Roll Call for Proscar victims and other older sufferers

For the older crew are your parents still around and if so how are they handling this, what are their thoughts?

I can’t help you here. My dad’s been passed on for decades now, and my mom is 92 and in a nursing home.

I’ve chosen not to burden her with my health situation for her sake. I put on my best face and muster the strength to visit her. (I didn’t hide it well enough one day, and she asked why I was walking like an old man? I told her “I slipped on some ice” and she scolded me for being careless. If she only knew…)

She keeps me alive, because I know if I ended my life it would probably kill her. I can’t do that to her. Jim


Hm, I wonder if she already knows. Do you think your wife may have told her?

I don’t believe she has told her. My wife rarely goes with me to visit; instead, she uses that time to visit her own 91 y/o mom.

Unfortunately, my wife would rather attribute most of my ailments to old age. Maybe that is easier for her to accept. Jim

The following has been written before and generally accepted:

  • “… there are literally tens of millions of men taking finasteride 5mg or dutasteride for prostate hyperplasia. There must be hundreds of thousands of men among them with PFS, I would say…” *

Bear with me here,…

The three members here who are older: myself, @Exsexgod, and @mstone, have some traits in common:

-We are above average intelligence. A surgeon, a biochemist, and a businessman, each of us excelled at our profession. In modesty I say we are smarter than the average Bear. (I tested at genius earlier in life, and it would be interesting if we all fit in here.)

-We are (were) physically active more than normal. Hiking, boating, running, etc.: we weren’t your typical “old ager” physically.

-We were artistically inclined. Whether it was music, writing, or art, etc., we were busy at it.

The point of this?

Perhaps the general population of older men with PFS don’t recognize it because they’ve lived dull, boring, average lives. They attribute their symptoms simply to growing older. A very few of us, however, see this decline as extraordinary and end up in this forum.

Another possibility requires thinking outside the box, maybe being labeled a crackpot.

What if PFS is engineered to attack the best and brightest for some reason? Maybe there aren’t thousands of old guys with PFS. Maybe PFS is meant to disable the free-thinkers, those who would be a nuisance to the ruling empire in the future. Don’t dismiss this out of hand!

I’ve run out of gas here. I hope to kick start an intelligent conversation. What say you? Jim

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Hmm…not sure which you thought I was, I’m an IT engineer. I work with some smart and athletic people, maybe I’m smarter in some ways, not as smart in other ways. And definitely no more than mid-range athletic, even for my age. I guess I don’t feel like I stood out as a threat to the empire, at least not enough to be singled out for a nefarious plot.

But I was surprised when I joined here and found such a young membership because it took me so long to develop PFS from what I now know is a triggering pattern of usage. I thought for sure I’d find more recently stricken middle-agers.

I’m thinking with the BPH cases maybe they just report their symptoms to their doc and that’s where it ends…they get bloodwork, go to a specialist here and there, and run with whatever diagnosis or lack thereof. They’re told it’s not the fin and they say ok. I guess that’s part of our challenge…the impenetrable faith people have in doctors. Hard to trust anyone after this. Now whenever I hear so-called ‘expert’ analysis I just roll my eyes and think ‘bullshit’.


An engineer requires smarts, too! There is a fourth member of our club, and my mind can’t pull his name forward. He’s a surgeon, and hopefully it’ll come to me so I can flag him.

My trust in all “experts” is deeply shaken, whether medical or economic or political… just too much deception and corruption out there. Thanks for commenting, tho! Jim


I think @LazarusRy is about my age too, old-ish for the forum.


Dear Jim

I think his name is @Akiyah.

"I was a director of cardiopulmonary, top of my game in profession. A neo-natal trauma ventilation specialist. I could not have a persons life in my hands again after finasteride.

When I regret that I never checked the internet about the side effects it helps me that even a high professional director of a medical unit didn’t do that.


Yes, @Exsexgod, that’s the guy! He hasn’t posted in over a month.

@Akiyah will you join the ranks of PFS elders? Your medical knowledge would be helpful! Jim


I sometimes wonder about this 82 (at the time) year old guy that I used to go to church with. Otherwise healthy and independent, he lived alone having had young women available and was expecting a child last I knew, but he spoke of getting on supplements or meds for his BPH. I don’t know what or if he ever did, but this thread makes me wonder how he may react if he had. I hope the best for him.


Hello fellas, sorry to be off the grid. I will be happy to join the conversation. I don’t know where I am in this conversation so ask me anything

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Here are three others their lives has been destroyed by an archaic (chem. castration) drug given to shrunk their prostate after benign prostatic hyperplasia:

@5-alpha-victim (22 yo!!! Duasteride for BPH and 26 saw palmetto), @mjeffs (57 Duasteride for BPH), @Grey_baron (21 yo!!! Proscar after prostate inflammation)

@grey_baron was prescribed proscar at the age of 21 after a prostate inflammation. I would like to know if this insane military doctor is still frickling on young soldiers health. He has fully blown PFS and nobody knows he is still alive or committed suicide. Nobody have heard of him for years.

So @Akiyah welcome to our old man PFS from fin against BPH club with @JimWildman and @Exsexgod. (What sex is I have forgotten after more than one year). And the two 50+ propecia guys @LazarusRy and @mstone joined us.

We just venting about our senior lives with all the symptoms and no more lust for life. Maybe you are in a better state?

What can you tell us?.

Yes @Exsexgod , I am 64 now. for the first 2 years after taking Fin I was in horrible condition. I had all the side effects. Head in my hands most days. Non functional. Couldn’t drive a car non functional. I was making plans to simplify my life as I thought “this is going to be what I am forever” oh, I had some good days, but they were few. The brain fog was always overwhelming, my career was certainly over. I did have the green light laser BPH surgery and had 3 months bedridden with worse case side effects. Infections, stricture etc, I called it the pee and scream months. But, that’s another topic.
My family is/was also all medical people. I have a sister who was a prison nurse and gives finesteride our daily. As for the side effects listed on bottle? Not anything I experienced.
Like most people I was despondent and lost but never suicidal, my faith is strong . The things I found comfort in were swimming for sure, the cool water made me feel normal. I didn’t find any professional help to this day to understand or help me. However I did make sure it is documented that this was fact.
The things I contribute to helping me is Kim chee. Gut health is key in my mind and I believe it was my first building block. High protein and keto lifestyle too. How much I sleep dictates my day. Forcing myself to get out of the house and interact. Swimming is still my favorite thing. I am not 100% but I’m 60% and have joy and am blessed for that. I read the Bible daily and devotionals, God is always with me. I am a blessed man.
Ok, more meat and potatoes talk.
Still to this day if I have sex it can brain fog me. I am more able than I was but it’s rolling the dice how I feel after. I am widowed 10 years now and do not see a future spouse being in my life. My life has been Tailored now. Simpler, routine. I drive fine, functional. I enjoy. My memories have been effected greatly. One of the reasons I haven’t posted is because I’m scattered in writing, focus and composition. But I do want to help others. I have lost many long term memories. My medical expertise is gone. I was a 4.0 student in college and highly proficient with National accolades. But, I do not dwell on my past , I’m glad I had it and moving forward now. I collect movies and I caregive my 91 year old mother and we see a movie a day. It is comforting for us both to not focus on here and now all the time. I live in joy. I love Keeping my new truck waxed, my pride and joy. Well, old man story done for the moment. Ask me specifics and I will be happy to chat. God bless


Welcome back @Akiyah !! Any time one of us hasn’t posted in over a month, I believe there is concern. I’m glad you are doing fairly well.

Maybe you can be an example to @Exsexgod that some recovery can take place with the slow passage of time. It took you two years, he is only one year in.

Your medical background supports my theory that PFS hits the best and brightest among us. You are obviously smart enough to reach the top of your profession, and you led a physically active lifestyle. We all seem to have this in common. Can you make any medical supposition from these facts?

Ex.: “The genes or DNA of overachievers are more likely to be those attacked by finasteride.” Maybe we can find an angle the researchers have missed.

This has been my own main debilitating side effect. I was two-thirds through writing a book, and fear I’ll never get back to it.

PFS seems to steal away the very pleasures we treasure most. The fog on my mind, the exhaustion that prohibits most physical activities…I miss that more than my sexual losses. Exsexgod is quite similar. You, Akiyah, lost your medical position which you worked so hard towards.

We know we are tormented and diseased by PFS, because we know what we are missing. Perhaps the masses who don’t even recognize their PFS symptoms simply…had less to lose? Less to notice, anyways.

I’ll leave this here, and look forward to your opinions. Jim


I’ve always ghought that too @JimWildman there are no dumb asses on here.


We have so further to fall @JimWildman


I’ve thought an interesting research study would find “×” number of PFS victims with verified pre-pfs IQ scores, and:

1…Test again to look for drops in that score. And,
2…Look for a correlation between that original score and PFS incidence. In other words, is the occurrence of PFS higher in high IQ persons?

This should not be an expensive study to run.

Does that sound “uppity” or presumptuous? Jim

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Three patters of phenotypical Predisposition to pfs are Hypersexuality, Depression and high Intelligence, all driven by a high AR Gene Expression ?? Same as pssd predisposition. But no we are not Nitzsche’s so called “Übermenschen” because of depression and hyper sensitivity in body and mind, what makes our epigenetical vulnarableity sensitive to hormonal and neurotransmitter disruption. More than a dump ass.