Sage Therapeutics Clinical trial of SAGE-217 (Zuranolone)


Hello, I want to know more about sage-217 and
do you know How different these two drugs mechanism?? i think these two drugs have a same mechanism(allopregnanolone). i want to know much more about these two drugs… i want to aleviate my mental symptoms…!!
sorry for bad english… I’m from korea.


Hi KoreanGuy,

Allopregnanolone is a neurosteroid that can help with anxiety, depression, well-being, sexual behavior, etc.

These two drugs are Allopregnanolone analogues. In simple terms, they function the same as Allopregnanolone. If you’d like to see what neurosteroids feel like, you could try Baclofen. It’s supposed to raise neurosteroids and has helped me. Maybe speak to your doctor about it. Do this at your own risk though.


thank you, borax!
but these drug’s mechanism is same, why they made 2 drugs? do you know??


Well because they’re indicated for different conditions and administered differently, so they’ll have to make a different formulation. One is for post partum depression, the other is for major depressive disorder. They are the same chemical, but packaged differently.


thank you borax! i hope these drugs help our symptoms.

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This has been posted in another thread. The results of this clinical trial will be important.


hi tomas! can u tell me how these trails worked out and where they got the spray from? i cant find any reliable source for this.


Just reading all this gets my gads pumping, hopefully this works out for us

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Lol at gads :slight_smile:


wow. very good. and what if you dont have anxiety or depression but the other sides ? i think our symptoms lead to depression. not the depression itself. i think that drug is not really promising. i dont want to take again every day pill with new sides that may help with 2 of 10 symptoms i have. its a lose lose situation


There’s minimal side effects from people that take sage-217. The most commonly reported one is sometimes feeling a little bit of sedation at very high dosages.

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@Ukguy82 is there anyway to get this drug in other markets earlier? or do we just have to wait till it goes through the entire FDA process?

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Unfortunately no it will be released in USA first. It’s currently undergoing the final stage of trials and has been fastracked by the FDA.


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Well no one knows for sure yet, but the earlier version of the drug (this has to to be on an IV drip in a hospital) is showing good results for post partum depression. Sage is a Neurosteriod that boosts the gaba receptors and do I think there’s a good chance it will help.


sorry but can you link me the exact study results for the post partum depression? i see anhedonia as a common symptom, and if they are responding well for it, i guess we have a good chance too.

a lot of anhedonia guys use sarcosine to help them feel better, which also shows that its related to the glutumate pathways. all of this comes back to me speculating that sage-217 could be really helpful in freeing us from this prison as well boost cognitives.



Does anyone know the difference between brexanolone (sage 547) and sage 217?


Brexanolone is another name for allopregnanolone. They are the same chemical.

Sage-217 is an analogue (chemically similar) of allopregnanolone that works similarly to allopregnanolone (also a functional analogue).


Thanks Dubya - and it looks like Sage produces both.

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