Roll Call for Proscar victims and other older sufferers

The member stories contain innumerable cases of younger men brought here due to Propecia. The instances of older men are few and far between. These older members are generally Proscar victims.

A Proscar dose is usually 5x the strength of Propecia, at 5mg vs 1mg. Why are there not more cases of Proscar poisonings on this site?

This thread is a roll call for Proscar victims. Let us finally get an idea of how many of us there are. Share how long you used the drug, your age, your major symptoms, etc. (Also, If you know of another Proscar patient, link them to this cònvo.)

If you have theories about reasons for the scarcity of older and/or Proscar users, please share them.

So who here has been poisoned by Proscar?

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My name is Jim. I am 67 now, took the Proscar for three months when I was 64. My member story has the details, but my major ailments are anhedonia, severe fatigue, loss of sexual function, and suicidal ideation.

I’ve always wondered why the higher dose of Proscar hasn’t resulted in a greater number of victims?

I’ll open this up to the others now. If you are here due to Proscar at any age, or you are older and here because of another med, sound off! Jim


Sexual desire naturally decreases with age.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why older patients do not complain of complications
In addition, this drug was used in the past for enlarged prostate, which occurs in old age

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@Exsexgod wrote elsewhere:

  • “…Millions of elderly men take Proscar for benign prostatic hyperplasia and only some very rare rarities get the PFS…” *

Manu, would you join in here? Do you know any others in our situation who you could tag? Jim

I have PFS from Proscar generic against benign prostatic hyperplasia too. Normally elderly men get it if they can’t pee any more to prohibit a prostate surgery. The majority is in the end sixties and has lost sexual activity over the years.

So Jim and me have been sexual active men. Without acute problems. So for us it was counter indicated to prescribe this last resort hammer. There are enough warnings, even a red hand letter in Germany to warn the patients about the risks of permanent sexual disfunction after using finasteride. Criminal backdoor frickler like my old fashioned urologists discribed it much to early to an active 59 yo sexual active man, gave me a pharma muster package just to try. Absolutely criminal. Jim have had 5 years more as a human but was killed as a sexual active man too.

Maybe sexual activity is one of the deposition factors, discussed like depression and the majority of elder men are not sexual active and depressed in another way than the young Pharma Victims.

The young guys normaly order propecia for Hairloss online or the call the doctor for a description. They do it for a cosmetic reason and they are gaslighted by the slight LEFLAT and all the lier and denier on the internet too. But we elder one got it for medical reasons and trust in our doctors.

The worst case has been the story of @Grey_baron who got it described by a totally insane military doctor at the age of 22 after a prostate inflammation and developed fully blown PFS. I want that this totally insane military doctor and his work will be never forgotten. Grey Barons young life has been totally destroyed by this stupid uninformed desicion of a creazy doctor, never kicked off as a medical doctor forever!


I agree with your statement, and I have a theory I’m formulating. Just waiting for more input here. Jim

@Exsexgod. Wow we’re the only two victims of Proscar on the board? We are truly a rare item, I guess! Jim

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No there are @Akiyah’s life tortured by Proscar, but not sexual, at my age, even a high qualified medical doctor can be gaslighted over this shit without checking the internet.
I talked about the tragody of the young @Grey_baron and there are a few others here and two on the french face*book site, one from England with 58, one from France with 63.
But we are ultimate rare cases!
That’s what brings me down, that we believed our doctors over a medical treatment.


It’s intuitive to think a much higher dose would result in a much greater effect, but that is not the case.

Finasteride has a near flat dose-response curve with a 0.2 mg dose decreasing DHT by %62 and 5 mg by %70.

It’s likely that a person’s innate susceptibility or some other factor, not the dose of fin they took, is responsible for the development and severity of PFS.


Actually as low as 0.05 mg is enough to get the same decrease in scalp DHT as 1mg.

0.2 mg was needed to get the maximum decrease in serum levels, but I think tissue levels are more indicative of fins potency.

I haven’t seen any similar study for prostate, but if anyone know of any I’d be real interested in reading it.



Many thanks for the link. Just quoted those numbers from an old post I made but couldn’t remember or find the source.

It was actually the other way around, with 0.05 having a much greater effect on serum levels than placebo, but not scalp levels:

Results: Scalp skin DHT levels declined significantly by 13.0% with placebo and by 14.9%, 61.6%, 56. 5%, 64.1%, and 69.4% with 0.01, 0.05, 0.2, 1, and 5 mg doses of finasteride, respectively. Serum DHT levels declined significantly (P <.001) by 49.5%, 68.6%, 71.4%, and 72.2% in the 0.05, 0.2, 1, and 5 mg finasteride treatment groups, respectively.

It doesn’t matter much either way and shows that a saturation point is quickly reached far below the 1 mg daily that’s usually used for hair loss.

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@Dubya_B @Cbrandel. You guys understand the numbers better than me, brain fog interferes.

If there is little discernable difference between 1mg and 5mg concerning effect, why do they give us (BPH) users a higher dosage at all? I guess my mind says 5mg is 5x stronger…Thanks.

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Good question. It looks like the large clinical trials for BPH used either 1 mg or 5 mg treatment groups. Both doses appeared to be effective for most BPH symptoms, with similar side effect profiles, but 5 mg did generally out-perform 1 mg. For one major BPH symptom (urine flow rate,) 5 mg broke the significance threshold, but 1 mg fell slightly short of it.

Basically, it seems 1 and 5 mg were the main doses tested in the early clinical trials and 5 mg performed a bit better in treating BPH. That seems to be the reason.
(5 mg slightly outperformed 1 mg)
(1 and 5 mg groups combined because no significant difference in prostate volume)
(they have appeared to have settled on 5 mg being the proper dose for BPH at this point)

Going by effects on DHT only, it’s surprising Avodart (Dutasteride) isn’t greatly favored for use over Proscar. I mean, favored by one of those geniuses that says DHT is a “trash hormone.”


Thanks for the links. I have some Sunday afternoon reading material now. (If I can grasp it…) Jim

@PFS wrote:

  • “… there are literally tens of millions of men taking finasteride 5mg or dutasteride for prostate hyperplasia. There must be hundreds of thousands of men among them with PFS, I would say…” *

This is a recurring question, why are there not more PFS complaints among us older users?

The common answer seems to be that older guys attribute their problems to…old age! They don’t know they are afflicted, especially since PFS gets so little press, anyways.

Wading through the info on Proscar at, this jumped out:

  • “…sexual dysfunction that continued after discontinuation of treatment, including erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and ejaculation disorders (e.g. reduced ejaculate volume). These events were reported rarely in men taking PROSCAR for the treatment of BPH. Most men were older and were taking concomitant medications and/or had co-morbid conditions. The independent role of PROSCAR in these events is unknown…” *

Right there, age is named as a factor.

Submitted for your consideration, Jim


Site statistics state this site has nearly 400 active users in the past month, and almost 7,000 users overall.

Can it be possible that myself and @Exsexgod are the only two older active users? The only Proscar victims? (Hello @Akiyah ?)

We can’t maintain an intelligent conversation concerning PFS in seniors without participation. Am I tilting at windmills? Jim

I’m 53 which is kind of a senior citizen around here but didn’t use Proscar. I don’t see many members who got PFS in their 50s either. It’s a pretty unsympathetic age to begin with, complaining is not an option. Also Americans seems to have low representation here in general or maybe I’m just imagining that. It can’t just be the guns, it’s not as easy to shoot yourself as people think believe me.

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Thanks for joining in, @mstone. I’d agree that 53 is senior in comparison to hundreds of 20somethings. I hope we can get enough of a sampling that we may discover unique qualities in the older group. Maybe we’ll be the key that unlocks the mystery box!
In re, using a gun…I imagine chaining myself to a tree in the middle of a forest (tight enough to be inescapable) and throwing the padlock key out of reach. I might last a day or two in my condition. Jim

Abdulmaged M Traish wrote some papers about Finasteride in man with BPH.

In this group are some other elder men got pfs from finasteride against benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Bumping this up in hopes another older reader will notice.

I can’t believe there are only four of us here! Too bad member rolls aren’t searchable by age! Jim

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