Question about Peyronie's Disease

Has anyone here managed to reverse Peyronie’s Disease ? I believe testicular shrinkage is reversible but I’m not sure about Peyronie’s Disease.

Of all the side effects fin causes this one scares me the most.

Haven’t been able to reverse the testicle atrophy with hcg/clomid or anything else… so I don’t know if it is reversable.

My testicles have increased in size in the last month or so I still have a long way to go but I believe it is reversable.

I’m much more worried now about my penis being out of shape its like its half dead and it wont go back to its normal size.

What is your specific symptom? A bend when erect?

Its hangs to the left when its erect and non erect also it looks like its half erect all the time it wont go back to a small size when its not erect.

I hate this shit the people who promote fin deserve to die.

How serious is the hang to the leftwhen erect? Do you see a bend? It may not be peyroines.

Its serious it always hangs to the left I’ve never had his problem untill after I stopped taking fin.

The way things are now I would be too embarrassed to meet a girl. I think fin may have destroyed my chances of settling down or starting a family.

From how you describe it, it’s not peyronie’s. Many end up with this curvature, and from those that I read of, it’s always to the left. Am I wrong? I had a dynamic ultrasound of the penis, there is no Peyronie’s. Peyronie’s is a fibrotic plaque in the tunica albuginea. What we have is IMO a bad healing pattern after the suspension of fin. You need to get a dynamic ultrasound to see how is the functional and morphological state of your penis.

The only way to know for sure is to get the ultrasound. Mine began bending to the left as well. It also curves more upward. It sucks, but it’s not bad enough to where I can’t use it, so I’m not too concerned. Peyronie’s can often be resolved with a vacuum pump or penis stretcher if it isn’t too severe, and there is a medication coming out in the not too distant future that is effective at breaking up plaques. I’ve read recovery stories where the curvature corrects itself as well, such as Chi’s. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Tab is correct, you simply have the curve/rotation that’s common in post-fin cases here. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not peyronie’s.

I hope that is the case I’m too scared to look at it any more incase it has got worse.

you guys talk about bending to the left… that is strange, why would it be the same? do you guys drive a manual car by any chance? i know you have to push the clutch down with your left leg a lot, or you are left handed maybe?

driving your car? what comes out of your mouth Bryce54. Yes, this bending happen to me…overnight. Often times severe hormonal changes can affect this and yes its common with PFS sufferers. If you went to a doctor they would probably perform a full hormonal panal test as it can be a hormonal problem and in our case I absolutely believe it is.

Different neurological areas control different sides of the body. nerve impairment in one could easy explain this. The same is true in stroke and bells palsey victims.

MartinM- very true, I recently posted that everyone is affected on the left side of the body. Left testicle pain, left knee pain, left leg pain, left lower abdominal / pelvic discomfort. This is something that should absolutely be shared with researchers

Injury Lawyer News reports today that:

“A Propecia Peyronie’s disease lawsuit has been filed against Merck & Co, Inc. by a Madison County, AL husband and wife. The plaintiffs claim that Merck either knew, or should have known, that hair loss drug Propecia can cause serious side effects when used as intended, including cognitive impairment, sexual dysfunction and depression.”

The full story here: … uit-filed/

I had Peyronie’s treated by Dr. Goldstein in San Diego.
Fortunately, I think mine was in its adolescent stages (my penis wasn’t super curved, because I only had a little plaque. More plaque equals more pronounced curvature during erection). My shaft started hurting. After about 4 months of that, of and on, I went to him and he diagnosed it through palpation. He stretched out my penis and you could literally see and feel a lump of plaque at the center of the penis. He feels penises ALL the time since he’s a sexual medicine doctor. It’s like touching a boob, you know when something is wrong/lumpy in there.
There’s an injection that he can give you that is injected straight into the plaque of the penis (didn’t hurt with novacaine). He injects twice at two spots of the plaque, and then has to do it two more times the following day at another two points, relatively close to one another.
Interferon is what it’s called. I guess it has been used to kill hepatitis as well. After injection, you totally come down with flu symptons because your body thinks you’re ill.
Within the 3 weeks following the treatment, I felt instant relief. No more pain in my shaft at all.
However, it’s starting to gradually come back. He said, though, that usually you have to do more than one injection. He said people get the injection and have to come back for another cycle 6 weeks later. This is starting to make sense because I was there 30 days ago and it’s starting to slightly return.
The whole treatment is about $480 (each injection is 100, the procedue is 280).
I was glad I did it.
Let me know if you have any more Q’s. There’s more to say but it’ll take a while. I’m glad to help though.
PS - My penis is curved to the left as well. After you get the injections, your penis becomes super malleable. He asked me to stretched it over a pvc pipe every day as much as I could in its flaccid state. It actually seemed (visually) to lengthen my penis. You only do the pipe for 2 weeks. Now that I’ve stop, it’s kind of returned back to normal curved to the left smaller look, but it could just be a misconception. I don’t really feel like my penis shrank, it just got its butt kicked by Peyronies. It def feels like the plaque has dissipated/spread out though.
Start taking vitamin E right away if you feel the hardening in your shaft, or a lump. It’s probably Peyronies and studies have shown VItamin E can reduce scar tissue build up. Dr. G said vitamin E doesn’t help that much, but I figured what the hey, and I have seen studies online that say they’ve proven it’s at least somewhat effective.
Hang in there, buddy. It’ll be okay!
Have you been feeling better? What happened afterwards for you?

With interferon treatment, they can mold your penis (potentially) back to its normal state. They can inject you while your erect right at the plaque point and mold it back. You’re not doomed.

Mine is clearly to the left, even more so than it used to be. I also see a slight indentation near my circumcision scar that wasn’t there prior. While I’m almost erect, I can see curvature to the left. From what I’ve read, many Peryonie’s patients have curvature that curves upwards, but there are cases where it curves to the side. I caught it early, so that it hadn’t developed to a sever curvature. I do believe my tissue was damaged mildly within because of the scar tissue. We did a sensation test on the sides and top of my shaft and on the tip of my penis (with vibration and cold and hot) and it revealved that I had lost sensation in my penis to a certain degree, particularly the tip. I’m inferring that it was caused by Peyronie’s. Ultrasound isn’t the only way to detect Peyronie’s. Goldstein used palpation and feeling the stretched penis, almost pinching the shaft, running his pointer finger and thumb along the shaft. It does not bend during erection fortunately. This happens when peyronie’s goes untreated. He showed me a video about it; it was super helpful, looked pretty recently made for medical students. The curvature happens because of the blockage of plaque. It’s like a road block, so the blood goes around almost like a river were if it was to hit a dam, creating a curve. Does this help ?
He said older studies said Peyronie’s shouldn’t be treated at its early stages, that you should just let it take its course and treat it one it has fully come to fruition. It said now, though, within the last couple of years, there realizing it’s good to interrupt it as early as possible, even if the Peyronie’s continues to try to take effect after the interferon injections.

So anyone has ever completely reversed their erect bend\curve on penis? Any info would be good.

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