Scott's Story - Age 31, loss of everything

The p5p dosage is huge.
Have you consider adding folic acid?

I have added Folic acid as well, but doesn’t seem to do much. I must report that the Histidine has sadly stopped being of much use, although I am still taking it. Who knows what other co-factors there may be in my reversal to a crash.

I’m read this post here by @alteredlife and he seems to have a similar experience with other kinds of Amino Acids, I may start trying this protocol as well since I had some minor success with Histidine. I wonder if anyone else has any theories here.

I’m starting to take note that while the core root of most theories and regimens surround the body’s lost ability to convert Testosterone into DHT, Finasteride also inhibits the conversion of progesterone to the neurosteroid allopregnanolone (ALLO) which helps regulate your GABA receptors which have a fundamental effect on mood, relaxation, memory and pleasure centers. I know this is wildly complex, I’m going to a Endo, a Urologist, and a Neurologist this week in the hopes that someone can help diagnose the cause better.


@Scott.H I read something similar to that the other day. Had something to do with the enzymes it takes to convert or produce certain amino acids in the brain. I am doing some more research on that as well. It’s funny you had the same thing happen to you that happened to me. I’m gonna keep mixing and matching till I get it perfect, hopefully. The crazy thing about it is that I’ve taken amino acids in the past, but nothing ever gave me a full 3 day recovery until this time. But since I’ve been taking a bunch of different ones, I’ve gotten a lot better.

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Got some recent blood work done, anyone notice anything?

Blood tests:

LH: 6.4
DHEA-Sulfate: 3,990
Prolactin: 10.8
Estradiol: 34
TSH: .93
Free T4: 1.6
FSH: 6.2
Hgb A1c - HPLC: 5.2

Sodium 144
Potassium 4.5
Chloride 105
Total CO2 27
Anion Gap 12
Glucose 96
Creatinine 0.94
Urea Nitrogen 18
Calcium 9.8
Total Protein 7.1
Albumin 5.2 - HIGH
Bilirubin,Total 0.7
Alkaline Phosphatase 77
Aspartate Aminotransferase 18
Alanine Aminotransferase 13

Including my Free T/T/SHBG results here as well:

  • Testosterone, LC-MS/MS 682 ng/dL
  • SHGB 44 nmol/L
  • Testosterone, Free LC-MS/MS 114.9 pg/mL

Starting to get truly freaked out guys, I haven’t felt this hopeless since quitting the pill. None of my symptoms have changed for a really long time and I’ve tried it all. My body seems to be in a state of just complete ‘deadness’. There’s this feeling that my body thinks it has reached a hormonal baseline, like as if it has fixed itself, and there’s no need to attempt to change anymore. @Burt_Kocain really hits the nail right on the head here:

My body used to go through waves of different things, like one month it would be one way, then the next month another. The symptoms would fluctuate which made me feel somewhat good as if my body was trying to figure itself out and heal. But now, just 2 - 3 months of static deadness. And the symptoms are the worst they have ever been. Complete, I mean complete, loss of interest in sex - this has by far been the hardest part. I’m generally impotent, I have no more spontaneous erections. Zero morning wood. An occasional nightime wood that lasts for a few minutes at 50% strength. Another really scary aspect has been my metabolism, its dead. I barely eat anything anymore, my body seems to want to reject food - I really dont like to eat. Of course I also only sleep for around 3-4 hours.

The worst part is all the physical effects seem to translate right into my personality. Like my erections are 50% strength, and somehow so is my personality, which has become lethargic and submissive. I could handle this when my body felt like it was going through the throes of fixing itself, but seeing things remain static for so long, I’m becomes a bit hopeless and feeling like I don’t want to look at the future. I need this fixed now.

I took the pill for just under <2 months, and have been pill free for just under two years now. I thought by now things would have improved, but they’ve only declined.

I’m on very low dose of clomid and arimidex for last two weeks - no improvement
DHEA, Vitamin E, pregnenolone, citruline - no improvement
Wellbutrin, trazodone for sleep for 2 weeks - trazodone does give me a few erections here and there, but largely no help
I even tried Ciprofloxain to see if maybe i was lucky and simply had prostatitis - no improvement

I’ve done every damn supplement under the sun, those were weird because they WOULD work, but only one time at a length of a day or two. Now nothing seems to do anything. Even when I work out, which I did religiously, nothing really seems to happen. Like my body is just not responding to it.

Has anyone ever gone through this kind of thing and seen your body suddenly change? What else can I do? It feels like the longer I wait, the easier it will be for my body to stay where it is. I really can’t take this much longer.

Sincerely yours,

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I was also completely screwed (same sympoms like you) 2 1/2 years ago and progesterone brought me back.

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Progesterone is helping you ?

Stay strong man I feel your pain exactly

Hi Scott.H

Very good description of the situation alot of us are stuck in mate .
Have you tried the supplements that pete on this forum has suggested?
He himself and others have seen improvements sexually and mentally from them im going to order them today myself.

I feel the same too. I have had no improvement whatsoever in two years. Earlier, at least I had hope I might get better. That hope is now gone. I am completely asexual - no libido, no erections, no capacity to fall in love even. At the same time I am alone and lonely and I don’t see how this can ever be resolved. Yet the worst part of this is I have no motivation to do anything and generally feel like I have no future. I can barely do any work and I only do the minimum to stay afloat although even that is very difficult and it is slowly but surely running me into the ground. I am dying a slow death and I don’t see how I can stop it. I used to be ambitious, I used to have goals, I made plans for the future; now I am indifferent to everything and in a constant state of apathy. I am really worried that I won’t be able to continue like that much longer. If anyone has any ideas how to overcome the apathy and lack of motivation, I would be very grateful to hear it. How do you guys do it? What keeps you going?

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Thanks for reaching out. Its good that we are reaching out to eachother because this condition can rally make you feel lonely and fearful. I understand Exactly how you feel. Myself ive been in this awful situation for more then 4 years now and i dont feel it getting any better, actully for me it have almost been getting worse. For me my faith in Jesus christ is the sing that made me not completly lose my mind. I dont now if youre a beliver and i dont want to push anything on anyone Im just feeling that you/me have nothing to lose so why not give him a try. Wish you all the best and i pray that youre body Will begin to heal!


I have a question regarding different treatments, and what is the recommended next step.

I have been on Clomid and Arimidex for around 2 weeks now. I take a half-pill of Clomid every other day and a pill of Arimidex every other day - so overall, a fairly low low dose. The only thing I’ve really seem to notice is a slight pain in my balls after taking it. I really haven’t received much more than that. Maybe sliiightly more aggresive/moody, but that’s about it.

I’m also on Wellbutrin to try and counteract the lack of dopamine - hasn’t really helped much. And I take a bunch of amino acids, which does seem to work for a very short while but not really a huge effect. I also tried putting a dollop of progesterone cream on my wrists a few times but that didn’t really have an effect either; for some it said it restarted their system.

What do you recommend I try next? I’ve heard good things about HCG, I can ask my doctor about. I’m not going to try TRT as that seems to just make matters worse. I also want to try antibiotics in the hope that this is rooted in parasites.

What I would really like is my libido and motivation back. That seems to be the one thing that never really gets better over time. I really don’t understand the underlying mechanism behind this. If it’s neurotransmitter related or hormones related? I’ve tried it all for libido and literally NOTHING works. It really feels like my body is just dead when it comes to that, like my entire sexual system is gone.

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I guess pine pollen works well, I ordered it and I’ll report :slight_smile:

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Tried pine pollen, gives me a calming effect. No Libido though. How much are you taking how often, does it work right away for you?

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Dude stop trying to raise your androgens.

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Is this meant for me? DO you mean with Clomid etc? What should I be doing instead?

Hey did Clomid help?? Did the pain in your testicle resolve and libido get better?

I haven’t really had much effect from the Clomid to be honest. But then again I am on a very very low dose (half a pill every other day). Libido has not gotten any better, pain in testes is still there after taking the pill.

Oh no that sucks … I also have pain in my left testis now and I thought maybe it’s getting better. like growing in size and libido will be back.

I am very scared now. I will wait and see