Has any of you guys ever ordered successfully Proviron online?

I just noticed I have low free testosterone, high prolactin, and I will try Proviron, as some people have
said it has great pro-sexual benefits.

I’m having a hard time trying to find a decent reliable website online for that, there are even prankster websites, that
make you think they are serious but after reading their disclaimer you realize they are joking.

Please help and don’t pass judgment, in the fight against anorgasmia, all weapons are valid.


I still haven’t found a reliable site, though I have gotten cabergoline online (it’s making me feel awesome, much hornier, happier, it’s my first day on it, don’t know how orgasms will be impacted yet), but most sites for Proviron are fishy, they try to make you pay with moneygram, western union, these schemes that you can’t recover your money.
It’s a real hell to skim through all of this crap that retards post online to scam the simpletons and twits.

I ordered through one that let me use my credit card, but haven’t heard from the vendors yet, will call and cancel payment in two days if they don’t get back to me.

if you guys can help, I appreciate it. Proviron seems to be amazing, I’m almost certain it will help me with EA, if caber doesnt.

Another thing I forgot to mention, I have low free T, and one time I bought this OTC product,
Arimedex AD, that is supposedly effective to lower SHBG.

Well, after I took it, I had great orgasms, so, now I’m think my problem is low free T more than anything else,
and I may not be a persistent finas sufferer.

I will cross my finger, and hope to find a legit Proviron to see how it goes.

Anyone with a good understanding of what else I might be trying instead of Proviron please let me know.

this is my second day on cabergoline, and it’s not the 8th wonder of the world. maybe i have
to spend at least 2 weeks on it, or maybe the one i got on the internet is fake, though it
looks very legit.

i’m not that horny anymore, and in the few times i jacked off, orgasms were mediocre (<=5.5).

yesterday i went to the doctor and i was so persuasive i was able to convince him to prescribe me
proviron, though he was claiming it to be cancerous and refused to give it to me at first.

after some argumentation, i convinced him, so he calls the pharmacy, but they didn’t have proviron,
since labs don’t make it anymore, only UG labs produce it and you have to order it online.
they said the substitute is this T gel (i’ve used this T gel before and had paltry results, besides i think it’s really cancerous.)
when i asked him to ask the pharmacist if this replacement increased free T, the guy from the pharmacy said yes,
which must not be true, the label doesn’t even mention free T, only T.
T gel, is really cancerous, not proviron, so I conclued this doctor was a little ignorant, his point to
not give it to me was because it causes cancer, he must have been thinking about T gel instead of proviron.
besides, proviron is a DHT derivative and it increases free T, and T gel only increases total T and didn’t work
for me one time, though i only used 3-4 times.

so i realized he knew nothing about proviron, it was like he
was talking about proviron but the side effects he was mentioning were those of the T gel.

all the time, he kept saying he had to make phone calls (actually he was probably going to the internet to read about the theme.)

these doctors don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, medicine in the US is such a scam,
that’s why in cuba they have the best medicine in the world.
in the US it’s only about the money and profits, the doctors make 200’s of thousands and don’t have a clue.

first thing the idiotic doctor told me after i said proviron was the only thing that did work for me
was that my canadian doctor was wrong (when in fact he never even knew anything about
proviron to start with). how could he state that if the he didn’t even know what proviron was
or that it even existed.

why won’t this darn site keep you logged in??? though you want so?

I too have looked at Proviron to help combat my libido problems. I have used cabergoline and I don’t feel that it did anything for my libido, apparently it reduces your refractory period. Proviron was also studied for its effects at increasing fertility, which was successful in men with lowish sperm counts.

Please keep us posted about your search.

how is the search going?

I got the drugs all on my own.

Jesus xist, it boosts your libido like crazy, though sensation doesn’t follow suit.

Well, better than nothing. Yesterday I was sitting at the table in a restaurant in NYC having lunch
when this stranger sat with me, and he kept rubbing his foot again mine, unintentionally maybe, lol,
but that was enough for me to be aroused like a rocket, lol…

Be careful when you take proviron…

Be careful with strangers, too :wink:

When did you start taking that stuff and when did you experience the first benefits? Please update us about your progress!

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Wonder what happened to this guy… any other Proviron experiences?

I have tried it 2-3x. Even at very low doses (like, 12.5mg) it made my sensitivity issues worse.

There seems to be two types of PFS cases… high DHT and low DHT. One of them seems to respond well to test/DHT/etc. while the other gets worse. I’m assuming low DHT responds well and high DHT doesn’t since you’d be making it even higher

But yeah–my penis was damn near numb after trying it each time. I tried from 12.5mg to 100mg/day, same result.

Some people absolutely love the stuff though so it seems hit or misss

I went back to baseline within 2 days or so, no long term issues


Can I ask where you were able to get Proviron? I’d like to give it a try, at low dose, and see what effects it may have. I can’t imagine being number than I already am…

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Sent you a private message

Please update us while using Proviron! I hope it cure you. Let’s see. Start at very low doses please.


For my two cents here, proviron does not help me at all, and gives me ball ache at a measly 25mg, tested two separate times.
I feel no different what so ever.

Proviron made my hair fall out and made me look pretty cut.

Zero effect on penis or sex drive.

I took 200mg Proviron for 2 weeks with no effect. Which is weird cause I respond positively to tribulus.

Omg, can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since I posted this.
Well, it turns out I’m still not 100% cured but I learned a lot of things about how to deal with this problem, and I’ve made progress.
To me fresh royal jelly is what works the best. But I also noticed that eating a lot of peanutes gives me incredible libido.
Also, to all of you anorgasmia sufferers, remember, if you have sex (masturbation or whatever), at night, after you had such an exhausting and stressful day and your testosterone levels are low, chances are your orgasm will suck.

If you use fresh royal jelly (the natural stuff, not pills, not capsules), or ingest a lot of peanuts for some time (they have a lot of Zinc), and you try to have sex when you wake up from a good night’s sleep, odds are your orgasm will be much better.
But you have to read the signs, if your libido is low even when you wake up, perhaps the zinc or the fresh royal jelly still didn’t come into effect, so you have to wait.
If in the morning you’re feeling horny though, chances are your orgasm will be good, if you have sex.

There’s no magic recipe, this is just my experience. Good luck.

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I had totally stopped reading sites about the problem, for me it’s been on and off again, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t.
Something that I take at times will work, and at times it won’t.

There must still be a logic behind this, it must not be random, it’s just that I still didn’t learn to understand it in full.

As of late I’ve been reasonably satisfied with fresh royal jelly (spend 20-30 minutes with the pulp in my tongue), then wait a few hours or days (at times the effect is on the same day), then if I jack off in the morning when I wake up after a good night’s sleep, chances are I will be horny and with great horniness comes great orgasms (usually.) You have to wait, you can usually tell if it’s working or not, I usually notice when I’m distracted looking at something else entirely and then I start to find everyone I see on the internet good looking and sexy (Lol), that’s when I know it’s working. Sometimes people that were 5s, start to be 9s, 10s, etc.

But, it’s not infallible. Also recently I even thought I was cured, after I got so horny without realizing I had eaten a lot of peanuts (they have Zinc.)

And as in a previous post, visual excitation is key, I go to x-videos and look for transgression videos (I mean, transgression relative to me, my likes and dislikes.) I turns me on a lot, so I usually manage to get at least an 8/10, sometimes even more.

Almost 3 weeks after ordering Proviron, it finally arrived. I’ve started taking 1/2 a tablet (12.5 mg), 2x a day. The first day, within hours, I felt warmth on my forehead, and a sebaceous cyst developed on the back of my ear. Prior to PFS, this was a very common occurrence, but I haven’t had it in the decade since PFS. The second day, I have some slight itching on my scalp. At this low dosage, I don’t even know if it’s related to the Proviron, but worth logging.

Also, my urine has been darker than usual, but no other changes or anything else observable. I’ve also stopped all other vitamins and supplements for the last month, and am intermittent fasting, juicing and eating one healthy meal a day. My weight is down from 198lb to 186lb (I’m 5’11”) and I’m otherwise feeling “ok”, aside from PFS.