Rapid hairloss from accutane [80% of scalp hair GONE in 4 months] (Gunnersup)

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19, 6’2, 143lb

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Accutane (Clavaris and Zenatane)

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60mg a day

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Mild Acne

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4 months

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18 years old, March 2020- July 2020

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Tapered off over a span of 1 week

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4 months.

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Rapid hairloss with itchy scalp

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Liver detox, tofacitinib (ongoing)

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Got prescribed accutane and took it for 4 months. I had very mild acne. On the fourth month, my hair began rapidly falling out, also with an intense scalp itch. For the past 4 or so months, I have been losing 200 hairs a day, sometimes more. My hairline has not moved back at all.

At first I thought it was Telogen Effluvium but the side effects don’t add up. My hair falls in a very abrupt manner and the HAIRS themselves seem to be much thinner than normal. Also, my hair has went from needle-like straight to curly. Alot of close family members/friends have asked if I have gotten a perm to give you a sense of how curly my hair now is.

Upon using a microscopic camera on my scalp and hairs, I seem to have a condition called “pili torti”. This is where the hair shafts twist and turn. It’s usually a sign of autoimmune hairloss. Going off this idea, I have purchased and begun using Tofacitinib, an immunesuppressor. I am almost 2 months on this medicaiton. I’ll keep everyone updated if it works.

What surprises me is how rapid hairloss with itchy scalp is seen also in PFS people and not only PAS. I am curious as to how/why this occurs.

Here is a close up picture of my scalp, you can see I’ve lost 80% of my scalp hair. Keep in mind I’ve been shedding for 4 months.

I’d like to get in touch with anyone, whether they be PAS or PFS, who also have/had an itchy scalp with hairloss. I’m near positive autoimmunity is playing a factor in this and I’m excited to see if the immuno suppressor I’m on will clear things up.

I’d also like to say I’m looking into the possibility that the hairloss I have is Lichen Planopilaris

This isn’t a hair loss forum so if you’re just trying to get your hair back you won’t be allowed to post here.

JAK inhibitors aren’t new anyways, even if it grows your hair back it won’t last on its own anyways, you’ll have to stay on it forever. There’s no cure for hair loss.

This is a very niche subsection of hairloss caused directly by accutane. I’m here to figure out why this occured. I agree there is no cure for hairloss, but I obviously do not have MPB. So I don’t see the issue with me being here??

I’m on the JAK inhibitor just to see if the hairloss is autoimmune or not, I most definitely will not stay on it permanentatly

Cause nobody here wants to talk about how to get their hair back, they’ve got serious side effects.

Who’s to say ED is worse than losing well over 70% of my hair in 4 months? To say my side effect should be ignored is blasphemy. And I take offense to it. I’ll leave my post up on the off-chance someone has experience with this.

Pretty much everyone on this site would say that lol. Hair loss sucks but you’re better off at a real hair loss forum. The mods will probably close this thread, I’m just telling you.

So unless I have the worst possible side effects of accutane, I shouldn’t be able to post here? That is what you are saying.

idk, but it just can’t be about growing your hair back. You’re right it is a side effect but still lol, it’s just ironic like that lol. It would just attract unwanted attention around here.

I wish we had some people here who had tried JAK inhibitors to cure their side effects though.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m trying a JAK to potentially cure what I believe is an autoimmune malfunction, which is showing itself in my body as hairloss. I do believe alot of accutane side effects are autoimmune related.

Yea but we wouldn’t know if it cured other side effects cause you don’t have them, except depression, but that one is harder to gauge.

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I agree. However, I did have very mild erectile dysfunction, which seemingly went away after a week on tofacitinib. My depression is also clearing up even with the circumstance of 80% of my hair gone.

However the sudden “curing” of my erectile dysfunction and depression from tofacitinib could have very well been placebo. Right now, I’m awaiting my hair to stop shedding, and I believe that if the drug works my hair should come back with 2 more months.

I’d like other people to consider tofacitinib, 15mg a day.

well price is sky high for tofa

I have sources that are 40$ a month. But yes the price is absurd in the USA, 4k a month

I dont think its permanent, but something that more so waxes and wanes. Mine also wasnt limited to my scalp but included eyebrows, body and pubic hair as well.
I also think of plugged follicles, and defects in microcirculation or vascular abnormalities possibly caused by inflammation when looking at some of this.

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I’m glad you think it isn’t permenant, however I am in touch with multiple people who got diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris after accutane. Regardless, I think taking the immuno suppressor covers all my options, as long as my hairloss is autoimmune related it should stop soon. I’m hoping the itching on my scalp is a sure sign of inflammation.

lol what sources are you getting it for $40?

alopeciaWorld .com has alot of people using it for their alopecia areata, you can find sources if you browse there for a bit

I’ve just begun using Nizoral 2% to slow down inflammation. This + tofacitinib should halt the hair shedding very soon.

I’d like to reiterate that the hairloss I’m going through is a direct cause from accutane. It is not MPB.

I’d be quite interested in knowing what you find… I found that since I started suffering from PFS my hair shedding increased massively (20 - 30 in the shower to 100+)


Nizoral is a 5AR inhibitor.

Accutane caused your hair loss but it’s still MPB. It’s AGA hair loss, same thing just accelerated.

I might try a JAK inhibitor to see if it will reverse my other side effects.