Sage Therapeutics Clinical trial (Sage 217)


The positive outcomes of the clinical trials are inspiring, as far as clinical trials can be trusted. Both Sage drugs appear to be far more efficacious vs placebo than SSRIs vs placebo and side effects from phase-II trial of Sage-217 were reported as minimal.

We are badly in need of something, anything, to help. If this at least gives those of us with severe anhedonia/emotional blunting our souls back, it will be a godsend. This is probably too much to ask for, but a guy can dream.


Agreed - hopefully this helps with the neurological side of things too,


This could help especially if pfs has caused a genetic alteration to enzymes…One reason that neurosteroids wont convert it could be enzyme deficiency or alteration…One thing is for sure it is not functioning in the body as before finasteride…


According to Wikipedia: A date of 19 March 2019 has been set by the FDA for approval of allopregnanolone for postpartum depression (i.e., the FDA will review and possibly approve allopregnanolone by this deadline).[42]

Edit: Oh wait, this might be for brexanolone…


Hey @holyhead, I’ve been thinking a lot about this ever since I left Dr. Goldstein’s office. He shared a chart that displayed around 5+ different enzymes Finasteride affects (not just 5a-reductace) - and how the drug just destroys these enzymes. Although, how the drug does this permanently, he was not sure.

I’m just wondering if we can somehow target these enzymes, and their creation centers, in an effort to get them back online at normal levels. I wonder if this may be the mechanism behind the effectiveness of extreme fasting and crazy gut treatments (keto/carnivore diet + specific probiotic treatments). Could these treatments maybe be affecting the generation of these enzymes? Does anyone know where these enzymes are created? If we could somehow target our treatment to these area of the bodies, then maybe we could have a good shot at giving our bodies the chance to naturally correct these enzyme’s generation.

Of course, if it epigenetic, then that makes this difficult. But if one drug caused these changes, there’s potentially a method of treatment to correct it.


Its possible this is the gene expression epigenetic part…It could be altered or methylated causing they enzymes not to regenerate correctly…It does not take much tinkering with enzymes in function or amount to cause severe problems…


its a shame that this drug is still on the market. what people here forget : this drug is capable of doing damage. in every man. every man that do shit with the drug (going on/off/on/off/on) will experience sides and crash. i dont believe in this predisposition thing.


A new update from twitter today.


It’s killing the markets today as well:


i hope it helps with the mental sides


This is super exciting to me


If anyone wants to put their input, if this sage allopreg med works well on our symptoms do you think the Sexual symptoms may improve as well? I feel like it’s up in the air on what improving allo levels will do but like I said just looking for opinions !


Here @Ozeph


We’ll find out in the coming years if the allo meds will lead to sexual improvements. Surprisingly, there didn’t appear to be any mention of sexual parameters in the SAGE-217 trials. An AD with comparatively low risk of sexual sides would be a great selling point. A fear of mine is that it may somehow lead to lower libido or ED via localized effects in brain areas where allo has an inhibitory role in sexual behavior.

There are several publications by Steven R. King, a neurosteroid specialist who seems to focus more on their pro/anti effects on sexual interest and function than Melcagni does. Good reading material if you can find access to his articles.


Could PFS patients somehow get in on the clinical trials, or is that highly unlikely?


Extremely unlikely that they would perform a phase 3 trial for PFS specifically. …Not going to happen. And the phase-3 trial for major depressive disorder is already underway.


I feel like it’s because most of them were focused on Post partum and libido probably isn’t their main focus and they may not have even monitored, but yeah I’ve seen mixed some things say allo is needed for sex/erection and on the other hand in certain parts of the brain inhibit them. But we’re low so adding can’t hurt right ? Haha


This will do nothing for PFS. Stop deluding yourselves and start thinking what we can actually do to help ourselves - namely, funding a series of rat studies testing treatment protocols.


I understand you really wanna do the whole rat thing and we are fundraising and I have donated, but to say that the first ever allo increasing med won’t help us who’s allo is proven to be low is unnecessary


The truth is always necessary. Low allo is not the cause of PFS, it is a consequence. Raising allo will not fix PFS. This is called spurious correlation.

Your donation to the foundation is not going towards a rat study. Do you know where it is going?