Shockwave Therapy for ED, Accutane


29 Male, took Accutane at age 15, have had mild-moderate ED ever since along with lowered sexual desire. ED characterized by difficulty maintaining erection and glans never fills up like it used to. Reduced spontaneous erections.

Has anyone had success with Shockwave therapy?

I just saw Dr. Irwin Goldstein at San Diego Sexual Medicine, and I think he is a good guy and he has a lot of knowledge about finasteride and accutane sexual effects. He recommended I take Vyleesi and Addyi, as well as topical DHT to the penis (if I am able to get my hands on any). He also recommended shockwave therapy and platelet-rich plasma was also on the table, as he said I have a lot of scarring obstructing the function of the smooth muscle of my penis.

I completed 5 treatments of shockwave about 3 days ago and I haven’t seen any effect so far. I know it can take the tissues time to heal.

I also just bought “The Phoenix” shockwave device. We’ll see if it has any effect when it comes.

Thoughts? Experiences?


This is new. The good doctor performed electrocutions on your penis. How? And also I can relate to the glans part

Does the Phoenix do the same as Shock wave? I.e. is it better to buy a Phoenix than do the shock waves?


I only know of one machine that can accessed by regular ppl like us. All other machines that work are with the good stuff that’s used in clinical trials OR the very common practices that use bad machines that don’t do jack squat.

UWave in Indiana are the ppl that use the machine that’s the best
I was in contact with them a couple weeks ago
I’m trying to work it out as I’m from NY

Please post back with results after your treatment.
I am not aware of anyone who benefited from this, so far - but I have not read all the posts.


Please keep up updated on the Phoenix. I’ve been following this product for a while.

Here’s a podcast which discusses it. He mentions it can make the penis thicker as well.

How do you think a shockwawe theraphy can fix the AR gene damage on your epithelial tissues? How it can alter the methylated genes and receptors? How it can reverse the years of nerve damage around your prostate and rehabilate all the muscles and vessels around it?
Why people didn’t understand the reality we live in by now. Are you guys for real here? I just can’t believe it. Why are you guys doing this?

Im not saying this as a negative thing, you will fix your issue if you understand your issue and start a protocol to fix it properly my friend. Not with wasting your time with these. This will be used only after recovery as a way to rehabilate the tissues.

@Quest tried Shockwave and was skeptical at first, but seemed to have huge improvements in sexual functioning. Not saying it will fix everything but having a functioning penis would be a huge plus.

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Seriously? You had improvements from gainswave?

How many sessions?

Not me, Quest did. Check the thread I linked. I haven’t started it yet

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Oh oh I see my bad

Lemme give you some info on it.
I had called a gainswave guy near my home. I pressed him pretty hard for real answers and also told him what my problem was as a result of fin.

I remember he said a few things but the main thing I remember was him asking “Are you able to get erections even using PDE5s?”

I told him yes.

And he basically said that I’ll respond to the machine treatments for sure. However I did some more research, and I’ve posted this on anther thread or two, there’s good machines and BS machines.

Many clinics use the BS machines. The thing is idk how effective the Gainswave machine is, if it is at all.

Khera said there’s a specific kind of machine that really works and the science back ups. I found it to be in Indiana and I’m trying to see if this machine is used by someone closer to NY

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Let me know if you find someone, I live in NY

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I certainly will and hope so.

If not that would mean staying in Indiana for 2-3 weeks annnnd I don’t wanna LOL unless I absolutely have to.

I also refuse to believe they have the only machine that patients have access to


Or he had benefit from daily Cialis, or prp, or clomid… Too much variables

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If he’s talking about acoustic shock wave therapy, some theorize that it stimulates stem cell production which could instigate tissue repair.

Did he uee the Urogold100? Because the one is one of the best. Other that are good is Duolith SD1, Ronova, Ed1000.

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Any updates on your progress or too soon to tell? Thanks for sharing


Any updates???

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Is anyone doing shockwave therapy, PRP, stem cells etc???