Proviron - (synthetic dht) changed my life -

So it’s about time to post this, Proviron changed my life, not the way I expected it to work. I don’t feel like I did before, but I feel normal again. Consistently calm and my confidence is back, my sex drive is consistent, it’s high, not as before, but good enough. I feel a few things were essential here, estrogen dominance was causing me to be an emotional roller coaster. Proviron gave me my lean chiseled masculine features back, no hair loss or acne. I have a sense of calm and peace, it’s strange, it doesn’t feel like before, but I feel good, normal, calm. Women are starting to stare at me again, I know this sounds egotistical and I’m sorry, but I was used to constant attention from people and pfs took that from me. Proviron has given it back, it’s essential to be on some form of test if you are on it. I’m still experimenting with doses, but it seems 25-50mg a day does the trick.
Guys reported it not working, I think you have to give it time, and make sure your test is good, if your testosterone is low than it won’t work right. I’m not cured, my body isn’t producing its own dht, my skin is not oily and my hair doesn’t fall out. Those were problems before that lead me to avodart and fin. We all have estrogen dominance and the only way to fix it is dht (which regulates estrogen). I have been told andractim is much better, I’m waiting for it to come.
In the meantime it seems I found a practical way to live my life again, it’s not the way I expected, I had expected to produce my own dht and suffer oily skin. I shouldn’t complain because I have 2 problems under control, but I don’t build muscle the way I do when my body is producing its own dht. However, I’m getting hit on and women staring at me again.
Until I try the synthetic enzyme or find a better protocol, I highly recommend this. You won’t get an intense effect, you will feel nothing, but over the course of a few days to a week, you will notice things are different. Most importantly is that sense of confidence I had before from test, it’s back for the most part. I have been injecting test every week and am going to try experimenting with what works best with proviron. The reason test makes us feel crappy is because of estrogen dominance, this controls the estrogen and regulates it. It’s like I have an artificial limb, Eden said Andractim felt more natural to him, but in the meantime till it comes, I’m staying on Proviron.
This isn’t the kind of recovery I wanted, but I look great and feel normal again, I can see Proviron regulating my estrogen. Within about 20 mins of taking it my face goes from bloated and puffy to chiseled and masculine. I couldn’t go out before because I would get estrogen dominance and start feeling empty, horrible, anxiety, that emptiness is gone, muscle twitches are gone.
This is a big discovery, if I wasn’t so vain I wouldn’t have given this a chance, but I kept taking it due to the water retention being controlled. I started to notice these other effects over time, if you are on hrt, I highly recommend this. My testosterone recommendation for a pfs sufferer is 0.4 to 0.5cc of test cyp or enanthate, and Proviron daily. Today I realized I was normal again, I was so obsessed with making myself exactly as I was before that I neglected to realize that empty horrible feeling is gone.
I’m sure the anxiety I had for years that lead me to lots of drugs was caused by low dht, I don’t believe it can be tested for correctly. The body stores extra dht as a prohormone, I think the body maintains a certain dht level no matter what, but it’s the constant regulation by dht that is required.
For the record, Proviron stimulates LH and FSH, I know I won’t crash because the crash is estrogen dominance mostly. Anti estrogens are not a practical or effective drug for this problem, if you kill all your estrogen, you end up with low estrogen which is just as bad as low dht or low test. It’s the sense of calm and peace that is amazing. I’m no longer having to constantly inject myself with stuff, while the emotional effects are working, I’ll have to see what happens muscle wise. This Proviron is actually allowing me to get by with lower amounts of test.
This isn’t a cure, but so far it’s the most stable and practical and best treatment I have found. Remember that I had been taking it for purely cosmetic reasons, it took time for me to notice these other benifits. The sex drive increase is weird, it doesn’t come from the penis, it comes from the mind, but the penis works perfect. We shall see how andractim works, I don’t like that I have to be on dht, but on the other hand, with too low dht levels, who knows what damage could be done over time.

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I wanted to add that I don’t think I’ll crash from this because it’s regulating the hormonal dysfunction of a crash. Technically my body is in a state of pfs “crash,” but I don’t feel it or notice it other than my skin not being oily and my hair not falling out. So this drug will be my new anti estrogen, this isn’t the approach I wanted to take, but you guys, I can be the same as I am morning till night every day. Also, the muscle twitches are gone, I noticed that they were gone and haven’t been here except when I tried skipping a dose of this.

JustQuitDut, why did you switch to Masteron from Proviron? What dose are you taking of Masteron and are you toggling it? Or is the dose so low that it’s not necessary?

How low were your DHT levels?

A lot of us have normal DHT levels. Mine has even been above normal but i still have symptoms of low androgens.

So is this your fourth of fifth recovery? Sorry, I seem to be losing track.


do you have morning wood random erections back?

Not really.

Wonder what happened to him? This was his last post right? Looks like he is doing fine…


You’re a big fan of reviving old post aren’t you? lol



Im attempting a serious recovery and I would only suggest this guys advice if you have been suffering for 7 years or more.

He used a shitton of hormones and had like 9 different recoveries

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At least, lol.

His posts are a disaster. Maybe somewhere in all the mess of hormones he was taking there’s something that works, but I tend to think he never had PFS, or at the very least he had the type that responds to treatment with DHT, which is def not what I have.

He responded too “normally” to test/DHT for his stories to make sense to me.


using shitton of hormones can create similar issue like pfs long term so I don’t think people should try his method unless nothing works for 7 years or more…

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I’m almost a decade into PFS, litterly having lost track of how many years. It’s the new “normal”, and I don’t really remember how things were before. I don’t know about hormones…they concern me…

The only consistent “relief” I experience is keeping bodyfat way down, eating very healthy, and intermittent water fasting. It doesn’t help the libido, but it does help the mood and memory. Ginkgo seemed good for memory, but again, only when body fat was low.

It’s really difficult getting the weight down, but worth it.

Have you tried hard drugs to recover? Like Proviron etc? Sad to hear man.

I haven’t tried hard drugs to treat it, because of the concern of side effects, or worsening the condition. My levels in all things tested are pretty typical…testosterone on the low side, but within range, low vitamin D, otherwise nothing that really draws attention. I’m waiting to see what comes out of Baylor and in Italy, but am getting impatient. It’ll be extremely frustrating if both return nothing actionable.

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I assume you did every possible tests and check ups, right? Prostate exams, penis tissue tests, x-rays, general MRi’s? Nothing came out?

Only thing out of the ordinary was testicular varicose, which was actually before pfs, and unrelated. All doctors want to do is treat with anti depressants, which is nonsense, and doesn’t address the physical symptoms, which they can’t attribute to their misdiagnosis of depression, such as shrinkage, reduced and watery semen, dry skin, and watery eyes.

What are these baylor tests you refer to?

He’s referring to the results of a long overdue study. If you search the forum you’ll find a million posts about it.