conducted.

Make sure you report your side effects via email to the following to increase exposure and pressure:


FDA: tatiana.oussova@fda.hhs.govTGA:


And please fill out the following medwatch reporting form:

Take care and if you have any questions don’t hesitate mate.

Hey Guys,

Just thought i’d give you an update on how everythings going. Up to day 10 of not being on propecia. At day 5 everything started functioning normal but got “Brain Fog”. Went away on a holiday started feeling awesome again, felt confident cause everything started to function again though was feeling very anxious. Had a pretty sleepless night lastnight and woke up with lack of blood flow to that area again. Do symptoms subside, or should i just let time do its thing.

Anyone experienced this and recovered?

I have recovered my sex drive from diet it seems and staying positive. Though still not much action down stairs. It’s been 15days

Mentally feeling pretty different happier that’s for sure, though moods constantly swinging. Appetite has gone through the roof a lot more than prior to finasteride. Still no luck with down stairs though. (Days 16 off)

Vein dissapeared from where penis starts and ends down the center of it…wtf :’(

Okay this might seem a bit paranoid or just a coincidence.

I had one of these bars today contains creatine + protein.

within like 2 hrs of having it , felt as good as pre-fin ,amazing even blood flow and everything felt normal again down there, could even get it up.

Now feel so,so,so tired!

Defintley did something to me.

Day 19 off That piece of shit - okay only positives so far increased circulation down there dunno if it was mental thing or not or if creatine actually did it cause I could get an errection within hours of usage. Really bad anxiety keep having dreams about my misses leaving me. Emotions up and down massive increase in appetite never been so hungry. Changes I’ve noticed fat under chin ( strange cause I have a lean muscle body) facial boating jaw less chiseled. Errection can’t hold one, shrinkage, sperm colour weird. Black bags under eyes.

Creatine increases 5AR2 activity.

Does anxiety, suicidal thoughts go away? Even if something makes me smile I feel shit again it’s like the life’s been sucked out of me. I’m doing my best to stay distracted nights arent so bad but when i wake in the morning it’s like I don’t wanna get out of bed at all.

Oh man I almost forgot about that… mornings were always absolutely terrible for me… felt like dying. Has much to do with high morning cortisol I suspect. But yes those sides do seem to get better, it can take awhile it took me nearly a year before I started feeling better mentally.