Shockwave therapy

Surprised I’ve never seen any mention of this, but a recent treatment for ED using shockwaves (acoustic sounds, basically vibrations) to “break up fibrosis/calcification, and return normal bloodflow,” seems like it could help.

it’s obviously very “snake-oily” but the few scientific studies on shockwave therapy have actually been very positive, and they are being offered alongside the P-Shot now, as a method with similar efficiency.

Honestly, I’m skeptical, but as many here would, I would give it a try. Here’s a link:

there’s a few more studies I’ve read that are all positive, and one saying that it’s not much more effective than placebo. However, it’s claimed to help with vascular related ED the most, which, I’m fairly certain is my problem, along with many others. PDE5’s already help, and if this method just offered even a boost to the PDE5’s, I’d probably be in a pre fin state, sexually.

Worth looking into. Anyone have any experience?

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You’re right that it’s very “snake-oily” I’m sorry to say. If you search, you will find that it has been spoken about and tried here without positive results.

Recently someone here got a quote and it was roughly a third the cost of a recent scientific study into our condition.

I urge you to think about what the outcome of a treatment like this is likely to be and what the same amount of money could be used for.

The main problem of us is not the “fibrosis on the penis” It is more internal. So it’s unlikely to have a positive effect, thanks for your share though.

It’s been discussed now and then over the years. There’s some more topics but these were the clearly described outcomes I remember seeing:

These patients reported a more severe dysfunction and did not respond to pde5i.

A patient reporting less severe effects observed a positive outcome recently in combination with platelet rich plasma injection:

Hope that’s of interest.

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I saw this. unfortunately, users who don’t respond to pde5’s aren’t exactly a good representation for alternative treatments like this. if pde5’s don’t work, there’s a lot more work that needs to be done than something like shooting acoustic waves into your dick has the power to do, I’d imagine. For someone with more mild issues this might prove very useful, as in the case of @Burito101 and myself. I don’t think we have nearly enough info on this subject, and as I can get one of these machines for less than $1k, I think it’ll be a worthwhile investment. I’ll just return if it’s completely snakeoil, but I’ve been researching and it makes sense, especially in many more mild users cases where some blockage/calcification might be a big part of their issues. I could see this being on the level of a more easy to use and deeper penetrating vacuum device, which I hate to use. Additionally, this could be really good for long term maintenance for us, and a lot easier on our bodies than constantly pumping ourselves full of pde5’s and other weird shit. could be another thing to cycle in and out for better sexual gains.

Shockwave seems to be super low risk for a potentially big outcome, although my expectations will be very grounded. I’ll gladly guinea pig this one and report back.

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I think someone else here had one of these machines. It could be worth searching to find out what they said about it.

I tried looking through all the threads mentioning it and didn’t see anything conclusive besides what @axolotl mentioned. @Burito101 on his other thread mentioned a definite improvement in EQ, but it could also be due to P-shot, or the combination of the two.

there’s an astonishing lack of review for shockwave therapy, but that’s not unusual as it’s a very new treatment, and still very expensive. I managed to find one reputable reviewer who cliams it completely cured his persistent ED. The reviewer has months background searching for treatments before finally being happy, and thus stopping his account, after treatment with shockwave therapy. promising.

additionally, is anyone good at reading the literature for what is a recommended setting for this machine?

I see most studies used between .9-.25 mJ/mm2, but I can’t figure out for the life of me if that mm2 is applied to the 15mm (or so) heads they would be using on their devices. Most of the Shockwave machines I’ve been checking out are between 60-200mJ, which I imagine was for physiotherapy and not ED (even though the shady sellers don’t mention this, and promote it for ED.) The more tuned ED machines start around 5mJ, but some go as low as 1mJ. The one I’m looking at starts at 5mJ, but it’s nice to be positive. Anyways, still going through with this and I’m actually looking forward to it.

I used a CES device a few days before my crash and it put me in hospital with a panic attack. I’m not sure what shockwave therapy do but it’s probably alot stronger than a CES device. I suppose it would depend on a persons neurological symptoms.

completely irrelevant, you realize we’re not using this shit on our heads right…

No. I’m feeling burnt out through lack of sleep. Apologies for the misunderstanding. I guess no-one will be needing my wooden spoon to bite down on.

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sorry you’re dealing with stuff man. hope you can continue to improve. I know how it is when you’re fogged out, I should’ve realized. Best of luck to you, if you want any help or advice, i’m here.

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just saw this. users have all ranges of issues. for those who have recovered except for lingering sexual sides, fibrosis 100% has an impact. additionally, fibrosis is likely present in every case of PFS, which is what peyronies is btw. many with PFS develop peyronies and receive ultrasounds with confirmation of calcification and fibrosis in penis.

so the machine arrived a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had 4 sessions already. first 2 were just “test runs,” and i’m planning the fifth tomorrow. This thing is up there in effectiveness between a pump-pde5’s. not as intense as pde5’s but probably actually fixing a lot of our problems involving circulation, fibrosis/calcification.

already i’m noticing much firmer erections. my erections in combination with pde5 inhibs are actually insane. I guess I didn’t really notice my shrinkage much because I was more well endowed, but I measured my penis recently and I’m over 7" now. I don’t even remember being that big pre-fin. it’s definitely a blood flow thing. I also think this is what is causing most people’s perceived shrinkage.

the mind-dick connection is strong again and girlfriend has been very happy, as have I. definitely in the best place sexually since all this.

morning wood and spontaneous erections continue to be lacking and when I’m off pde5’s for a while or it still continues to take a lot longer to get warmed up. but once I’m there it’s like I never had any problems.

I take around 10mg cialis once a week and the effect lasts for 4 days after. I’m trying not to get dependent on it and trying to cycle it. an accurate analogy would probably be if pde5’s were = to finasteride than shockwave therapy would be = to minoxidil. not as effective as pde5’s but for some it could probably be very worth it. I’m happy with my machine so far and I think this is just the beginning.

I would recommend those with the funds to buy their own machine like I did. Cost me $1k and got here fast from DHgate. just search up shockwave therapy devices for ED. I can provide a link to the one I got that I think is the best on the site after a lot of research. but they’re probably all similar.


Can you explain what you do with it? How you actually use it?

Did it come with any warnings?

Thanks for the update @Quest

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Yeah its pretty simple and virtually side effect free. Shockwave therapy has been used for years as a physical therapy device on things like tennis elbow, torn ligaments, inflammation, pain, sprang appendages, tissue damage etc. Just recently, as in last couple years, they’ve found low intensity shockwave therapy to be very effective against ed and other sexual problems. This stuff is still at the brink of being something revolutionary. Definitely much better than a pump, as I’ve said.

The whole procedure just involves putting the device wand on your dick after you lube up with ultrasound gel.

Shockwave therapy sounds questionable, but really it’s just acoustic waves made by a small “hammer” that creates vibrations and send it through tissues to rejuvenate your blood flow and remove fibrosis.

This wont cure people, but if you have circulation or fibrosis/calcification issues, this will significantly help. I had dead dick for a month after crashing that caused fibrosis and this is definitely undoing it and giving me much better blood supply. Anyone who’s sides are primarily sexual (ie, likely dealing with fibrosis now) should get this. I’d say just return it if you dont notice any difference. I want to see if it works as well for the others here.

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Please continue posting the following weeks

Thanks for this, please update us time to time. Hope it all goes well. Do you noticed any orgasm intensity increase? Orgasms are assocaited with pelvic floor muscles maybe there is a relation with erections too, i don’t know.

another week of successful trialing. only side effect so far is mild discomfort for a day or two in the head region after using the shockwaves. I like use it to the point where I can at least feel it a little, but I stay within rec’d range.

I’ve been using it on my taint region/prostate and balls and my loads have been massive. erections are much stronger even though they still take a minute to get going. but I’m also on low dose trib and I’ve had steady consistent improvements in most areas, but nothing besides pde5’s and another amino protocol have been this consistently positive for overall sexual health. we need more people trialing this. the price is steep but it’s worth another potentially permanent crutch added sexual health/stength. the machine can be resold/traded off to other community members too so the loss wouldn’t be nearly that bad (hygiene wouldn’t be an issue.) Not to mention, the price of owning your own machine is the same price of just a few sessions from a professional.

people- do your research on shockwave therapy and look at machines on DHgate if you think it looks promising like I did. it’s no miracle cure but there’s definite improvement and it seems to stay. I think others can be vastly helped by this- maybe the crowd with weird shrinkage/peyronies can seriously benefit or undo some of those issues, as they are bloodflow related.

As a disclaimer I should add that people in seriously bad shape probably wont benefit from this (or any other treatments) until they get their bodies straightened out. I’m overwise healthy and I think those who are in good health should try this if they’ve plateaued.

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