High testosterone?

I take it most people here have high testosterone, yet low DHT right?

I got my hormones measured and my total T came in at 895ng/dl yet my DHT was only 45ng/dl.

45ng/dl is in the “healthy” range, but so is 280ng/dl of T, theoretically. These ranges are so high because people of different ethnicities and ages require different amounts of hormones. One person could average 400ng/dl and live a perfectly healthy life, while another could feel all the symptoms of low testosterone at that same level.

Which is why it’s bullshit when doctors say "Your hormones are in the “healthy” range. No shit. The “healthy” range also includes elderly, doesn’t it bucko? As an 18 year old going nearly ending puberty 45dht + 895t is incredibly unhealthy and I feel it. I get angry very easily. And when I hit the gym, I’m incredibly strong and can handle quite heavy weights yet make no muscle gain.

High T and Low DHT is depressing and no way to live. Honestly 90% of PFS symptoms could be explained by unbalanced hormones and low DHT. It’s too bad there’s no reliable way to get them back on track. Testosterone also gets converted to estrogen so my estrogen is high as well. It’s like living life as a male without any of the benefits of being male. The libido, the muscle mass, the masculinization. You’re basically a very, very angry female. What a joke this drug is.


My T is somewhat low for my age (27). It’s usually 400-500

I’m 24 T is 370 last I checked got it up to 945 with TRT and felt just as shitty.

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Interesting. You would think with the T-DHT conversion process being stopped by finasteride, you would experience an increase in T…

Maybe it’s the depression causing low T? Anways, TRT isn’t the answer to PFS. DHT is. Have you gotten your DHT levels measured?

Never got DHT tested I have shitty ass Kaiser and they refuse to do any extensive blood work, I could use a private clinic to test it but I haven’t found anything near me that tests DHT. And even if that was the case I couldn’t get a prescription for any type of dht cream.

Hold on, you seem to act like you’re defeated before you’ve even tried?

Most places that test DHT also test T. It’s tested in the same way as T, maybe a bit more expensive but if you can get T tested you can get DHT tested. If your DHT comes out low then they will likely prescribe you Androstranolone (dht cream). If they don’t you can also buy it online for a pretty penny. (usually 90-200 usd)

Many users here have reported good results with Proviron, which is a synthetic DHT steroid. It converts T into DHT (and other neurosteroid conversion processes) by itself without the need of the 5-ar pathway. I have sources where you can buy basically any steroid you want, you just had to get the needles and shit from a chemist yourself. And it’s bloody expensive but worth it.

Tesing DHT isn’t really necessary. E2 should suffice. E2 & DHT are both by-products of T and if E2 is fine then DHT must be ok too, theoretically speaking.

So if one’s T:E2 ratio is optimal then it’s likely DHT is in good range too. However, if you have the money and resources then go for it!

Proviron is helpful since it’s touted that it attaches to SHBG rendering more FT & free DHT and competing with E2. That said, it’s slightly suppressive for T in higher doses and it’s considered a temporary solution.

Lol I felt no difference as a natty with 550 test low dht and a dude on TRT with high test and high DHT. There is honestly very little difference in my opinion and I used to think there would be a massive one. However the difference of natty test compared to on steroids test is massive.

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Did you actually get your DHT measured during any of this or are you just guessing?

When you say high dht what is the measurement? How high were you?

I only have my natty bloods. I judge this by the fact that I could never grow a full beard with low dht but when I started TRT it was undoubtedly high as I could grow a full beard within a week and my hair was thinning super quick when previously I had never experienced hair loss.

I tested recently…
Free Testosterone just under mid-range.
Dht was barely over the bottom in range number.

Definitely a deficiency in DHT there.

Just read this, but E2 is not formed from testosterone the same way DHT is. T undergoes aromatase for Estrogen and 5-alpha reductase for DHT. Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, so it doesn’t effect estrogen directly.

My point was that there’s a delicate balance between E2 & DHT. If one is high, the other would be low. If more T is converted to E2 then less T will be available to convert to DHT. That’s why taking finesteride lowers DHT & increases E2.

So if you don’t have the money or resources to get DHT tested. Testing for T & E2 can give you an indication if your DHT is within healthy range.

You’re not wrong, but I would definitely get DHT measured over E2 if you have to pick one.

Update: my appointment with my doctor is tomorrow… my symptoms have gotten worse since I’ve stopped masturbating. Now I do it once a week and orgasms hurt so much and aren’t pleasurable… I don’t like to think about it.

I hope DHT therapy via Andractim/Androstanolone does me well. That’s all I’ll say. If it doesn’t fix all my sides that’s okay, at this point I’m looking for any improvement.

Any update? I know how you feeling man. I used to have weak and painful orgasms with barley to no ejaculation. This function came back, and am now able to enjoy orgasms again (85% back). Have you ever supplemented Zinc?

What helped with orgasm for you?

They still hurt