Recovered from PFS- Going back to hell to do an experiment

Hello. I’ve been in and out of what we can call a “PFS state” for a couple of years now. The last 8 months I’ve been fully recovered with a full return of my pre anti androgen body.

As is expected, my hair loss came back with a vengeance. I thought I’d been pretty much recovered for years before this, but after the last 8 months I discovered that I was more in a middle ground, maybe what we could consider a low androgen state. The full return of oil, acne, libido and hair loss marked fully recovered territory very clearly for me.

I started taking rosemary oil a few weeks ago to combat some of the hair loss, not realizing that it’s an anti-androgen. This begins the experiment:

I’ve noticed this week that I’m starting to get low DHT symptoms. Depression, anxiety, lower libido, loss of oil and my hair loss ceased. I’m going to try and document some of the things I’ve done in the past to return to a pre-PFS state. I believe for cases like mine, where I’ve essentially fixed my other issues, we can learn a lot anecdotally about what might help in the case that this is simply a receptor issue, as I believe it is.

I think I can get back to a normal state again and maybe I can help others with understanding their situation, as I seem to have figured out at least my case of PFS. I’ll be around documenting progress and answering questions.


Hey Quest, thanks for coming back and reporting your recovery.

Did you also have penile shrinkage and numbness issues which have now resolved? What did you do in the past to help with your recovery?

I’d advise you nonetheless not to dabble in anti-androgens again. You know how it can turn out…

Hey, yeah, I didn’t mean to mess with them, but because I did on accident, I may as well record how the recovery hopefully goes.

I had a lot of numbness and loss of size that was strictly due to the fact that my body just wasn’t getting the right chemicals/supply to my dick. It all reversed. I did a lot of things to put me in a better state health wise, overall it seems like exercise, sleep, healthy protein/fat rich diet, low stress and daily NAC have helped the most. I’ve noticed that when I pressed on my AR with small amounts of AAs I have seen big leaps in recovery and I’ll be “tapering” off of rosemary oil to hopefully not downregulate my receptors again. There is something about really mild inhibition of AR that seemed to make things work like normal again. Risky, obviously, but worth the risk in my experience, if you are healthy.


What anti-androgens did you use to “step” on your AR? Any insights into what you did to see an effect? Would like to test this responsibly, thanks!

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What are anti-androgen things I should avoid? Have you drunk alcohol normally? I have abstained for about 10 months from alcohol and would like to reintroduce it to my life, but is it too risky?

I used this shampoo EOD with a small amount of lic root in it for a long time, as well as every few months I used this supplement that had a few natural AA’s. I could feel the effect of them on my body, but every time I rebalanced from them I made further strides forward in recovery. It’s good to emphasize how important it is to be healthy for this to work properly, otherwise you could crash yourself. I run every day, gets lots of sun, sleep and have a good diet. These are all key things for my case.

I am playing russian roulette again, but it seems like playing that game is the only way to see progress for some, as unfortunate as that is.

I can drink normally again, but I only have maybe 1-3 drinks max when I do drink. Sometimes I’ll have a drink or 2 every night, completely fine, like pre fin.

Can you detail your case in a timeline format after you got PFS?
Just for didactic purpose