After three days of take a half a tablet of Proviron (12.5mg) twice a day, I increased to a full tablet, 2x a day. After 3 days of this increased dosage, I continue to have morning wood consistently. That’s 6 straight days of it, for the first time in a decade. it’s not as firm as pre pfs, and would say it’s about 80%. After a couple of days of my testicles being “looser”, they’re back in a tight sack. There have been no “random” erections throughout the day.

Orgasms have gone from an absolute zero to about 2%. ejaculate consistency has gone from absolute watery to very slightly less watery. The only other noticeable effect is less sleep and need for sleep, and constipation, but those may be unrelated. My weight is basically unchanged, and skin seems a tiny bit more oily. The hardly negligible increase in desire I’m sensing is likely related to the fit women who seem like they’ve been in the gym all winter and are now wearing less, more flattering clothing. I’ve been thinking more at the clothing that what’s underneath, but it’s a start, I hope.

Scalp still itches a bit, and hope what little hair I have left doesn’t go too. It may be too early, but there are no muscle or fat distribution changes. It’s still around the stomach and hips, with skinny arms, shoulders and upper chest. Tinnitus, which I had before PFS, has been acting up a tiny bit as well, but still very tolerable. Dry eye seems a tiny bit better, and swallowing seems a bit easier.

I’ve passed the “3 day recovery” some of use have previously experienced, and wondering how long I should be taking Proviron, or if dosage should be increased. Any guidance would be appreciated.


I would stick with lower dosage a few more days first then maybe increase slightly if things are going well. Don’t overdo it.


tribulus doesnt increase androgens, it just upregulates androgen receptors. Therefore its working in a totally different way than proviron which raises DHT

you said that you feel weird if you do too high doses of tribulus right?

I used Tribestan, the real Tribulus. Increased my dosage up to 7 pills. Didn’t notice any benefits from it? What is the meaning behind this?
Also, which study says it upregulates the receptors? Please don’t put out a theory without investigating its validity.

if you didnt notice any benefits from it then I am guessing that you might have low androgens. Assuming that tribulus only upregulates androgen receptors then this means that you now have a bunch of androgen receptors but maybe not enough androgens for them. To confirm or deny this theory you need to take something like creatine for a few days and see if you notice anything from it. If you do then that means that my theory is correct

additionally it may also be possible that your androgen receptors are already highly upregulated and as a result you dont notice anything significant anymore. This is a distinct possibility as well

You can look on the internet for studies/articles about tribulus upregulating androgen receptors in the brain. The reason that I believe that tribulus upregulates androgen receptors (as opposed to androgens themselves) is through lots of trial and error. I have tested these kinds of things out a lot and my experiments suggest that tribulus only upregulates androgen receptors and not androgens. This is why so many people claim that blood tests dont show tribulus increasing androgens, yet people are still feeling benefits from the tribulus. Why? Its because people are looking at the wrong area, they should be looking at androgen receptor density instead of androgen levels themselves


I had the same experience with the scrotum. I once took a megadose of proviron (425 mg) and for about 2 days, my scrotum was loose just as it was pre pssd. Then it went back to baseline. Ive taken the same dose of proviron, even more, but never got this effect again.

Does anyone know something about what causes the scrotum to become tight or loose, except temperature? I suspect it is somehow connected to my complete loss of sex drive. If I recall correctly it is during puberty that the scrotum becomes loose, and it’s also at about this point that one experiences a real sex drive. It also has something to do with the “blue balls” sensation one gets when sexually frustrated. I don’t get this anymore at all.

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Study showing effects of tribulus

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Yes, I’ve had the same effect, even now that’s I’m on 1 tablet of proviron every 12 hours. All seemed well and loose there for a few days, and all has tightened up again. I’ll add that for the first few days of taking a half a tablet a day, I woke with really strong morning wood, than had 2 bad days (food, schedule, stress) and no wood. After increasing to a full tablet, the wood has been back and consistent, but not as strong.

Additionally, I’m feeling slightly more irritable (or frustrated/angry) and don’t know if the proviron is related or not, otherwise my mood has been a little bit better, and I’ve even started running again, which is something I haven’t done in years.

I’m also sometimes seeing veins appear again on the tops of my hands. They “disappeared” under what has become tight, wrinkly skin for the last few years.

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This is some great news man? This is tge first time you experience morning woods, right? Seems like proviron works. Keep it up.

It’s the first time where it’s been consistent, and lasted beyond a couple of days, yes, thank you. I’m also noticing some body hair increases, which I understand is typical with Proviron. Unfortunately, there is still no desire, “orgasms” are still zero, and memory recollection is just as bad (if not worse), but I’m happy for this one improvement, and will see what happens over time.

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After a month of seemingly positive results from 25mg of Proviron every 12 hours, I continued to have morning wood, although less frequent and less erect, and seemed to have more energy, and lost some weight (which I needed to do) I noticed some swelling of my feet, ankles and lower legs. While I don’t know if this was in any way related, the fear of messing with my hormones and the fear of getting into legal trouble buying Proviron, I tapered off.

I put back on the ten pounds I lost, and lost all muscle gains I seemed to make, and some extra, with hardly any bicep formation showing at all. Also the 10% orgasm I had left seems to be about zero percent now. “Desire” has also dropped from 10% to zero. Maybe it’s the estrogen coming back, and I hope those few percent return as well.


Hi man, did you ever restart your proviron protocol, it seemed to have great success, even to the level of you being almost cured? How are you now?

I haven’t gone back on Proviron, because I moved to hCG for 6 months, which had some benefits I wrote about in a different thread. I later moved to three different types of TRT, which gave me only more body hair, pimples, and swollen feet.

I got off of everything except vitamins and supplements and hoping to reset a bit before going on either Proviron again, at a much higher dose like some others have done, or mifepristone. I’m really running out of options.

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Good to hear. I really believe although cannot prove, that alot of issues have to do with androgen deprivation, lack of DHT. From what you’ve written taking 12.5mg daily and eventually switching to 25mg you had great results. Why not try using the same protocol and megadose? Did you learn something along the way that made youswitch strategy?

What do you think of @JustQuitDut s “last post”?

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I stopped taking everything when my feet started swelling. Later on I had a couple of necessary surgeries (not pfs related) and kept off everything because of that. After the last procedure, I went on HCG and saw an endocrinologist who put me on TRT.

I’ve been unable to obtain genuine proviron from a reliable source, but if I could, I would try the megadose.

And as for @JustQuitDut, I don’t know what to make of that really really long dizzying thread. It’s all over the place.

You can ask for a source if needed. I believe mine will arrive this week.

Good to hear your better now.

Hey man. Just tell me if shits getting awkward. But the changes I’m experiencing are so weird I had to look this up.

Look at this video and tell me your thoughts afterwards.

It’s about a hermaphrodite, who was raised intersex. Which is a man with to low levels of DHT in puberty to develop primary sexual functions

On proviron right now and it’s been helping !!!

Nothing dramatic . But seeing small improvements in all the sexual sides and I’m very early in the trial

I’m on day 4 and running it at 100 MG’s daily . For 25MG pills through out day I’m taking

I read that doctors prescribe it at
100mg’s-200mg’s daily initially and then lower the dosage to 25mg-50MG’s daily as maintenance dose

Anyone have any experience with dosing proviron ?


Please keep reporting. I truly believe being on proviron and having high enough test levels could solve this disease for the most part. When 5AR is upregulated long enough by exogenous DHT, one could simply do pct and kickback test production to have natural dht again as well.

I think the key here is taking proviron long enough so that the 5AR stays upregulated, or at least, is upregulated enough to have a higher baseline of such a degree that we can speak of a true recovery.

Once I get my blood test and see my DHT levels are lower (proving 5AR inhibition, or downregulation still), I’ll be starting with proviron immediately as well, and report here.



I think that if proviron proves to be a solution for me it will have more to do with the AR receptors

Yea I have heard the same