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Diving into posts, I see mention of SARMS but perhaps only one or two people trying it and even then getting quality SARMS is difficult to do so who knows about the authenticity. For those of us on the autoimmunity train, this would tell a lot. I believe @spstriken posted something similar in 2011. But if it’s autoimmunity to dht or T then SARMS should provide some relief. If it’s an immune reaction to the androgen receptor (or a protein or something stupid involving the receptor) or to something else, then SARMS wouldn’t work. Yes I know there are other theories this is just the one I believe in and some doctors I saw and hence why I made the post.Thanks!

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The Abodies theory looks less likely. I have seen many cases from drugs which are not 5ARis yet these drugs caused 100% pfs, why? because they are P450 inhibitors. Anything which inhibits P450 activity will reduce conversion of Cholesterol to Testosterones and other enzymes.
These results suggest that decreases in plasma steroids by β‐sitosterol are possibly due to alterations in cholesterol availability to P450scc (enzyme that converts cholesterol to pregnenolone) or P450scc activity. β‐Sitosterol also appears to affect gonadal steroidogenesis between pregnenolone and T. These findings strengthen the suggestion that β‐sitosterol could be a contributing factor to the reproductive dysfunctions observed in BKME‐exposed fish.

Why don’t you do autoimmune diet or carnivore diet? Done SARMs for muscle growth. Predictably had no benefit to libido or anything else except muscle growth whatsoever. The two that I tried both caused insomnia but grew muscle. The focus of this forum should be facilitating research not broscience/popping pills.

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Funny how you say the focus shouldnt be broscience, and then in the same sentence you suggest he tries the carnivore diet, which is a pseudoscientific fad diet.


Well if autoimmunity was that easy to solve then people wouldn’t be suffering today all over the world. If you know me, I’ve been around for a long time and this isn’t broscience. I can post whatever I want. Since I’m someone with published scientific research (albeit not anything near in depth as a post finasteride syndrome) I have somewhat of an idea of what it takes. I’m letting you know right now as I’ve said repeatedly if you think scientific research is going to be funded, conducted properly, published, and then have something done to fix our condition, you’re out of touch or don’t realize the shit behind the scenes. So if I want to talk about autoimmunity and just a simple question I have , then I will

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Thank you. I’m like everyone else here, I’ve been to ten thousand doctors. Been to Mayo Clinic. Closet looks like a pharmacy. Was a nationally ranked athlete. I don’t get it, if this isn’t a thread someone likes then simply go about your day and don’t post on it.

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Sorry I didn’t understand at first which is why I deleted my post. I appreciate your response and yeah I’ve talked to some dudes who had this from statins.

Not really, it’s just the diet that eliminates the most for autoimmune benefits

Yeah, it’s nowhere close to being funded because we haven’t done our part on educating the world on the dangers of these drugs. The first step is public outreach. I’m a scientists as well with experience applying for and receiving both NIH, NSF, and Horizon2020 grants. Make my living off it, in fact, you could say.

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I appreciate that and your efforts, I truly do. If I can help in anyway let me know. I mean I’ve done my best at letting people know this is a real condition. I feel like as a community we are almost burnt out in a sense. Faith is dwindling. Even from the highest up members we will call them. And rightfully so, but never stop fighting.

In the meantime man, I’m asking a genuine question. I believe this is autoimmune based off my experience, other ppl I talked to, doctors, and reading tens of thousands of posts. So I’m just trying to test a theory and asked a simple question. SARMS are definitely not bro science and a couple of my buddies in the NFL have taken then and my Lord they can turn u into a beast. If no androgens work at all and can even make you worse and even ones that arent testosterone or dht derivatives then my thinking is it goes to a receptor level. We know proper binding occurs (from awors year) but does proper activation / transactivation. Of course there’s the epigenetic theory, the overexpressed receptor theory, etc, I just happen to believe this is some sort of autoimmune reaction and want as much info as possible

We just don’t know what PFS is at all. Taking T, DHT, SARMs, any number of other hormones hasn’t ever worked and people have been trying that for 20 years or something. I just wish everyone here would focus on public outreach instead of reattempting failed experiments with hormones, herbs, etc based on idea that they make you horny alpha dog and beastmode. That whole idea and all the methodology and ideas like PCT etc that come from bodybuilding is what I refer to as broscience. None of its worked at all for PFS yet it still constitutes 95% of thought here. If instead people had focused on doing outreach and community organisation then major research might’ve started years ago and we’d be bearing down on cure already.

What I’m saying is and in my original post is that I haven’t seen anyone try SARMS with the exception of maybe two ppl and even then who knows their source and if it was legit. I am in involved in outreach so much so that mayoclinic and the top endocrinologist in the world may write a case study. My thing is vkg, we are allowed to talk about other things on here, especially when given a reason (ie me gathering info on an autoimmune hypothesis) if this thread doesn’t fit your agenda and what you think is best, then start another one and don’t comment on this one and derail this one


here is my answer.

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Of course, sorry if I overact. It wasn’t clear why SARMs would be any different. They’re generally anabolic, which doesn’t affect libido. Why would they improve sexual and general brain function? Incidentally, I am taking Ligandrol right now just for fitness. No noticeable affects other than lean mass gain and sleep difficulty. Had same with Ostarine.

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No worries man, I totally understand trust me lol. Yeah my thinking was if this is autoimmunity against t or dht or some anabolic hormone, then maybe supplementing with something that can exert the same action as t or dht without the body attacking it may be a good solution like SARMS. But yeah if ppl have tried this then yeah that’s out the window which is all I was asking. Just so weird to me how ppl seem to feel better when their T is lower. I also think we have to remember how these substances ALL interact with NAD NADH which is interesting too. An autoimmune reaction against this would definitely fuck a person up big big big time.

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Thanks @spstriken I appreciate the response. Definitely some sort of liver involvement.

I am trying to transition to carnivore as a litmus test of the autoimmunity angle. It’s very hard with how busy I am these days. It would be great if people here would try elimination diets to test the autoimmunity angle. It’s time for everyone to start doing things more relative to talking. I feel like all the talk here creates illusion of progress when in fact there has essentially been zero progress in 15 years. Not saying anything wrong with this thread or talking. Just referring to the talk:do ratio.

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P450 is mainly found in liver and intestines . To me it is all about detoxification. P450 is responsible for detoxifying and clearing up garbage from the body. Low P450 means high toxins in the body. This is why initially people feel better on TRT but as toxins build up (act as anti androgens) good effects of TRT wean off. I have been on TRT and I know it. Although blood test show high level of circulating T but you don’t feel it because toxins are high in the body.

I don’t disagree at all. I’ve tried keto, completely healthy balanced diet, vitamin A elimination diet, vegetarian. Nothing made a difference. I think it’s interesting how across various forums ppl have noticed improvements on immunosuppressants. I happened to get 6 vaccines for school and ebv at the time I crashed. I also can’t rationalize the crash any either way. It felt like my body was attacking itself out of nowhere and literally

Yeah I’ve had weird liver enzymes at times and random liver pain that comes and goes.
I have no idea man. I also smell like ammonia as others have noticed. Body definitely looks like it’s feminizing or has a total cortisol overload, fucking weird man