Short-term Recovery with Choline, Inositol, Cod liver oil, Phenibut

What medications except vyvanse? Adderal or ritalin?

Iam taking only vyvanse 30mg, nothing else. Dropped every other supplement, only lowdose multivitamin. The first few weeks and days I had trouble getting an errection. But everything else improved regarding sexual functions improved. Its totally different now. Before that improvements always lasted several days, not longer, not very stable.

This has been the biggest breakthrough yet. I always had phases in which I got better but this is the longest and most stable phase I have ever had. And I took nothing else except vyvanse and antibiotics and improvements came even before the antibiotics. But everytime I took anibiotics I improved so much, this is the second time it happened this year already

I wish everyone to improve. Never give up.

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was it amoxicillin with clavulanic acid (amoxiclav) or amoxicillin without it ?

Pretty sure it was amoxiclav.

By the way ritalin works too.

So in my opinion there is no problem with testosterone. In most PFS-Cases blood serum testosterone is normal, thats why so many doctors have difficulties to acknowledge a problem. I think there has to be a problem with neurosteroids-levels or balance or even neurotransmitters. Thats why adding androgens to the system wont have any effect. The neuro-endocrine system isnt fully understood yet.

My second quess is that it has something to do with the gut. Maybe finasteride changed the microbiome in a way that fucks up the hormonal or neurotransmitter balance in the brain via bain-gut-axis.

From everything I tried the only thing that has worked were supplements/medication that influence neurotransmitters and the gut. So essentially antibiotics like penicillin, precursor like 5HTP, L-Dopa, L-tyrosine, l-lysin, choline and stimulants like amphetamines or methylphenidat.

This is has been the most stable improvement since three years. If I now have a crash, which happens rarely it goes away in 1-2 days. The only thing I take are stimulants, nothing else, only multivitamin supplements.

i’m wondering. during this window of antibiotics and adderall, did you happen to masturbate? and could you link masturbation to the setback?

I masturbated all the time. I cannot say if this is good or bad.

I think its better to do nofap though. The one week where I was drinking heavily, I abstained from masturbation for one week and it was the biggest improvement so far.
You can easily develop some porn addiction on top of that.

I found a study which showed that stimulants tend to regulate androgen receptors up in roden why decreasing androgen levels in the blood. There is definetly some mechanism.

I would strongly advise to try low dose stimulants for at least couple of weeks.

if someone cares my penis is more straight now.


this is very interesting. during my recovery last week. everything was going amazing. until what i can tell was after masturbation. it seems like this triggered some sort of setback, and caused the FMT i was doing to almost stop working. i have no proof this is the case, but if it is true, it would likely show why most people don’t recover, because we are constantly checking to see if our orgasm feels better

How do you guys know the temporary recoveries isn’t you yourself placeboing yourself into believing you are recovering, instead of actual recovering? The desire to be cured is so big, it’s possible that the misconception you are plays a big role.

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That‘s a bad idea. Libido and sensitivity to sexual stimuli is greatly increased when being sexual abstinent. I dont think this is caused my an increase in testosterone, although testosterone influences it big time. The mechanism behind this doesnt seem to be fully understood yet. But its better to avoid porn and frequent masturbation in order to optimise that.

Thats a good question. Although I lack objective measurements for my improvement, Iam quite sure that I can asses my symptoms severity. The real problem is to identitfy causation between the thing you changed and the change regarding your symptoms. In the beginning I took so many supplements that seem to induce smaller improvements, but they never really lasted, and I couldnt replicate them.
This time its differents, improvement stays and Iam only taking one thing which is small doses of stimulants.

The effect of stimulants on androgens isnt fully understood or researched. But clearly there is one.

To me that’s kinda strange question. I can easily tell the difference between the normal and not normal states. Even if we put aside these subjective feelings, it’s easily to notice if the dick is working properly or not. Like now my desire to be cured is sooo big, but it doesn’t help at all, I’m at my low again.

Hey hopeless94, any update on the flaccid penis size? Is that back to normal?

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As far as I can tell it went completly normal again.

Hey Hopeless94, thank you very much for sharing your experience with lisdexamphetamine. It’s one of the therapies I’m considering if cycling proviron is not bringing any improvement.

Since you’re describing bouts of good or hyper libido I was wondering how your mental symptoms are and have been? I feel like they’re all connected.

In addition to genital sensory loss, ED, water semen etc I have had super flat emotions (good or bad), severe anhedonia and total loss of libido for almost 2 years now. The almost complete loss of emotions/excitement and severe anhedonia is actually the most debilitating for me.
I can not even imagine how it feels to really feel the slightest libido anymore. Women are like objects to me… I cannot feel an emotional connection to anyone anymore. I do not feel ego or insecurity etc. Just complete androgenic flatness.

Have you ever felt this way for a very long time or did you suffer mainly sexual/libido sides?

Its hard to tell because I cant tell if it was due to depression or ADHD or PFS.

I think that PFS kinda made me a zombie, I was was functioning and trying everything I could but I wasnt alive. Really weird. The biggest imrprovements mentally were definitely how I viewed women, they got way more attractive and cute. There is definitely a switch regulated by androgens or neurosteroids that turns on speficifc functions to react to female optical cues. Now their skin is glowing for me and their body shape is way more arousing.

Everything which is related to sexual functions I can totally relate. I didnt lose my emotions however. When my sexual functions got better usually my mental state improved, too. I think the mental part of PFS can be more detrimental than you realise because its more subtle.

Interesting, thanks.

We definitely differ in symptoms since the emotional flatness and general loss of excitability is definitely one of my biggest disabilities. Even though I’m still working, exercising and meeting up with friends (although less frequent).

Nonetheless I’m still interested in trying lisdexamphetamine.

Even though I’m still willing to try everything and know how beautiful life can be I can not help but think this condition is caused by permanent damage/loss of central nervous system cells (read brain cells).
Something I would find very plausible, considering how so many patients are reporting PFS right after REstarting finasteride after months or years of abstinence, is an auto-immune mechanism where the body somehow attacks and destroys it’s own central nervous cells. The first contact with a 5AR (be it fin/dut/sp or in some users weaker dietary 5AR substances) might have initiated a strong acquired immune defence which is triggered by second time use.
Sorry for the intermezzo.

Having so severe sexual dysfunctions and not knowing when or if they ever will subside is really tough on you mentally. On top of that most doctors dont even know what it is or question its existence.
Iam very happy and grateful to be somewhat normal again.

I wonder why people here didnt consider stimulants more. They are known to increase sex drive.

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