PSSD Recovery from Urecholine (bethanechol)


I’m taking prep which is really helping the mental aspect and slightly sexual but I’m looking for more, what’re the sides of this one ? I don’t wanna sound like a dick here but tons of people are scared of trying drugs which is understandable but at my lowest point I would have done anything, and I’d try this too. Seeing everyone super scared makes me think I’m reckless, but really before all this i was super uptight about my health (still am). Since this prep supposedly makes you sensitive to testosterone again, I may start test E but I would try this first


Why is it that prep makes you sensitive to T again? I’ve been on the fence all week about trying prep but I’ve also signed up for a clinical study for sage-217 so i didn’t want to try it out until I knew if I am getting into this study or not.


the study said it resensitized the cells ill try and find the study.


Look up ACh agonist side effects. Then specifically, urecholine side effects. I’m currently most interested in trying this, Prep, and an allopreg raising drug.


So according to the PSSD forum, people are still fairly confident about Bethanechol, ZoloftHater is still reporting a 0% - 95% recovery and GIXXER took it for only a few days and stopped but then had sudden had strong nocturnal erections and morning wood. He also had sex last night without the aid of an ED med. His flaccid penis isn’t in a state of atrophy like it usually is and his mood is suddenly on the up side.

It’s a serious shame the original poster was lying about taking the medication, but his reasons for doing so we’re based on real science and studies. It seems people are having some positive effects from all this.Seeing as how this particular medication has not been really discussed on this forum before, I think we should take this as more than just your typical grain-of-salt.

Let’s give this a shot?


Why did he stop taking it after only a few days and how are they getting a hold of it? I’m also confused what a 0-95% recovery means. With all that said I’m still super curious about this medication


Good questions, hoping they will keep chiming in. I for one have a Urologist that might be willing to prescribe this to me.


Well ship some this way then! I haven’t been able to find it anywhere without a prescription.

I also still think it’s worth trying, even if the other people were full of it


My urologist admits that finasteride can cause these problems in a small group of people and basically just told me I was really unlucky but refused to try anything for me.


Yep, there are Urologists out there like that. I had to go to three before I found one who was sympathetic and willing to listen and try things. Keep searching, if you have insurance, all it is is the cost of a copay.


So urecholine only works on the muscarinic receptors. Acetylcholine has effects on either the muscarinic receptors or nicotinic receptors. People are also using acetylcholinesterase inhibitors on PSSD forum to increase acetylcholine. This would increase acetylcholine throughout the body, and not just at muscarinic receptors.

Here, a user logs his time with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and has noticed some success on it.


This is the status of a user taking an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Seems to be going well!


Sounds like I need to sign up over there as well.


It’s a PSSD forum, and I don’t know how similar finasteride and PSSD are on a molecular level. But perhaps we could all benefit from the same treatment?


It is quite possible. If nothing else, it will give me something else to read, lol


I think they are pretty close. I have PSSD and have all the same symptoms of PFS right down to the penile shrinkage and dry, thinning skin. I think there is a divide in symptoms and their severity in most cases but I think the worst of PSSD/PFS/PAS looks the same. A treatment that greatly helped one would almost surely help the others.


Sorry for the personal question here, but do you also have a tight scrotum or smaller balls? Does anyone with PSSD have this? To me, this is a physical sign of the disease. To me, I will feel cured when my balls hang low like normal and I have a normal libido and energy.


I’ve gone all over the spectrum on that one, so not sure how much that one helps. I’ve gone from super low hanging to high and tight, lol. Ok that was a lot of info… but the point being, nothing sensitivity wise really changed regardless of “that” situation


I see. Well, as long as we keep grinding, experimenting, and communicating, we’ll make progress in our disease states. Research will help add to our cause too, boys. Let’s keep our heads up and keep on reading and (safely) trying new things.


My balls have remained seemingly normal for the most part but there are those on PSSD forum who have testicular shrinkage.