Severe vs Mild cases

Hi guys, I would like to ask how you would distinguish a mild case from a severe case. I think at first I was hit severely but some symptoms have subsided. So what makes a severe case?

This about sums it up: Do not restart propecia after stopping: it will kill you

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Well fuck I restarted propecia. I think the majority of bad cases here at least took the drug twice. But I have regained my sleep. It’s not great sleep but I think if I didn’t have sleep I would be much worse off. I also have lost head pressure.

Repeated use, exposure to similar drugs is the common link

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There’s so much variability with this disease that I’m hesitant to put labels on what’s what, but I’ll try.

Severe cases seem to be typified by physical symptoms, or severe neurological symptoms. What I mean by that is most of the most severe cases I’ve seen have a) physical symptoms (e.g. muscle/genital atrophy, thinned skin, etc) and or b) severe neurological symptoms (e.g. complete anhedonia, complete insomnia, etc).

All forms of this disease, no matter how mild, are still horrible. Losing sexual function is still a completely unpleasant and painful interruption to a young man’s life. The ability to reproduce is literally programmed into human beings for a purpose.


I used to get quite frustrated when people called it mild when people suffer mostly from sexual sides, but the more I’ve read and heard about what others go through the more I feel embarrassed about it and the more I realize how well off I am compared to many others and how devastating this disease can truly be.


Do you think the longer you take it the worse off someone will be?

For me that certainly was the case. Early on I had insomnia, ED and anxiety and that was it, there was no info anywhere to indicate the cause. I took it on and off for years and developed more problems. Abnormalities were appearing in blood tests etc Fatty liver disease was picked up at year 6 after being treated for testicular cancer. Weight on face, mid section, slight changes to my strength, unknowingly I continued at year 8 things really started to fall apart. It took another 7 years to make the connection. I have everything in the book and then some. 1nce the pin has been pulled staying on it is very dangerous - based on my experience

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Yeah I guess it is hard to know how hard someone has been hit. I also think it’s hard to measure neurological symptoms. I have physical and sexual issues but I am grateful I am no longer the suicidal mess I was. Hearing peoples story about battling to make it through the day is heart breaking. I was at that stage for a month but coming out the other side with improvement has made me very grateful.

This sounds like a terrible question but what symptoms do you think are likely to lead to suicide? I know you lost a friend recently so I respect it if you don’t want to answer. Thanks for all your doing!

When it comes to persistent sides that may be… like LazarusRy I accumulated them unknowingly over the years. But AR silencing and the devastation that causes I think is like Russian roulette…if/when the gun goes off the damage is the same regardless of how many times you pulled the trigger. Though it appears that stopping/restarting loads more bullets in the gun and increases the chance of blowing your head off.


“This sounds like a terrible question but what symptoms do you think are likely to lead to suicide”

Normal people with deadly diseases fight for their lives, because there is something (your hormones) wich make you love your life.

The most suicidal thing is the severe anhedonia. And the lobotomized feeling to be disconnected from all and everything. But after years all the members seem to arrange with the disease.

I know well the younger ones have to live with this syndrome for their lives or until a cure is find. So they don’t want to hear the pessimistic and self-pity comments. But on the other hand, only success stories for someone with severe symptoms. Doesn’t he feels alone? Everyone makes progress, why not me?

So via pm I get more positive reflection from younger ones, as some here want to tell me I’m not helpful to the community.

And only the most severe cases really commit suicide. All the other victims live with the syndrome.


Low dopamine causes suicidal ideation as well as many other symptoms complained of by pfs sufferers.

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Yeah I was on it for about three weeks, but like a lot of people here I took it twice. After a hell of a first month I think I can count my lucky stars I didn’t get hit worse off. Praying this baseline stays.

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Do you love nothing about your life? I still enjoy reading the news and keeping up with current events. For the first month I stared at the wall but I have regained the ability to be interested in things like news, sports and movies. I don’t have that euphoric joy but I am glad I am at least interested in some of the things I was interested in before this condition.

I agree Wintermoon. I got hit very badly in the first month but luckily got better in some areas. I’m wondering if some people just don’t get better. I’m no longer at a point where I want to commit suicide, I think of this as a success.

I know its bad but I’ve been eating a lot of sugar to supplement the low dopamine. I’m just wondering if its a physical thing or mental that makes people want to die. I was at my worst when I couldn’t sleep. Not being able to even look forward to sleep is torture. When the brain fog lifted and sleep got better I no longer felt suicidal. Do you still deal with those issues?

No, some of the most severe cases have only taken a small number of tablets, sometimes for just a day or two.

I have a little daughter, visiting me every weekend and in the Hollydays. The house full of children are the moments I feel life again. But childs have to go their own way. Not here to cure the Mercked father.

The rest of my life, my love affair, personal future, friendships and social life, ME and my entire life was totally destroyed.

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Have you not tried to rebuild some of those relationships? What is stopping you?

I have kind of asked this question already but what would you describe as a severe case? Do you feel gratitude that you are not a severe case? I have heard stories of some people unable to leave the house, unable to keep their eyes open. I like most people have the trifecta of all the symptoms, but believe I will be able to live some semblance of a normal life. I still have interests, can work, and get good sleep. Wondering what you guys are like and if you would consider yourself a severe case, or a manageable case.