Shockwave therapy

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What drew you to dhgate particularly rather than eBay or other marketplaces?

Cheapest and most options

When I look I see a lot of random Chinese stuff that it seems like it would be nearly impossible to evaluate the legitimacy of. What’s to stop anyone from just selling a box with wires in it and calling it a shockwave therapy machine? Just curious what your process was for finding one you knew would work and perform well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

dhgate is pretty reputable. Look at sellers who have a lot of history and you can see reviews too. They have a decent return policy that made me feel safe and fast shipping. Do your own research. The ones on ebay are similar quality but didnt have many good ones for ed. You need a special setting. You wont get ripped off, my advice is to find something with a good return policy, but unfortunately it’s hard to gauge results in such a short amount of time.

I think there would be a decent resale value too and maybe people here willing to trade machines. I imagine you could easily get someone else interested enough to try it if it didnt work for you 6 months down the road. It’s a hard sell for 1k but I think it’s one of the better options we have. One thing to note is that I dont think I even knew how to properly use the machine well enough until about 5 treatments in. You wont get results overnight, but there is something going on here, and I’m a fan of the physical aspect, something that’s not gonna fuck with my chemistry more than it has been. Its fixed my prostate discomfort as well and I feel like my dick gets a workout… I guess the simplified science is that you are damaging the area very minorly and you get the benefits of your body healing something that it basically doesnt realize is broken.

I first became interested in this idea after hearing of many anecdotes of other users fixing their sexual issues after sustaining an injury to their dicks. After they recover it’s like the body unclogs things. It seemed to happen in cases where people are otherwise stable. This same phenomenon happens often in those with peyronie’s, often even fixing the deformity and associated pain and sexual dysfunction.

Anyways, I get nothing from this other than knowing that others can be helped. I feel like a salesman so I am just reiterating that I am not. it seems wrong that this thing that could be one of our better options isnt being utilized because it’s strange, expensive and unconventional.

I am not sure how much of my continued recovery is due to this machine, but it is one of the few factors that have been added in my recent experiments and I can tell it is doing something. I would like to know how much of what it is doing is repeatable and truly helping or if it’s more like moving the final pieces into place quicker than they would have been moved naturally.

We need more experimenting, we should have way more people trialing this.

Hi Quest, thanks a lot for sharing the link!

(Here a repost so I can find it back more easily:;searl|1462848484 )

I have two questions:

  • How long did you use finasteride (or other drug) and how bad was your ed before starting? Could you get erections with manual/visual stimulation? Did viagra/cialis work? Did injections work?
  • I am being treated with shockwaves by dr Goldstein (see this post) and he says his device costs over $100 000. (I am not supposed to put a cup of water next to it :wink: .) Any idea from your research what the main differences are between your device and the extremely expensive one from dr G?

1- Used SP for a couple months before crashing after cessation. Erections were always hit or miss. Definitely not the same as before. Visual seemed almost impossible without manual help. Cialis works for me. Never tried injections.

2- I’m sure the fancy device your doctor has costs 100 grand because of unnecessary fancy stuff. I’ve never used any other machine besides the $1k machine I have, but once you use it you realize how simple of a device it is. I’m sure a mechanical engineer could make one from scratch for a few hundred bucks but there is no way in hell his machine’s cost is justified.

Quick update:
Took a break from treatments because. well i’ve been lazy and just sort of happy/content. don’t think of pfs much anymore, my remaining symptoms were just sexual and motivational, and my sex life is pretty good. gf doesn’t think anything is wrong with me so idgaf. I’ll always know what’s happened to my body. Such a weird thing to bring around with you. Like I have to hide the fact that I went through probably one of the most painful things a man can experience. I’m both more appreciative of life and also a bit jaded. I find it harder to care about things as much mainly because I was so close to the edge for a while. I still think this thing is a form of autonomic dysfunction and that one day we’ll figure it out for good.

I’ll get into some more treatments soon and report back probably. Or maybe I’ll leave forever. I recently thought I was “cured.” It was more of a realization that being cured is just accepting that your life can be good again, even if you are not the same person you were before this. We all had something taken, and it’s made it so many of us can’t move forward anymore. I fell victim to that. I want to move forward, so i’ve accepted my situation.

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This podcasts mentions various ED treatments, including apomorphine, shockwave therapy, and PRP. Shockwave sounds quite promising…

According to the presenter, shockwave is applied to different areas of the penis and surrounding area to create tissue inflammation, cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and tries to “bring healing to the area” to heal and get rid of plaques and scar tissue. It also brings extra blood flow to the area. She also mentions that it can help with prostate issues and can promote new nerve cells. According to her there are “no downtime or side effects.” You have to create an erection twice a day to get the best results. The procedure takes 15 minutes. Mild to moderate ED requires 6 treatments. The effects of the treatment takes up to 3 months to see full effect, and there should be a maintenance program. More severe cases need 12 sessions and PRP. Shockwave is 70% effective.

I’m going to look in to doing this, and will report back.

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This doctor explains why Shockwave may be highly beneficial for ED and he advises avoiding the Pneumatic machines. Shockwave “recruits stem cells, new blood supply, and healing” but is still “investigational” as are PRP and stem cell injections. Stem cells are only allowed in the US for ED as part of clinical trials.

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I really wish I could get a hold of this guy so I can talk about a treatment provided by him

Does anyone know how to besides email?

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As a medical professional, he’s unlikely to give you a guide to treatment, for various reasons. You could pay for a consultation, I assume.

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No I get that but I can’t even get in touch with him

I was wondering if anyone knew how or has at all?

Just Google him, he’ll come up and you’ll be able to contact a secretary.

He’s a world renowned expert, I assume you won’t get a direct contact.

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Were you suffering from numbness in the genital and penis areas? If yes did you see any improvements with the shockwave therapy?

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The damaged tissue is fibrosis in the corpora cavenosa. That can be broken and healed with more than normal sessions of shockwave. Same fibrosis that causes lost of elasticity on the knees, shoulders and other parts post surgery or injury.

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He is from Lasara medical Group. Shockwave causes micro injuries and takes time to regenerate.

You’re positive it can break up fibrosis and plaques?

I wonder if you explained the situation to the clinic they’d do longer sessions for more cash of course

I’m looking into this currently

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12-22 sessions

Im almost sure it can help a lot

For those who wonder what is the correct machine to try for Shockwave, I saw an interview with Bryan Johnson, the billionaire tech CEO who spends $2 mil a year to try to “reverse his age” and Piers Morgan.

At one point Bryan Johnson told Piers that he was doing Shockwave therapy on his pelvic floor/ penis and was experiencing more nocturnal erections…This led me to do some research into this and see if I could find the machine and protocol he used as Shockwave is still a new concept and the type of machine, number of shocks, and freqency of treatments are still not standardized.

Anyway, this guy clearly has the best health team money can buy and here is his protocol. I have copied his this directly from his Twitter page:

"Started first penis rejuvenation therapy:

Focused shockwave therapy
6 treatments, 3x/wk
Cost $1-2k

Evidence: multiple randomized controlled trials showed that shockwave therapy improves erectile dysfunction. We are testing whether it improves total time nighttime erections, subjective sexual performance, sexual satisfaction, and medical imaging-based penile markers.

Machine + settings:
STORZ Medical
.35 mJ/mm2
4000 shocks/treatment
4 Hz
48 Joules

Note: other machines can be used too; some available for $7,000. We’re starting with focused shockwave; however, radial may work too."

Just thought I’d share.