Reversing Gene Expression back to Normal

After reading baylor again and researching abnormal expression of genes it seems to be a part of many different problems and diseases…

I’m just wondering is it a game over or a dead end?

It would seem that the disease is driven by an over expression of the androgen receptor but that most of these crazy and wildly variable symptoms are due to the changes in the genes…

It is the clinical manifestation of changes in expression is what we are actually seeing in patients. This is like delving into a black hole in terms of outcomes and how each individual is affected differently.


From what I understand, the same people that accurately guessed what our root problem was (AR signaling, gene silencing, etc)

are the same people that believe therapeutic options and cures are possible. our only roadblock is the information needed to proceed with getting a solution

im no scientist or technically adept in medical stuff

but many compounds exist that reverse gene silencing. all we need are targets to match with appropriate compounds.

that prostate cancer AR signaling research i keep posting everywhere deals with restoring AR signaling in cancer patients successfully.

what are the chances one of those compounds will be able to help? likely imo

nothing i said is concrete, but all im saying is there is hope


@Ozeph has some posts in which he lists some strategies to help repair DNA. Particularly, I don’t think it’s related to genetic expression, but those tips are healthy, anyways

I think the most simple answer is we really don’t know. It’s hard to know without knowing exactly what has occurred, and why we’re predisposed vs asymptomatic users, what needs to be fixed and how to fix it. That’s why the admin group has been so persistent in saying that we just need to do that work - to understand the mechanisms involved and why us.

On the Baylor thread, axo made a point that gene therapy is accelerating much more rapidly than we’d originally anticipated even just a few years ago. In 2017-2018 we were talking about a 10 year timeline for CRISPR to be trialled on humans, but even things like this are already occurring. There are billions being invested in this technology and it could be useful in one day curing PFS also.

There is also the possibility that PFS could be treated using existing substances or technologies. Again, we just need to do the work.

We hope, after many delays, that our charity is only weeks away from being registered and we’ll have some exciting news to follow.


It’s crazy that after years of developing pfs that new issues just arise like Blepharitis in my eyes now…How the disease changes year after year with crazy symptoms continuing while new ones are added…

I don’t know if my AR are going back to being expressed normally, surely a little, but I know the epigenetic damage done to my face by a severe sunburn in 1991 is being repaired. The marks I had in my face are epigenetic in nature according to Dr. David Sinclair, and they have 80% faded away. A dermatologist told me it was impossible to repair.

Sexually, all symptoms are gone and my refractory period between 2 orgasm has shrunk to about an hour. Sensitivity is normal, sex drive is a little low but consistent with my age (I’m more horny than friends of my age).

The joy of living has come back. I’m singing in my head, I feel genuine pleasures in life and I care for others. Anhedonia is gone and the remains of that one is more easily noticed when it’s gone than while having it.

Sleep, my main issue, is improving. A week ago, for the first time since I crashed, I got up to pee during the night and could go back to sleep after. I haven’t been able to sleep again after getting up since before I crashed.

I believe in two or three years, I should be able to sleep normally and without meds and supplements.

I’m still a strong believer of Dr. Sinclair’s natural techniques (but not his drug approach) and I think it goes wonderfully well with the keto diet. Epigenetic damage is a major cause of aging and this approach has taken 15 years off my body and face. At 53, I look 35.

I really wish others can achieve similar results, with this technique or otherwise. Only the results are important.

There is hope !

I wish you all the best !


Hey ozeph. Do you actually feel the urge for sex, and how many times per week/day, would you say?

I feel a need for sex every three days but I can do it everyday. After a week, I really feel the need.

I practice stoicism. I’m Ok to feel discomfort, almost grateful for I know it increases my strength. I don’t always rush to have sex whenever I feel the need. I like to delay and stay horny. It’s a great way to enhance all male instincts: need for success, prosperity, discipline etc… Some businessmen or athlete advocate to not have sex for these reasons. Google it !

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No clue. But I would estimate that finasteride caused a cascade, where one thing changed which caused other things to change etc.

If you reverse the most important part (lets say androgen receptor expression) then I would guess a cascade back to normal might occur. I.e. the body will reverse all of the changes that he made to adapt to finasteride.

So we dont have to change back everything, just the key part and the rest might happen by its own.

Takes? :smiley:


I’m trying this theory I read on this site:

If it was androgen inhibition therapy (aka: taking fin) that made our AR hyper-expressed in order to capture the little androgen that would still be there, then maybe increasing androgen would make the body realize the AR are over-expressed and tuned them down ?

Some people are taking hormone replacement therapy. I’m thinking something more natural: phyto-androgen in plants. I did cycle androgen herbs for a while. I know I actually sleep better without them, and they give me brain fog. But the theory goes, when you raise androgen, you’ll feel like shit until the AR reverse back to a more normal level.

I don’t know if there’s any truth in this, but I know my morning wood wakes me up every morning and that can only be due to an androgen spike (IMO). So I’m willing to try. Let’s see what happens.