Sexual improvements

hi just wanted to create a thread for sexual symptoms improvements? how much improved and how long it took ? also what you did diet/exercise etc

There are many stories of improvement, if you want to search.

I have had significant improvements from total impotence with no libido to a somewhat reduced libido but a consistany ability to get an erection (of variable quality).

No supplements, haven’t exercised much and avoid 5AR inhibiting foods.

If you have had symptoms for more than 3 months, please fill out our survey. It is of great importance.

i did a search and seem some from some time ago , was just looking to see if anyone recently had improvements of any sorts. wow that is huge improvements , how long did it take for that ? working on getting the survey done


Nearly 18 months. Thanks for doing the survey, remember it will save your progress so you can do it in a couple of sessions.

Hey I am almost 5 months off fina.
I am in a very similar case to Greek.
I went from a solid month with zero connection brain sex and no erection to better erections, better semen quantity and colour.
Libido is what I would call slow on the uptake.
Endo prescribed cialis daily for 6 months but just took it one night because I had a date…
Have not taken it and have not noticed been bothered comparing with cialis and no cialis…
Maybe I should but overall I got better if compared with the post crash nightmare.
As Greek, have not tried any supplements or diet…
Went on a strict organic diet for a month post crash then went back to a normal diet… Honestly don’t see any HUGE differences…
Erection quality may vary but can sometimes get hard two or three times a day on my own…
Orgasm intensity can vary but overall better…

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Had improvements in all regards; ability to keep erection, strength, arousal, no longer curved penis, length, semen amount, etc. It’s been 3 months and it’s been slow and not near 100%, but still improving.

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Had improvements in everything except pleasure from ejaculation. Most times it’s around 10-20% what it should be

Ejaculation force and semen volume have improved the most for me. Sometimes I even have insane ejaculation force if I edge for a while. I can relate to the “slow uptake” libido. It takes me a while to get aroused when I used to have a 80% erection back in the good ol’ days when I sat down to watch porn before I even opened a browser or touched my junk. Just the thought that I was about to watch porn used to get my going.

Hi, same as Greek and Frenchfries. From 0 libido and complete ED to almost inexistent ED and average libido. 15th month here.

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I have severe ed and no improvement at all two years after stopping.

Dr Goldstein told me that if ed is caused by dead cells in the penis (as in my case), improvement wont happen naturally. However, if you have libido issues, maybe its different.

That’s so weird man I have no ED but penis feels pretty numb and much skinnier