Serotonergic Modulation of Intrinsic Functional Connectivity

Serotonin functions as an essential neuromodulator thatserves a multitude of roles, most prominently balancingmood [1]. Serotonergic challenge has been observed toreduce intrinsic functional connectivity in brain regionsimplicated in mood regulation [2–4]. However, the full scopeof serotonergic action on functional connectivity in the hu-man brain has not been explored. Here, we show evidencethat a single dose of a serotonin reuptake inhibitor dramati-cally alters functional connectivity throughout the wholebrain in healthy subjects (n = 22). Our network-centralityanalysis reveals a widespread decrease in connectivity inmost cortical and subcortical areas. In the cerebellum andthalamus, however, we find localized increases. These rapidand brain-encompassing connectivity changes linked toacute serotonin transporter blockade suggest a key rolefor the serotonin transporter in the modulation of the func-tional macroscale connectome

How this poison is still marketed to young desperate people, i would never understand…I happen to know a psychiatrist, who is supposed to be in the top of her “respected” field…I played stupid, and asked her so innocently, on what she thinks of PSSD…That “Bi**” gave me that look (Without these medications, we would be useless, and without a job) kinda look, and told me, that she has heard of it, but never had any patients with such complaints, and she cant comment on it…So i told her how i happen to know at least 4 ppl with sexual sides from SSRI Use, (even before hearding of PFS actually, and i was very sad for them )…She just closed the subject, claiming not knowing of anything, and prescribed someone in front of my own eyes with the poison called “Escitalopram”…You little bi**. you know nothing, but has no problem, even not the least of a problem giving it to another victim, that might end in PSSD…
These coser want to protect the criminals behind these drugs, so they play stupid as hell, while the shitty, corrupt blind governments who are supposed to protect us from those criminals, sleep in its 5 star hotel, that my tax money just paid for them…Oh Man, im bitter…I wish, i can see, at least for one day, how communism would come back, and take over those companies, and destroy every single shit one of them…Yes we would live shorter without medications, but at least die young, with some life quality, instead of rotting between life and death…


Good anecdote. And what a shame.

Safe to assume the Sage-217 trial isn’t yielding any positive results?

This topic is not about sage-217…But as i said before, i will report my first results about Zuranolone (Sage-217) at the end of this month

Check out the book The Emperor’s New Drugs by Irving Kirsch on this topic. His research is excellent on this topic of whether serotonin antidepressants work.

I came across this old articel, even without me searching for anything, it just popped out…

"One 30-year-old woman who took part had a nightmare about having her throat slit after one week and by the end of a fortnight, was suicidal. "She felt hopeless and alone. It seemed that all she could do was to follow a thought that had been planted in her brain from some alien force. She suddenly decided she should go and throw herself in front of a car, that this was the only answer.
It was as if there was nothing out there apart from the car, which she was going to throw herself under. She didn’t think of her partner or child," says the study, published in the journal Primary Care Psychiatry. "

Does this ring a bell for anyone?..After i crashed, i kept seeing pictures throwing myself from the building, and how my head crashed on the floor, and my brain is all the place, and how my eyes are popping out of my skull, just for the firefighters to come, and flush everything with water, and i couldnt help take these pictures away, they kept coming, they took over me day and night, that i was really going to do it…I was really going to through myself from the parking lot where i work

oh god even though im an atheist, and will always be, i really hope, there is a god, and i will be happy, to go to hell, as long as these criminals are with me, i will laugh, while im burning with them, and enjoy every bit of it…

And thats how corrupt the whole system is. Just for the fun of it, i went out, and purchased this poison…This is how easy it is, to buy poison/be prescribed with one in my country (costs 12 euro)…

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I think he was implying since you’re participating in other topics such as this that the sage isn’t doing anything or you wouldn’t be concerned with other stuff. Fingers crossed for you though man

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From the Guardian article:

Volunteers taking part in the early trials were never asked whether they experienced any suicidal feelings or the restless agitation which can be the precursor of a suicide attempt. If patients in later trials said they felt suicidal, it was recorded as part of their depression.

Also noticed Dr. Healy has been speaking about the dangers of SSRI meds since 2000!

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Healy is one of the best, and finally his stuff is going mainstream, not from a conspiracy theory perspective, but from good science (showing and spreading the data that shows real harms and not much benefit from ADs).