Severe muscle atrophy, impotence(Repeated use fin)

Sorry for my poor English, I should be the most serious symptom in the forum. Due to hair loss, I began to receive hair transplant treatment and took finasteride in the summer of 2020. I stopped taking the medicine after 3 months for fear of side effects. I stopped taking it in the summer of 2021 after four months again as my hair continued to fall out. Stupid me took it again in the summer of 2022. 2 months later, my body suddenly collapsed, muscles atrophy all over my body, palms thinning, gums shrinking and bleeding, testicles shrinking and impotence. It has been 8 months since I stopped taking the medicine, and the atrophy continues. I’ll soon be paralyzed, unable to care for myself, thinking about suicide every day. I’m only 25 years old. Fuck


Hey @Lck, welcome.

I’m sorry to hear you are going through this.

You are not alone.

Other members of our community have also reported the same symptoms.

Please stay strong and take good care of yourself.

( I have allowed your post for now because of the understandable difficulties with the language difference. I have sent you a message with some instructions. Please try to follow those for your next post. )

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some people start to see recovery after 2-3 years at least for brain condition, I would suggest you to stay as comfortable as you can while time passes

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I was so stupid. repeated restart drug, and when the symptoms started I didn’t know it was the medication that was causing it, and my life was ruined

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In two years, I reused the drug four times for ten months,I never knew there were physical side effects,,I thought I had ALS when it happened ,Because my sexual function wasn’t affected,Sorry my English is not good

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It’s okay if your English is not so good, don’t worry about it. From what we can see, it’s good enough!
Even if you ever need to express something in Chinese, we have a translate option somewhere so it should be possible for us to translate.

Also, please don’t be so harsh on yourself to blame yourself. It is not your fault that the public is misinformed about the risks of these drugs. There are many people here who have quit and restarted several times and are now here. I understand the feeling of regret but you are not stupid.


I was in a bad mood, watching my body deteriorate day by day, and spent every day in despair

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I’ve been losing muscle for 5 months too. For me this is the scariest symptom of this syndrome. Do you feel body aches?

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I haven’t suffered much (if any) muscle atrophy. But I have lost a great deal of weight, but I blame my extreme diet changes as my strength seems to remain the same.

I’ve commonly heard of muscles feeling “rubbery” or “loose”, and even with these extreme changes, I’ve read many of these individuals improve with time. Unfortunately, 8 months is not long for this condition.

When androgen deprivation therapy is administered (fin being anti-androgen), muscle atrophy happens. But it’s complete understanding is unknown.

However, there are existing therapies to help counter these effects. While difficult, have you tried exercising? Specifically heavy weight lifting with a surplus of calories and protein?

You could also do your own research on SARMs.


Are your muscles still shrinking? Still holding steady. My symptoms keep getting worse

I was so desperate that for two years I didn’t even know when the atrophy started. By the time I became aware of my condition, I had repeated the drug so many times that if the atrophy continued, I would soon be paralyzed, which would be worse than death.

Yes, the muscles have been aching for months, like they’re tearing and melting

I tried to exercise him, but he got worse and worse. The muscles got smaller and smaller

I feel that

Hi Lck,

It looks like you’ve been hit hard with PFS wastage. The good news is that you won’t die or become paralysed. The muscle loss might stop but in the worst cases it continues until hardly any muscle is left. Exercise often does nothing because the muscles don’t respond to androgens anymore.

Do you have any of the other following wastage symptoms?:

  • Fat loss in soles of feet
  • Thinning of skin in face or rest of body
  • Bone loss (e.g. jaw, neck, hands, feet)
  • Recession of nails

The main thing is to try and stay calm (easier said than done). Some guys have also recovered in various aspects. Also know that when this disease is cured everything should come back.

It’s not just the soles of my feet, it’s the palms of my hands, the skin is like paper folds, it feels like the tissue inside is disappearing, I don’t exercise much, I’m thin, since I got sick, my limbs are getting thinner, but there’s a layer of fat on my chest, my stomach, my thighs, I feel like my muscles are loose and disappearing and slowly turning to fat, it’s real, I feel like I’ve changed, you know


I have all the same Symptomes and have Quit Finasterid for 13 Years…

all Days Horror…

I see your post, this is really bad, is there any improvement after 13 years,are your symptoms holding up?

No the Symptomes get worser and worser…I’m almost a nursing case

sorry my English ist not so good i am from Germany

Lck, how long did it take for your palm and foot atrophy to become noticeable?