Scared as hell about PFS. Please help!

I took generic 1 mg finasteride on 3/12, 3/13 and 3/14.
I had extreme migraines, brain fog, ball ache, low libido and stomach swelling.

I went with my gut instinct and stopped after my 3rd dosage.

Right now, my migraines, brain fog and ball ache are gone. I still think my libido is low.

I’ve read that I could be in the “Recovery phase” of PFS and will crash after 2-3 weeks, but could I really be that damaged with only 3 doses? I’m very scared right now.

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Statistically you should recover just give it some time like a few weeks/months. Good you stopped though. If things don’t clear up within 3 months you can make a member story and tell us what’s continuing to go on.

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I guess there’s no way to know for sure unless I wait it out. I should have never taken this drug!

Hopefully in your case this will all be a nightmare that is short lived, hang in there for now and be patient for improvements.

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It’s possible but unlikely, don’t ever be tempted to try any sort of 5 alpha inhibitor or anti androgenic substance again. I tried finasteride a second time around and am now left with PFS as are many others. Also to give yourself the best chance or recovery (while your body is trying to head back to normal) maintain a healthy diet, don’t drink and plenty of sleep just the basic stuff. You will be ok I’m glad you listened to your gut.

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Your body needs plenty of time. Don’t take fin again and enjoy good food and time.


Rule number 1, don’t panic!
Rule number 2, don’t overmasturvate, especially when your libido comes back and you would like to celebrate :slight_smile:
Rule number 3, stay away of any additional supplements, vitamins, evem whey proteine if you are taking and hitting the gym.
Rule number 4, if you drink alcohol, avoid it for a while, no weed, no coffe, give your self brake for those.
Then about your food, no need to do anything drastic like jumpin on diets and all that stuff, just eat normally and listen to your body. Also try to avoid stress, this comes to rule number 1, and get good sleep if it is not affected, you should be fine man. Don’t worry :wink:

Is it really necessary that I stay away from multivitamins and coffee?

Re coffee it depends on your personal reaction, some people don’t react to coffee the same way after PFS.

For supplements I’d say absolutely. If you’re a mild case it won’t make things better or worse, and if you’re a moderate-bad case I believe it only has the potential to make things worse, not better.

I drank coffee yesterday and took 1000 iu Vitamin D + Zinc + Biotin supplements, but didn’t feel any different. Right now, the only symptom I’m facing is an erection issue. It feels like something is broken between my brain and my penis. I can’t get an erection at all.

How long should I stay clear of coffee and supplements?

Wait a couple weeks and see how you fare. Past that, personally I would just not touch a supplement again. It’s not a properly regulated industry, you have no idea what’s in them, and even if it is what the label says it is, if you’re susceptible to PFS or already have it it’s an unnecessary risk.

If you don’t feel any different from low-moderate coffee consumption, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Some people have issues, but I think they experience them acutely so if it doesn’t agree with you you should be able to tell immediately.

It’s promising that you’re not facing a plethora of symptoms, you should be good soon Inshallah!

Okay! Thanks for your help.
I’ll eat healthy and exercise. Stay away from supplements and coffee.

I will return if there are any symptoms.

If you dont have any kind of genital numbness you should be more than fine.

Sorry, but what is genital numbness? Is it when I can’t feel anything when I touch my penis?

imagen that you jumped in to cold water and your dick is cold and shriveled up. that is genital numbness.

Yes, numbness means lack of feeling/sensitivity in the penis.

Im glad you asked the question, becuz trust me dude if you have it, you would have known what i was talking about

SOme update: I feel like I was able to get an erection last night, but it was weak. Hope it continues to improve!

and please dont takie zinc. i have pfs about 5 years and i took zinc for 5 times and I crashed severely.

Update: I had to focus strongly on a girl I really wanted to bang and I was able to get my full-sized erection. However, it took super long to get fully erect.

I’m wondering if I can get back to how I was before.