Short Term Use - Major Side Effects - Recovering?

So I got a run down of propecia in a bodybuilders prespective at gym today. Propecia acts much like steroids do shuts down the production of hormones in your prostate much like what happens with bodybuilders on synthetic testosterone aka steroids. He explained to me that the best way to reactivate test production is to use trib. He said the reason
Most people suffer long term is because when using propecia it shuts down your prostate which becomes inflamed or inadequate over long term use hence why long term uses of steroids can become impotent because there natural levels never get back to baseline production, trib will help stimulate production. That’s why most steroid uses do this after cycles. May be floors in my explanation but gives me hope to get back to where I was

Also mentioned that’s why steroid users coming off a cycle feel like they’ve had the life sucked out of them suicidal an impotent. Sure there can be permant damage time is of the essence. I went wrong reading horror stories. Everyone has a chance to make progress and recover.

P.s I’m not a steroid user he was putting in his perspective

If it were easy to recover by taking a natural herb (Tribulus), none of us would be here. Think about it.

I did mention that long term use makes a harder recovery, Same with on going use of steroids. It deprives your prostate, the more finasteride used the more your strangling the prostate of its life, much like what happened with the use of steroids androgen deprivation a lot of those guys manage to get there testicles and dick back. Now i know everyones different and I’m not trying to undermine anyone’s situation. I’m thinking more of people coming straight off propecia, try and kick start the prostate again.

fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck. DAY 21.

You only took 2 tablets - have you noticed any improvement over the last month or so?

do not panic… this does not mean things are set in stone for you … you may be fine …stay calm if you can and try to take your mind off of this (not easy i know, but if you can, i think it will help you)

L tyrosine oral powder - brainfog disappeared. Trib tabs 20000mg - hard errectiona, increased
Aggression, libido. Still suffering painful testicles and penile shrinkage, anyone ever recovered from it?

This drug is fucked really don’t wanna live the rest of my life like this.

Have a look at this: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6750&p=58318#p58318

Niacin is very good against deression.

I don’t want to rely on supplements for the rest of my life

Has anyone gone back to normal in this department, numbness slowly going and rubbery feeling. Still shrinkage, loss sensation and testcle change.

This drug has fckdd me life suicidal thoughts every day. Burning scalp, dick and balls r fuckdd. Chronic hair loss which I didn’t have before. Depression dry skin. Fuck fuck fuck this shit…I’m 21 and can’t even be fucked anymore

Hey Johnny sorry about the late reply. All i have noticed is slight improvement in circulation.

Thing’s i’ve noticed emotional rollercoaster , testicles sit really strange one is always really up, lost about an inch, girth slowly coming back, errections are hard, cuming feels really strange, yellowish semen. Weight loss in face.

Day 25 off propecia - Itchy dry Scalp, Dry skin on face, Red marks near eyes, struggling to get out of bed in the morning, feel good at night time happy and change in mood. Yep mornings are shithouse. Slight improvements.

Persistant Shrinkage remains. Rubbery feeling has gone. Only way to explain it is like what pills + meth does to your wang.

Oh and lost a lot of muscle. At first when i quit propecia i got bloated now i look alot thinner in the face and very lean. was 89kgs lean muscle before propecia now weighing 81kgs lean. Still have size but not looking physically healthy.

Hey everyone,

My mental sides seem to be getting a lot better. Mornings are the worst!! never have enough sleep.
For some reason i feel really good at night time though.

Side effects persisting
Really dry skin in the morning on face, red marks etc. Goes away with moisturizer stuff.
Waking up at the same time every morning 3 times.
Weird vein on side of penis.
Mood swings.
Shrinkage (though some improvement)
Test levels up and down.

Thanks for the update, so you’ve lost considerable muscle and have the physical issues.

It’s good that your mood and a few other things are improving - you have take that as a positive especially as it hasn’t been too long.

I’m 5 months in and still suffering badly from the mental side effects - these are by far the worst. On the inside, life is totally on hold. We just have to hang in there! It’ll be the year from hell but let’s hope like heck that we can look back and say we got through it and are stronger and better people for it!!

People come out of car accidents and their bodies/minds recover.

How are you sleeping?

Sleep is weird lots of strange dreams and waking up throughout the night biggest relief is my penis is Not numb in the morning though mornings are the worse for anxiety