Recovery from another forum

Successful recoveries are few and far between. I found this while looking for info on GHB tonight. Figured I would post to give some hope that recovery is possible.


  1. Took Finasteride & developed sides that last 2 years post-Fin.
  2. All of his labs were “normal”
  3. Took DIM, tribulus, and a topical DHT
  4. 6-8 weeks later his puffy nipples went away libido was pretty much back.
  5. After 6-8 weeks he stopped DIM (doesn’t say if he stopped trib. and DHT gel) and 2 months later felt like pre-Fin. days
  6. 3 years later he is “still recovered”

Also something to note is that he says GHB makes his libido and erections amazing.

For anyone who doesn’t already know this…DIM is found naturally in spinach.

GHB sounds like it could really help us. I wish there was an easy way to obtain it :cry:

Did you get in touch with him? It would be nice to have an update.

His e-mail address appears to be ghbeameup(at)

Should we write him?

Where do you see @hotmail?

I have tried the and it does not exist anymore…

I also wanted to contact Alec Grynspan, who that guy mentions suggested what to take and ran the impotence board. Apparently Alec was a doctor and died in 2002. From looking through some of his posts…it looks like he was one of the very first doctors to speak up about Finasterides side effects.

The trail led me here.

He mentions the email switch here

Sherlock Holmes haha

That email no longer exists either. Maybe he upgraded to gmail :wink:

Definately. Should be semi-easy in a big city. It is cheap too. I have a buddy that is looking around for me…

lol touche

I think he’ll be hard to find. He registered at this site but I doubt he’s accessible. If you read some of his posts on the other forum, he was accusing one poster of being a DEA agent. :unamused:

Anyway, you’ve found the essence of his alleged “recovery”.

I’ll start popping DIM and Trib like a guinea pig … (i dont have access to ghb or topical dht).

Visionquest: DIM is a pure anti-androgen in addition to being an anti-estrogen.

Thanks. Will not touch it!

I remember there being one guy on this board who tried XYREM and didnt have success with it… anyone know who I’m talking about?

You are talking about the user ‘19’. There have been numerous users on here that DID get benefits from GHB/ XYREM though.

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  • ithappens
  • paulwalters

May not mean anything but it’s interesting that’s another person who took Tribulus as part of his protocol and “recovered”.

Ah yea and two outta 3 have recovered… I’m really giving it some thought now as it would be pretty easy for me to obtain… thought I must admit that I’m extremely hesitant to take drugs in general…I have to admit I’m kind of against the whole idea, but this is actually for a good cause… It’s also a pretty safe drug to take, and there havent been any deaths associated with it except there was one guy who apparently took it and died in a car crash because he fell asleep at the wheel…

Apparently it is used to treat depression, which just so happens to be a side effect that I don’t have…So idk if that bodes well for me in trying… Nonetheless I am getting kind of anxious to recover… Cant stand this shit any longer…

I remember reading about this via links on ‘Josh Fulmore’s story’ on here.

Was actually going to post it as an example of GHB working, but sort of forgot and now Moonman has.

It does seem more credible than it happens and Paul Waters, to me anyway, as the guy had prolonged sexual sides, although I remember thinking this guy wasn’t as badly hit as many of us.

The member popo on here also reported GHB helped a lot, even increasing beard growth as well as libido, nobody ever really paid attention to him though.

It’s worth considering, but until someone who had bad ED, shrinkage, numerous other physical issues makes improvement from it I’m not very interested.

“GHB is an aphrodisiac in low doses. Its pro-sexual effects go beyond common knowledge, but can be expressed under four headings: loss of inhibition, heightening of the sense of touch (tactility), enhancement of male erectile capacity and increased intensity of orgasm. Note that this is dose dependent - a standard recreational dose is generally too much, having a reverse effect on sexual function… Making orgasms more difficult to achieve and diminishing male erectile capacity.”

The last few sentences are confusing to me… Do they mean that taking a real low dose of GHB is even better for sexual functioning? The way its worded is just a lil strange…

Your post makes trying ghb sound as easy as trying a new ice cream flavor at baskin Robbins. The stuff is damn near impossible to get thanks to our wonderful government deciding they know what’s best for us. If you do find a source though please let me know. I’m all over the idea of trying it

I think GHB in general is better for sexual function…both libido and erection quality.

The reason I was even researching GHB in the first place had nothing to do with Finaseride. I posted a question in another forum asking about alternatives to alcohol because I get terrible hangovers anymore…even from just a few beers. Multiple people said GHB hands down because it makes you feel similar to alcohol, but without a hangover, without making you do dumb things, etc. They all also noted that it makes you really horny and gives erections…

As soon as I can get my hands on some I will let u know :wink:

I live in Chicago Bro… You can get ANYTHING here…It wont be for pennies though I can tell you that…