Raising norepinephrine

anyone got a good way to do this?

for the longest time i had been thinking it was a dopamine issue with me. my elevated prolactin levels in my early blood tests caused me to believe that dopamine was low. after taking bromocriptine for a few months and lowering my prolactin back to within normal range, i noticed that while things had slightly gotten better sexually, i was still not 100%.

I now believe that a key neurotransmitter responsible for mine, and possibly many others sexual dysfunction, is norepinephrine.

My 2 main reasons to support this theory are Yohimbe, and plain old black Coffee.

YOHIMBE: You see, I have been suffering the sexual sides for over a year now. I have tried Cialis, Viagra, Levitra. they all work to get me an erection, but the sex drive is not there. So I decide to try Yohimbe. WOW. gets me an erection just as good as, if not better than any PDE5 inhibitor AND my sex drive is up. I get loads of precum when im aroused on yohimbe, something that viagra, cialis etc. failed to ever do. and not only that, but the effects of the yohimbe are lasting throughout the week. Only negative thing about this is that it get my heart beating incredibly fast and hard and i get serious nausea.

Coffee: I rarely drink coffee, but when i do i notice that i get surprisingly aroused for a couple of hours. It too, gives me strong erections and precum, which i rarely ever get to begin with.

Now what do these 2 things have in common? they are both stimulants, and they both primarily raise the key neurotransmitter, norepinephrine. Im gonna try to get an apptment with a neurologist and get blood tests and see what can be done about this very soon.

Guys i seroiusly urge you to look more into this neurotransmitter, it could be the missing link for most of us, if not all of us.


coffee did it for me for a while but was a downhill path. Now it gets me hard for a few days then it dies for weeks…

This thread deserves more attention…

While I took Yohimbe, I started to feel better…It is because of norepinephrine.

I somehow think that we are deficient in Norepinephrine/Epinhrine.

annon - you may see in some of some of marianos post that he speaks of too much norepinepherine signaling causing trouble, not a lack of. i beleive he mentions it being connected to chronic inflammation.

perhaps instead of going of of so many different tangents for our condition - it would behoove you to just go to the doctor sooner then later? message boards are only so helpful as it will only feed into more theories, and there are potentially hundreds of things that could cause our issues.

Yes…I agree…

In response to golfs post about norepinephrine and inflamation, im stiil joining dots mate…

Raised copper and low histamine will raise norepinephrine

My tests

ESR…a test which indirectly measures internal inflamation 32 (1-10) High
C-Reactive Protein…Internal inflamation marker 9.8 (<5.0) High
Copper 20.9 (12.3-17.3) High
Histamine…? Being Processed

Take Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It will reduce this…


Plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) is an inflammatory biomarker that predicts cardiovascular disease. Lowering elevated CRP with statins has reduced the incidence of cardiovascular disease. We investigated whether vitamin C or E could reduce CRP. Healthy nonsmokers (N=396) were randomized to three groups, 1000 mg/day vitamin C, 800 IU/day vitamin E, or placebo, for 2 months. Median baseline CRP was low, 0.85 mg/L. No treatment effect was seen when all participants were included. However, a significant interaction was found, indicating that treatment effect depends on baseline CRP concentration. Among participants with CRP indicative of elevated cardiovascular risk (> or =1.0 mg/L), vitamin C reduced the median CRP by 25.3% vs placebo (p=0.02) (median reduction in the vitamin C group, 0.25 mg/L, 16.7%). These effects are similar to those of statins. The vitamin E effect was not significant. In summary, treatment with vitamin C but not vitamin E significantly reduced CRP among individuals with CRP > or =1.0 mg/L. Among the obese, 75% had CRP > or =1.0 mg/L. Research is needed to determine whether reducing this inflammatory biomarker with vitamin C could reduce diseases associated with obesity. But research on clinical benefits of antioxidants should limit participants to persons with elevations in the target biomarkers.

yohimbe releases norepinephrine from the brain but it gets it crackin your pants because it blocks the alpha(2) from your dick

according to this sketchy dude : raysahelian.com/yohimbe.html

Q. You state on your site that norepinephrine is responsible for keeping the penis in a contracted or flaccid state and that by blocking alpha 2 norepinephrine sites, yohimbine can thus improve erection. But then you also say that yohimbine stimulates NE release. If it stimulates NE release and NE is responsible for contraction, then it would seem that yohimbine would hinder erection. This seems like a contradiction to me. Can you explain?
A. Yohimbe or yohimbine induces norepinephrine secretion in the brain thus increasing sexual interest, but blocks the action of norepinephrine on peripheral type 2 adrenoreceptors in the penis. There are a number of different types of norepinephrine receptors in various parts of the body.

No erection during the fight or flight response


This is groundbreaking. Im gonna make a new thread for this

Great article…also explains why yohimbe worked so well with me…

Right and the blue up that guy got better with had yohimbe in it. Perhaps if u aren’t too far along yohimbe a cycle could block the a2 receptors long enough to do some detox and stress counseling. I think the way to test this is a) did jn fall back off because of recent stress and b) if yohimbe brings back normal penis size.

Mews results:

Norepinephrine : 309 (80-520)
Epinephrine : 39 (10-200)
Dopamine : <20 (0-20)
Serotonin : 134 (50-220)

Im going to try to get these tested maybe a pattern will emerge.

The epinephrine looks low while his Norepinephrine looks pretty healthy.

Mew a question for you was this a blood or urine test?

Blood test.

How much yohimbine did most of you take. Seems like its aided a few people on here. My prolactin levels have tested high. I feel that I may have low dopimine levels. I have been thinking of giving yohimbine a try. I do worry about all the side effects it seems to have. Has anybody had severe side effects while using it?

I forget the dosage…I was taking Yohimbe at the time and it gave me side effects(rapid heart rate) so I stopped it…This was 6-7 years ago.

After 2 weeks of taking it I felt it was way better than viagra(at the time)…

Just had another appt with my Pysch. He is convinced that the ED is in my head and is due to a complex problem that has evolved… something like maybe coming off had set me back temporarily but then due to repeated sexual failures the problem manifested itself as a psychogenic disorder and he says he can fix it he is really really confident. then all of the stress related to everything going to doctors and being told im crazy and everything just makes it worse. he laughs when i tell him its not and says okay okay… we will see…

he wrote me a script for Yocon today TID 5.4mg Im goin to get it right now! :slight_smile:

I think this is good. That Blue Up had Yohimbe in it and I think maybe a therapuetic dose of Yocon TID instead of just taking it right before sex.

my plan is clear out all the adrenaline from the alpha receptors and RELAX - NO STRESS - massages every week. i am spending all the money i was spending on supps on stuff to reeeelllaaaxx

I thought you could buy Yohimbine in GNC/ Vitamin Shoppe? IS this a better kind or same thing?

Yeah you can get it everywhere. Hands down the best stuff I bought (I have tried several) was the Male Response by Source Naturals. If you eat 6 of those… STAND BACK BUDDY lol you will get it crackin. I felt like my dick was gonna explode. I had to put it in something right away. Sensation is incredible. The sides are pretty gnarly though. You will be on a good one and dont plan on sleeping for about 12 hours

Everything I read says that the prescription is better with less sides.

The approach will be different this time for me, instead of taking a bunch before sex I am going to be taking it all day every day 3 a day and a much lower dose

Also, the prescription will be monitored by the FDA (for what its worth) but at least there will be consistency in the doseage :-/

True and HOPEFULLY your insurance will pay for it…meaning you will save money…
I have easily spent over 30-40k over the last 8 years trying to get better…EASILY…